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December 14 2018

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Thread Author: reelmojo
Thread ID: 3304
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There are 12 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 6078 times.
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Fighting Games from outside of Japan
The recent trend in Japanese fighting games (all girl rosters, over the top insane gameplay, anime artwork) clearly doesn't appeal to everyone. It seems the cure for this is for companies in other regions to develop fighters. That got me thinking, why don't non-Japanese companies make more good fighting games? When the best fighting game developed in North America is Mortal Kombat (not a serious contender until the ninth game in the series) and the best fighter developed in Europe is Killer Instinct (UGH!) you know there's a problem. Hell, when it comes to Europe the only fighters I can even think of are KI and FX Fighter (which is somehow even worse than KI!)

So other than MK and KI, let's talk about other noteworthy fighters from outside of Japan.

Weaponlord - Visual Concepts - USA
Love this game! It never got the respect it deserved. Amazing atmosphere, great detailed graphics, nuanced gameplay that's so deep it's nearly impossible to master. This game has it all, but it was so different from everything else at the time that it was often shunned. Too bad, it really deserved a sequel.
YouTube Video

Primal Rage - Atari Games - USA
Say what you will, but this game was insanely popular in the US for a while. It even had it's own comic book series and a novel based on it. I had high hopes for the planned sequel, but it was cancelled before it was ever completed. If you ask me the gameplay just wasn't there, but it's still mildly fun.
YouTube Video

Battle High: San Bruno - Point Five Projects - USA
Old school look, new school feel. I've paid full price for games that aren't half as good. And the developers are constantly working on it to make it the best experience it can be.
YouTube Video

Chaos Code - FK Digital - Taiwan
This one definitely has a heavy anime aesthetic, but Taiwan is not Japan so I'm counting it. I've been closely following this game's development for over a year now and it's finally getting close to release! I've probably set myself up to be disappointed, because I wouldn't be surprised if it only ever shows up in Asian arcades, but I want it!
YouTube Video

Edited by reelmojo on 08. May 2011 21:45
and one I shall return to (as I'm busy right now unfortunately!), however...

reelmojo wrote:
and the best fighter developed in Europe is Killer Instinct (UGH!) you know there's a problem...

have you ever played the actual KI running on the U64/Midway hardware in the Arcade? Wow... MK in ANY guise couldn't even DREAM of touching this game.



(p.s. Taiwan IS close enough to Japan for it to count! Pfft J/K! Grin)
Killer Instinct was arse, though perhaps not quite on the same level as Mortal Kombat (seriously). Only the Japanese can make fighters, this is a proven fact.

I'd love to be proven wrong, though.

Also, that VVVVVV avatar is just full of win. PPPPPP hasn't come off my mp3 player since I got it.
Edited by Shiny on 09. May 2011 00:04
No I never did play KI in the arcade. I played KI Gold on N64 though. Maybe I'll give the game another chance sometime soon. I've tried out all kinds of obscure fighters and there's no way it could be worse than the likes of Blood Storm.

I'd love for you to be proven wrong too, Shiny. Well, outside of MK9 which is the best fighter I've played in years.

Sure, Chaos Code does feel pretty Japanese. It makes me wonder what kind of fighters have come out of China that I don't know about.

And this is completely off topic, but Shiny have you heard about the VVVVVV remix album called PPPPPPowerup?
Shiny wrote:
Killer Instinct was arse...

although I have seen many who ARE arse at KI, which hopefully is a different matter entirely, yes? KI was never arse... and still isn't. If anything it's a classic and perhaps one of the first games to fully explore the full implementation of a successful and well-thought out combo system in a fighter. Not the most accessible but then that eliminates that MVC/GG+BB level of cheap.

