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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: Bullet
Thread ID: 3287
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There are 13 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 7934 times.
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New arcade fighters AquaPazza and Shin Koihime Musou Arcade Edition
Its good to see new games coming to arcades and hopefully ports to ps3/360
They both look interesting, but what happened to men in fighting games? Where have they all gone? lol
Have a look at the screens and videos and let me know what you think.


AquaPazza looks pretty Blazblue-ish and entertaining, though I'm not a diehard lover of Doujin-esque Fighters. As for the latter game, it doesn't look groundbreaking, whereas I like the Chinese theme.

After all it's fine to see that some developers still care about 2D fighting games with HD sprites. But when will we experience one without schoolgirls beating beauties in traditional Japanese costumes?
Who buys these games? I can't imagine anyone expecting either of these to be any different from the last doujin fighter they played.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Michael Max
Couldnt agree more with the sentiment of too many chicks in todays fighting games! Ive always said it and have gotten flamed for it heavily by capcom fanboys. Im not a shovenist. I even think women can be very tough fighters...i just dont like all the schoolgirl cute little girls that are so cliche! And if a fighting game doesnt have like half of the roster being women, the fanboys will protest. Oh well. Doesnt affect me much though bc i stick to the classics. Favorite fighting game for me is Art of Fighting 1 and 2 and fatal fury special. But i love all those old classics back when having a chick in it was still a novelty.
actually i agree - they all look like they just have stereotypical/generic manga girls in a blazblue style. hope we get something more distinctive next time.

for a while in the old days it sucked when female fighters in fighting games were made pretty much the same as Chun-li. it seemed to take them a while to get past that, sometimes it makes you wonder if game developers have any imagination
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Shoot. I was pretty excited when I first saw the title of this thread, but practically all the characters in that game are just generic schoolgirl-types! Sure, I get tired of seeing hyped-up-on-steroids muscleheads in fighting games a lot, but this ain't no good for me either. Shrug
Edited by AngelaAsakura on 01. May 2011 19:24
the Arcana Hearts and Melty Bloods and so on before these, there's very little in terms of design, gameplay and characters that interests me here I'm afraid :(

I'm STILL hoping 'XIII' will be my modern day fighting game saviour! Pray

NeoGeoNinja wrote:
the Arcana Hearts and Melty Bloods and so on before these, there's very little in terms of design, gameplay and characters that interests me here I'm afraid :(

I'm STILL hoping 'XIII' will be my modern day fighting game saviour! Pray


gotta agree with Ninja I bought Melty Blood a few years ago for my PS2 and it was absolute w*nk.
Haters gonna hate! Looks like most NeoGeo fans don't like the recent trend in fighting games much.

Shin Koihime Musou looks more interesting to me than AquaPazza, but I'd love to get my hands on either of them.

Ougon Musou Kyoku X looks pretty interesting as well. I hope it's region free, because I'm definitely not holding my breath for a US release. Online demos would be nice too because importing games can be expensive. I'm glad I got to try Phantom Breaker ahead of time. That one didn't impress me.
Michael Max
NeoGeoNinja wrote:

I'm STILL hoping 'XIII' will be my modern day fighting game saviour! Pray


I actually really liked KOF 12. But I am focusing now on playing less video games in general so I can put a bit more time into my oil paintings. So right now when I do play any games it will be on the neo geo station (when psn store is back later this month, that is). You see, i did a system format and before I could redownload my games from the playstation store, the network went right now i'm playing nothing...anyway back on topic... Yes, 13 does look promising and i might...just might break out of the retro-only phase i'm currently in and buy kof 13 when it hits consoles. It's just a matter of how much free time I have, because, as I said, I thought 12 was great so i KNOW i'd like 13Joe
reelmojo wrote:
Haters gonna hate!...

of what you wrote was perfectly upstanding and in keeping with the discussion (i.e. NeoGeo fans etc and so on). But, from my standpoint - and I believe others - 'hate' has nothing to do with it.

I don't hate (as you put it) the 'new trend' in fighting games... it just doesn't interest me. To completely reiterate again; I dislike NOT the standard of art on offer here, but moreover, the art direction. I'm not interested in picking some oddly western named female character, in some sort of dress, with a cute sidekick whilst unleashing magickal spells via said cute addition upon my thin, glasses and suit wearing male opponent or said female lolita counterpart, or comedy samurai character inclusion etc. It's ALL in good fun, but yes, the 'trend' is NOT for me. I'm not 'hatin', I'm just sayin'. And there's nothing to say I haven't tried these style of fighting games (doujin is it, as Boogiepop mentioned? I dunno??) including Arcana Heart and BOTH Melty Blood titles for my PS2.

My lack of interest also does not stem at all from being a fan of SNK or the NEOGEO, but in actual fact, a fan of fighting games in general. As is proven with the titles we are discussing, I cannot claim to be a fan of ALL fighting games, as that would be absurd. What I will say is that fighting games ARE my No.1/preferred genre and, as such, I know what I enjoy and expect from fighting games - SNK or not.

title I saw recently that I thought looked quite decent that is in a similar vein is Daemon Bride (which Cthulhu acquired recently). Similar art style and direction to 'the rest' but the characters actually looked quite interesting imo. Allegedly though, it won't ever reach home consoles sooo... nevermind. I guess only the dedicated and privileged get to play this game... for now.

I think what I meant was that many of us grew up at a time when most characters in fighting games were pretty stereotypical and honestly quite similar to each other. Most of us recognize that but don't care because we like it that way. But now it seems more like goth lolis and anime stylings are becoming the norm and that doesn't appeal as much to fans of our generation. Like you said, it's just not for you... and judging by all other posters in this thread besides me and Bullet it's not for most old school NeoGeo fans.

Personally I'm not tired of the goth loli thing yet, but I think something different should be done soon so that I don't get tired of it.

And yes, Daemon Bride looked pretty badass.
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