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December 19 2018

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 3309
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There are 6 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2482 times.
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Soul Calibur V announced!


Please, Namco, make me believe in 3d fighters again.

From the sound of it it's going to take place quite a few years after IV. So it'll kinda be like the jump from Tekken 2 to Tekken 3 as far as the timeline goes. Characters will be older, and new characters should be introduced. I'm looking forward to hearing more at E3!

EDIT: To be specific, it's 17 years in the future. I'm expecting some radically different designs for returning characters. I can't imagine Xianghua or Talim in their 30's.
Edited by reelmojo on 11. May 2011 12:28
yeah be intresting i like the soul calibur series still think the dreamcast version is best one thou


also for u tekken fans


Edited by hitorkori on 11. May 2011 17:32
yes its sad that the Dreamcast version is still the best. i got SC4 but probably only played it for about 2 hours, it just seemed fussy and over complicated to me. they should stop putting stupid extra characters in it as well. i have SC1 on 360 - im not sure many people know you can download it. It's the DC version but it lacks some of the frontend + extras and to it's great shame has no online play. the only improvement is that you dont get that scary noise your Dreamcast usually makes spinning the GD-ROM.

also who cares about the story or when it's set? i never have any idea what's going on in these games. i thought you just had to kill everyone because of some sword.
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reelmojo wrote:
Please, Namco, make me believe in 3d fighters again...

was already amazing, so chill. In fact, it was arguably the finest 3D fighter ever made, although I lean more towards VF myself. Until VF6 surfaces though, I think T6 is as great a 3D fighter as you'll see for the time being.

well, lets face it, at least imo Namco are T H E only remaining company out of all the old timers who still have their passion and soul about them. The Tekken series still has that great aura to it that it always has and up until SC3 (didn't bother with 4) SC always has too. So like 'Mojo has said, I'm expecting good things from SCV.

Yeah, for me, Namco are the only remaining company who output fighters that I have any true faith in, even if 3D fighters are not my main preference. It never used to be the case, but I'd definitely take a Namco fighter over a Capcom or SNK effort by todays standards, especially if SF4 and SSSen & KOFXII are anything to go by, not to mention this influx of modern, vectored Japanese nonsense with 'Loli's' everywhere.

Broken f*ckin' record I know, and I apologise, but roll on KOFXIII AND roll on it being a damn fine fighter... please! Pray

cheers for the heads up. Had no idea there was a 'true' Tekken movie in the making. Looks awesome. This is also backed up by the fact that Namco probably have the coolest fighting game cast ever with Tekken. Can't wait to see them faithfully translated to an animated film...

Mash mash mash mash mash mash mash mash mash finished! There, the SC experience in a nutshell.

I agree with Ninja on Tekken 6, and I never liked Tekken, it is superb.
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