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March 19 2019

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 3321
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There are 30 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 11424 times.
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32-bit era racing games
San Francisco Rush is easily my favorite of the Era both on Console and Arcade. There was also a konami Arcade Game called "Racing Jam" that had a great balance between realism and Arcade racer. I was out to buy a Deluxe 50' Cabinet but ultimately I could never get a good price on one and fully assembled its very large and weights around 1000 Lbs.

I already own a couple of 500+Lbs Games that really suck to move Wink
I spent most of the eighties, most of my life, riding around in somebody else's car, in possession of, or ingested of, something illegal, on my way from something illegal to something illegal with many illegal things happening all around me.

James Newell Osterberg, Jr

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Ben Heck on PS3 Slim
candycab wrote:
San Francisco Rush is easily my favorite of the Era both on Console and Arcade...


to my ears Music

I can't say for definite that the RUSH series (SFR, RUSH 2 & 2049) are, for sure, my fave *full stop* of that era, but they're most certainly RIGHT up there... way, way, way up high.

I really love OutRunners by Sega and that runs on 32-bit hardware. Probably my all time favourite racing game along with F-Zero on the SNES. I remember discovering it on Mame a while back and I was really addicted to it. The graphics look amazing. I like OutRun too of course but OutRunners was a big improvement. Pity it never got an arcade perfect console port. Seems like people rarely mention this game. Please give it a try on Mame if you haven't already.

YouTube Video

I used to spend countless hours playing Street Racer on the SNES. The Rumble mode was particularly fun with friends. I always found this game more enjoyable than Mario Kart. I only recently found out there's also a Saturn version. Definitely plan on picking that one up. Anyone else here a Street Racer fan?

YouTube Video
Just wanted to revive this thread since I bought the PlayStation version of Street Racer. I'd say this is an excellent version. I like the way you can zoom in and out, the graphics look very nice and the micro mode, similar to micro machines, is quite amusing. Pretty cool that the game supports up to eight players! The normal racing mode seems just as fun as in the SNES game. However it's disappointing that the soccer mode is missing and I prefer the camera view in the SNES rumble mode. I think I'm the only person to ever mention the Street Racer games at NGFL.

I will probably pick up a few more PS1 racing games. I like the look of Wipeout 3 and Moto Racer.

YouTube Video
I played Street Racer back in the days on the PS1. It's a decent party racer, but not that great. The game has always been compared to Mario Kart and that is always difficult.
When playing Street Racer, I always have the feeling I'm rotating the track instead of the car. IMO the game is missing the necessary feel of racing and smashing the car.
The game haven't got any good music tracks, but all of this is offcourse a matter of taste.

But don't worry, the PS1 does have some other great racing games too.
Speed Freaks (karting), Rollcage (upside down futuristic), WipeOut series, Gran Turismo 1 and 2 (simulation), Ridge Racer series (get Type 4!), TOCA Touring Car (awesome arcade/simulation with stock cars) and offcourse Coling McRae series (superb Rally).
In some reviews I've read people were saying the same thing, that it feels like you are rotating the track rather than the kart but it doesn't really seem that way to me. I used to also have Mario Kart for SNES but spent much more time playing Street Racer. I like the characters and the variety of attacks they have.

I'll check out those other racing games you mentioned.
Just to chime in on Street Racer...

I've discussed this on numerous forums in the past. I'll see if I can dig up any old postd from the Sega Saturn UK forums...





After owning every single console version of Street racer there is to own (or, at least, PS1, SAT, SNES & MD) the SNES version is the best version you can actually buy.

The MD version is really poor and is not comparable to the other ones (imagine if SEGA had released Street Racer for MD & SMS... well, that's comparable to Street Racer on SNES vs MD:() and whilst the 32-bit versions have the graphical edge, they just don't feel or handle as well as the SNES 'original'.

Personally, I've always loved Street Racer on the SNES and feel that, today, it definitely holds up better than MarioKart does!

However, if you fancy giving Street Racer a 2nd chance, the SAT version might be just for you. I just preferred the original myself Smile


I owned the Saturn, PS1, MD and SNES versions, all at the same time, and the SNES version was definitely the best one. In fact, I'd say... really good. Spent a lot of time on that off the back of Street Fighter and MarioKart - no pun intended really, but the combo really appealed.

Didn't like the 32-bit version nearly as much and the MD version was just embarrassing...


I have owned Street Racer on PS1, SAT, SNES & MD simultaneously.

The SNES version was, by far, the best version. It just played infinitely better than the other versions.

The 32-bit versions just felt off. Nothing to do with being released at an off time (re: Ridge Racer & Daytona). They just weren't as good to play as the SNES versions.

As for the MD version, that just played more like a copy of Lotsu Turbo Challenge or Outrun as opposed to having the 'fully 3D' environment sf the SNES and 32-bit counterparts.


So, there you have it! Wink
Nice to see you posting again Ninja. Smile

Around the time I bought PS1 Street Racer I actually did a search on that forum to see what people were saying about the Saturn version and read all your comments. The SNES version does seem to play a bit better than the PS1 version and also has better music. The main thing that bothers me though is that they changed the camera view in rumble mode. Me and a friend spent many hours playing the SNES rumble mode. That was the multiplayer mode we spent most time on.
So Merlin, did you get some cool (racing) games for you PS1?
I haven't bought any more PS1 games recently Sensi. It's a combination of me being addicted to playing arcade games on Mame and also there not being much interest where I live in playing multiplayer PS1 games. I do plan to pick up at least one of the Wipeout games in the near future though. Thanks again for your advice.
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