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January 21 2019

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 3281
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What's your 'average' DLC/DLGame threshold?
5 or under 5 or under 25%[1 Vote]
10 or under 10 or under 75%[3 Votes]
15 or under 15 or under 0%[0 Votes]
Up to 20 and MAYBE more! Up to 20 and MAYBE more! 0%[0 Votes]
Total Votes : 4
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DLC Prices: opinions & experiences...
probably based on my own preferences, what your own 'in mind' threshold is regarding expenditure on DL games and content?

I don't mind paying for DL games as long as the game, for me, warrants the entry price. However, I'd say my IDEAL threshold for a good quality and wholesome DL game is approx 10 ($15+ for my friends in the US!). Such games under said threshold would include 'day one' purchases of: Hard Corp - Uprising and Soldner X2. I also paid 'day one' prices of 8.00 per OutRun2Arcade and After Burner Climax, again, as I felt they were worth it.

Games I held out for discount on include: GTI Club+, PacMan DX, MVC2, Soldner X & Final Fight: DI... all for differing reasons. Perhaps the most important being PacMan. I say this as I know it's a great game BUT in my own mind I refused to pay anywhere near 10 for it. As such, I waited for it to be discounted (and it was... within 2 WEEKS!) and was much happier to pay 3.99. Seemingly, I wasn't the only one who felt that way!

I have ever paid for DL(C) is 12.99. I paid this for SSF2THDR on release, as I was pretty desperate to play it. As it turns out, I REALLY didn't enjoy this iteration and was money ill-spent.

purchase was MKII available on PSN. I downloaded it looking for some online shenanigans for my preferred MK iteration. However, I was shocked to be (and it MAY sound petty!) presented with NO control config options whatsoever! As such, Triangle was mapped to HK and 'X' LP. I have NEVER mapped the corresponding 'X' or 'O' button to a PUNCH in my life, let alone Triangle as a KICK!! WTF?? I just blatantly refused to accept this *shit* and deleted it, and moved on. Shame.

acquisition would have been Tank Battles from PSN. It was on sale, reduced from 3.99 to 0.80p! For 80p, I HAD to try it! As it turns out, it's actually a pretty cool game - pretty much like a modern day equivalent to the awesome Combat found on the 2600! Close 2nd place comes in as Super Stardust HD. I bought it when it hit a sale moons ago for 1.59. It was worth it.

this is all contextual and preference based for each individual. A Call of Duty NUT is going to pay 15 for his next DLC pack (the pretty cool looking Call of the Dead no doubt!) come hell or high water and a dedicated SF4 head will either but the upcoming AE content OR, take it further by acquiring the disc copy! Question is: is that taking it further, or just protecting your passion... your investment.

join in! Discuss your DL experiences, preferences, regrets and thresholds regarding costs, genre etc. I'm keen to learn about other PPL's DLC habits!

Cheers! Thumbs Up

I buy XBLA games all the time. They're much cheaper than retail games and often times are of extremely high quality. More often than not anymore I do wait for sales though because I have a huge backlog of games that I want on the service and they've been running big sales almost every week. I bought Outland yesterday because it's amazing but other than that I haven't bought a brand new XBLA games since Super Meat Boy, which was actually cheaper within the first few weeks of release. I've never spent more than $15 on a downloadable game, unless you add in the cost of DLC. In that case both Hydro Thunder Hurricane and Trials HD cost me $20, but both are worth much more.

On the PSN side, no demos means originals get no love from me. If I've never heard of a game and I can't try it before I buy, then they're not getting my money. I did buy a PSN Mini game called Shift: Extended though. It's based on a great Flash game that I really love so I wanted to support the developer. I also have a couple PS1 Classics, but I only buy them if the online price is cheaper than the actual disc. Suikoden, Crash Bandicoot 3, and Final Fantasy VII are all I have so far.

As far as DLC for games, that's a different story. I recently ran into a big problem with DLC in BlazBlue: Continuum Shift. When it's $8 for one character and there's no guarantee that I'll even like playing as that character, I'm sorry but I'm not hardcore enough to buy that. DLC characters for fighting games need to come packed together to alleviate this problem. That will get me to buy SSFIV: Arcade Edition, and hopefully Mortal Kombat's DLC will follow suit.
Two words...

Horse Armor Grin
Im a bit new to this download scene. I only download games and other aps for my iphone and since prices are pretty low I have never regreted a purchase...yet

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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