Shiny wrote:
Also, that VVVVVV avatar is just full of win...

this is actual fact.

im afraid i have only played KI on a friend's SNES, though i belive i did walk past a Killer Instinct machine in Blackpool last time i was there. unfortunately i got kicked out while playing Time Crisis (arcade was closing) so i didnt have time to check it out:(

Mojo wrote : That got me thinking, why don't non-Japanese companies make more good fighting games?

yes i have often thought this, it cant be that hard to make a half-decent fighter. im sure all of us here think we could do it given a team of developers we can order about. maybe a Western team could offer their own spin on the genre? rather than copying the japanese standard. a problem i have with Western fighters (+western games in general) is they usually have generic or bland character design and poor execution of the basics. they should just try to get the basic game right first then add extras onto that.

IK+ on the Amiga was pretty awesome esp in 2 (+1) player mode, but its not really a traditional versus fighter. that got the basics right - silky smooth, excellent collision detection + a solid punch/kick impact feeling. graphics werent great from a purely artistic point of view it has to be said but you can ignore those when you have great gameplay, and they animated well enough.

i think Western devlopers have no confidence in this area, and just leave it to the Japanese nowdays. plus a Western 2D fiighter no matter how good isnt going to make much money and a 3D one would need to compete with Tekken/VF and i can imagine most developers give up before they start when they see the level of competition.
Edited by RiKo on 09. May 2011 17:34
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I've been interested in Weaponlord for quite some time. I like the characters and the atmosphere in the game. It does seem like a difficult game to get to grips with though.

Good to hear Chaos Code will be released soon. Looks very promising. I never realised this was a Taiwanese game I just assumed it was Japanese. The chef character has some pretty funny special moves like when he tosses the opponent in a pan! I'm hoping for a 360 release for this one.

Battle High San Bruno I really don't like the look of. However much depth the game may have it really doesn't look like something I would enjoy.

There are a small number of high quality fighters that were developed in South Korea and Taiwan. On the Korean side you've got Eolith who aside from developing KOF '01 and '02 were also responsible for the superb fantasy themed fighter Chaos Breaker. In Taiwan IGS have produced some really good fighters too like Martial Masters, Spectral vs Generation and one of my personal favourites The Killing Blade a weapon fighter with tagging. The Killing Blade borrows gameplay elements from Samurai Shodown 4 such as CD combos, rage explosion and issen. One cool feature is that the backgrounds change appearance as the fighters' energy gets low. Making combos is pretty easy in this game and you can also tag in the middle of a combo. A very stylish game that's well worth a look especially for Samurai Shodown fans. I wish IGS would make a new fighter for their PGM 2 hardware.

YouTube Video
I forgot IGS wasn't a Japanese company! Martial Masters wins the thread. I do like The Killing Blade too. It seemed to have some balance issues when we used to play against each other, but it's quite possible that was just because we were both very new to the game at the time.

But as far as 2D fighters from the 00's go, Martial Masters is easily on par with Garou and SFIII for me. It might even be above them.

Shiny, I think you're right that many western companies probably look at the competition and think it's not worth it to develop a fighter. But in that regard, why make a war themed FPS when Call of Duty exists? Why make an RPG when Final Fantasy exists? Why make a puzzle game when Tetris exists? I think western companies need to look at the doujin scene in Japan and realize that we can have that here too! Not every fighter needs the budget of SFIV to be good. It might be too difficult to break into the big leagues and take on the popular fighters, so why not make a fighter specifically designed for download services?

And despite what I said about Killer Instinct, Microsoft owns Rare... why isn't KI on XBLA!? From what I've read Rare wants to do it, but MS has them busy making Kinect games.
merlin wrote:
In Taiwan IGS have produced some really good fighters too like (...) Spectral vs Generation...




