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October 18 2018

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Thread Author: GeeseTheDuck
Thread ID: 3268
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There are 4 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5183 times.
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Ougon Musou Kyoku X
Not too long ago there was this fighting game based around the mystery visual novel 'Umineko no Naku Koro Ni' released for the PC by 7th Expansion.
I refrained to talk about it since it was a Doujin title,
but now, Alchemist, the same guys that brought the first four arcs of the novel to the ps3,
has just announced an enhanced port entitled 'Ougon Musou Kyoku X' for the 360
(featuring Jessica, George and Rosa plus 2 new stages).
There is also a sequel/expansion in the works for the PC version.

The game? If i have to quickly sum the game up,
I'd say it's like a cross between Melty Blood and MVC3.... maybe
(it certainly fits with MVC3 as far as character simplicity goes)
The graphics are a middle point between Guilty Gear and Blazblue
and the music is taken directly from the novels, so of course it's awesome.
And the game's fully voiced by the usual casting.
It's got a decent online mode too, which is always a plus.

The most notable aspect of the game for me is the way tagging works.
Unlike the vs series, the characters has one shared health-bar but separate special-bars.
When using one character, the other's special fills up and vice-versa.
The tag meter is also used for dash-cancelling,
making players decide whenever they want to switch or extend their combos.

So, do i recommend this game?
Yeah, i do. It's a pretty solid fighter, that looks and sounds pretty.
Just be aware that the combo potential of the game isn't too amazing,
as combos pretty much resorts to the same normal attack chains for all the characters.
Still, when they're not doing combos, the roster is as diverse as any fighter's cast.

Anyways, this is the Mizuumi page for the PC version, it'll fill all your gameplay needs

Pics of the new characters and stages from Famitsu.

The page for the X version, only has a date right now.

The page for the PC version.

If you wanna see some vids, here's my YT playlist

And finally, if you want to get the game already:
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 22. April 2011 10:26
Looks interesting to say the least.
I'll check it out for sure tho, thanks for the heads up.
Thanks for the info Geese. Always good to hear of another 2D fighter coming to the 360. Never tried the game myself but I can remember Bojan mentioned the PC version a while back and I've also watched a few of your videos in the past. I'm very impressed with the graphics and the character designs look good too. I'll give the PC version a try first and if I like it may consider the 360 version.
A big update!
Jessica was just added to the PC version, now version 1.10.
Right now, she's only usable in VS and Training,
probably because her Arcade dialogue has yet to be recorded.
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