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July 17 2019

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Thread Author: GeeseTheDuck
Thread ID: 3264
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Going from a pad to a stick
So yeah, i finally got myself an arcade stick,
and frankly... I'm kinda struggling a bit with getting accustomed to it.
Any tips to make the transfer easier?
It's about time! The only advice I have is use the stick a lot...when I first used a stick (my AES didn't have pads, but it had two sticks) I also couldn't get used to it, but after using it a lot, I got the hang of it (now I can't play fighting games without a stick anymore...). Maybe use it on older and less complex (fighting) games to get the hang of it...that worked for me (first AES games I had were Magician Lord and World Heroes 2).
Edited by cthulhu on 19. April 2011 21:39
My arcade stuff

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What kind of stick did you get? At first it should be a little hard to get used to i think it is all about the practising. Also it is more fun with a good stick. Look at this article maybe could be useful http://www.eventh...-joystick/ There are some tips for how to hold the stick, you can always find your own style it depends on how comfortable it is.

I never had this problem since i first played fighting games at arcade.
As Zakatek asked: what kind of stick do you have? I think a lot of the difficulties I had early on could have been attributed to my sub-par stick. If it is 1) heavy and sits in your lap comfortably and 2) uses arcade quality parts then you should be fine.

Secondly, I'd suggest trying out a different game. The reasoning is that you won't be tempted to switch back to pad when your trusty move x doesn't come out when you want. Another option would be to "go back to basics" and play something like Hyper Fighting for a while.

Finally: Keep at it and try to have fun. It needn't be a frustrating process in which you need to practice, practice, practice. I think if you just try to sit and hold the stick comfortably, your hands and mind will figure out the rest.

Hope this helps.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
It's the Universal fighting stick from Mayflash.
Not exactly a high-end stick, but for the price and ps2/ps3/pc compatability,
i thought it would make a decent first buy.

It's kinda fun like this,
it feels like I've gone back to basics again and it's a really odd experience.
Just your usual 236 motion is a challenge. Guess I'll just have to keep at it!
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 20. April 2011 09:42
I'm in a similar position Geese. After using pads for a long time I recently made the switch to using a stick. Like you I'm also finding it quite challenging to make the transition. I think
it's just a question of experimenting to find which method of gripping the joystick ball works best for you and of course lots and lots of practice.

I'm curious actually what kind of hold do others here use on Japanese style joysticks?
Personally I use only two fingers, gripping the ball between index finger and thumb. I've heard that most Japanese players keep the shaft of the stick between two fingers and a thumb on the ball top. I've tried that but it feels a bit weird for me. Maybe if I got used to it though it might be better than my current hold. Hmm

YouTube Video
I think its best to find a position that feels right for you, some play sitting on the floor, some build stands and some sit it on their laps. I feel a solid flat surface is much prefered to lap play, but thats just me. I'd also say that the stick itself will play a big factor in what you get out of it and how you progress with it in game play. The size alone can be a good or bad thing as well. I'd say buy a new set of sanwa buttons and stick for your mayflash, its fairly inexpensive and will still be a fraction of the price of buying a madcatz or hori stick. This alone will help and maybe even grab a octo gate, they are only a few dollars as well.
Edited by Bullet on 20. April 2011 12:39
You sure about the octo gate recommendation, bullet? I'd be hesitant without knowledge of the game(s) he intends to play (but then again, maybe you know).
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
If he is playing 2D fighters, I'd say yes, if he is playing Virtuya Fighter or Tekken, its not so much of an issue. since those games are more tap tap than SF or KOF etc. Its the difference between feeling and knowing that you are in a crouching block and not being sure. The octo gates would also help someone new to a stick as it gives a more tactile feel as to where you are in the rotation at any given moment. Not all my sticks have them, but I do prefer playing the ones that do tho.
Bullet wrote:
The octo gates would also help someone new to a stick as it gives a more tactile feel as to where you are in the rotation at any given moment.

I had never thought of that. Maybe I should give them a whirl then. Hmm
Edited by boogiepop on 20. April 2011 13:03
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
I gave SF3 3S a go again today,
and i think I've started to get a feel for this.
I find that the 'three finger grip' mentioned in the guide Zakatek posted works pretty well for me.

I'll probably take Bullet's advice and get Sanwa parts for the stick
sooner or later. But I'll try and get a proper feel for the stick
before i make further investments.
i use my stick in my lap. my favourite stick is actually the Neo Geo AES stick. I also have a Dreamcast Arcade stick and a Hori EX 2(?) for my 360. I really like how there is very little travel in the Neo stick and in the buttons too. The Hori and the Dreamcast stick you have to push the buttons down a little further before they register. i have heard the japanese prefer these kind of sticks with the looser buttons and stick. but personally i like it so everything happens as fast as possible, so yes getting a good stick that suits you is important.

after that just play a game you like and you will get used to the stick without even knowing. i recommend a shooter to start with because you will learn precise control of the stick manourvering between bullets etc. Using a stick in fighting games makes some special moves easier but others harder. i still use the pad for Tekken 6 because it seems so much easier, and i can do everything so much faster with the pad. games like the Streetfighter games, Breakers etc are much better with the stick.
Edited by RiKo on 20. April 2011 14:18
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Alright! Its never too late to get good with a stick. In fact I think playing Neo Fighters without a stick is PURE SACRILEGE.

I actually do decent with square gates, Octo gates and even round gates (HAP).

I think I have an arcade stick fetish as I have 3 sticks for computer gaming and a total of 5 AES sticks, 2 MAS sticks (HAP). I'm looking to get one of those Hori AES stick someday. I still plan to add more to my collection in the near future.

I've always been comfy with sticks as I grew up in 90's arcades. Although in those days only HAP sticks were avaible in most of the USA.

Only recently did I become familiar with ball-top sticks. For ball-tops, I hold my stick ( Pfft lol ) between my middle finger and my ring finger. But hold my HAP sticks with my thumb and index finger.

Geesetheduck, I only have one tip. PRACTICE! Seriously, sticks require a whole new set of motor skills, but playing Neo-Geo games with a stick is a MUST, IMO. Actually I lie, I'm actually better at shooters with a NGCD pad Pfft.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 22. April 2011 04:37

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Play fighters and shooters with the arcade joystick EVERY TIME no matter how badly you do to practice.
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