From what I've read SVG's bad reputation only comes from it's home version being a very sloppy port with all kinds of glitches. I'd love to try out a non-glitchy version some day, but that would probably require flying to Japan to find a real arcade.
Just checked out Martial Masters. Do the backgrounds remind anyone else of Darkstalkers? Obviously not in content but in style. And I don't mean it in a bad way!
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
In Europe, Australia and other PAL regions, other than the ones already mentioned, all I can think of are:

Shadow Fighter (developed by NA.P.S. Team, creator of the Gekido series)
Body Blows series (developed by TEAM 17)
ClayFighter series (developed by Interplay)
The Attack of the Phantom Karate Devils (developed by Phantom Software (European or American?))
The Way of the Exploding Fist series (developed by Melbourne House)
Brian Jack's Uchi Mata (developed by Martech)
Barbarian: The Ultimate Warrior / Death Sword (developed by Palace Software)
Shaq Fu (developed by Delphine Software for Electronic Arts)
Duel Blades (developed by Sobee for Metro3D)
Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story (developed by Virgin Interactive)

In Taiwan:

Huang Fei Hong / Alien Challenge (developed by IGS)
Super Fighter / Fatal Encounter (developed by C&E)
Sango Fighter 1 and 2 (developed by Panda Entertainment)
Tough Guy / Tough Guy: Fighting Titans (developed by Panda Entertainment)
Universe Heroes / Space Heroes (developed by ???)
Kin Yeo Fighting (developed by Softstar Entertainment Inc.)

In South Korea:

Wang Jhung Wang (The King of Kings) / Fight Fever (developed by Viccom, SNK's Korean distributor, while SNK most likely assisted them)
Kyoku Cho Gou Ken / The Eye of Typhoon (developed by Viccom)
Best of Best (developed by SunA)
Dragon Master (developed by Konami's Korean distributor, UNiCO Electronics)
The Masters' Fighters (developed by UNiCO Electronics)
SD Fighter / Cute Fighter (developed by Semicon)
NB HeartBreakers Advanced (developed by family production inc.)
Real Fighter (developed by Nesco and X-Tec, which is probably the first Korean 3D fighting game)
Mutant DNA (developed by Yeounwoo Soft)
Cheon Ha Mu Jeok (Unrivaled Under The Heaven) / Invincible (developed by Sof Try Game Production)
The Great Fighter (developed by ???)
Horangi-eui Bunno / Rage of Tiger (developed by Byulbram Creature)
Horangi-eui Bunno 2: Pi, Don, Geurigo Nunmul / Rage of Tiger 2: Blood, Money and Tears (developed by Byulbram Creature)

In North America (includes Canada and Latin American regions):

Rage of the Dragons (co-developed by Mexican company Evoga, along with Japanese company Noise Factory)
SkullGirls (developed by Autumn Games)
One Must Fall series (developed by Diversions Entertainment)
Warrior (developed by Vectorbeam)
Karateka (developed by Jordan Mechner and Broderbund)
Karate for Atari 2600 (developed by Froggo)
Tongue of the Fatman / Fatman / Slaughter Sport / Mondu's Fight Palace (developed by Activision and Razorsoft)
Budokan - The Martial Spirit (developed by Electronic Arts)
Warpath: Jurassic Park (developed by DreamWorks Interactive and Black Ops Entertainment for Electronic Arts)
Pit-Fighter (developed by Atari Games)
Kasumi Ninja (developed by Hand Made Software for Atari Games)
Ultra Vortek (developed by Beyond Games for Atari Games)
Fight for Life (developed by Atari Games)
Vicious Circle (developed by Atari Games)
Tattoo Assassins (developed by Data East Pinball, which was part of Data East USA, the developer of the NES and FDS ports of Karate Champ: Player VS. Player)
Bruce Lee Lives (developed by Software Toolworks)
Brutal: Paws of Fury and its sequels (developed by GameTek)
Ballz series (developed by PF Magic for Accolade)
Way of the Warrior (developed by Naughty Dog for Universal Interactive Studios)
Shadow: War of Succession (developed by Tribeca Interactive)
Sid Meier's Pirates! (developed by MicroProse)
Time Killers (developed by Incredible Technologies and published by Strata)

boogiepop wrote:
Just checked out Martial Masters. Do the backgrounds remind anyone else of Darkstalkers? Obviously not in content but in style. And I don't mean it in a bad way!

Before DarkStalkers had graphics like that, there was Sega-AM2's first fighting game, Burning Rival.
Edited by 1983parrothead on 13. May 2011 07:24
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