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September 25 2018

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 3253
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There are 9 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3767 times.
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Nintendo's 'NEW' HD Console???
earlier today, so thought I'd share said details:

Sooo... what's the general consensus on this then? Where on Earth do Nintendo realistically go from the Wii? Especially now Camera's and Motion controls have now been adopted and more mainstreamed by their fierce competitors? I'm VERY curious, I'll admit... Hmm

What??? Is the Wii that old? Did anyone ever buy anything for it after Wii Fit lost its novelty?

For now, I'll remain as disinterested as I am in their current handhelds.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
By the time this gets released, the next new Sony/Microsoft system launch will be right around the corner, and Nintendo's console will be the least powerful system of the three.
It's just a rumor. Why would Nintendo release Wii Play: Motion when this "New Console" might be released in the next year?
Edited by marktheshark on 15. April 2011 06:09
im sure i read that Sony and Microsoft were aiming 2014-15 for release of their new consoles. so its interesting if Nintendo were to release a more powerful system in the meantime they could steal a lead on their competitors. i reckon it will be 3D in some way. Nintendo always have some new trick up their sleave. funny if it was Virtual Boy 2 lol

Mark - it could be true i remember being a Dreamcast owner on a DC forum and there were rumours of Crazy Taxi coming out on PS2, and everyone was saying 'b*llshit' even though the guy who wrote the information claimed to have sat in at a meeting at Acclaim. turned out he was right. if there is a new console developers would have been told about it already so information can leak out that way. you are right could be just a rumour though.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Umm I have been a Wii owner for only 2 months and find it fun but way dated and now obsolete due to the kinect and ps3 motion. I only bought it to play the older Sega arcade games that I would have never had a chance to play and to be honest the 3 games I have bought have been worth it . But yeah its the most successful console ever but motion control does not interest me so I am not a fanboy .Yet if they started releasing perfect versions of Sega model 3 games ( as they have done with La Machineguns)then it could potentially be a great console.

Just like Take That or Oasis the Wii is a huge success but anybody serious about their hobby knows that the quality of software is generally very poor. Not knocking the Cube its a great console which I love but the Wii has not even matched it for software. Yeah its obvious a HD/3D Wii is on the way and im sure it will be cool but when Shigeru Miyamoto is lying in bed at night can he really drift off thinking yeah its great and im better than Yu Suzuki + who cares about the next gen. You lost my respect back in 97 dude unlike Suzuki he would be my best man if I could actually persuade him to travel to the UK despite being semi retired I know he still cares more than we know.

Sorry another Ste C rant that may be a bit anal but at 36 with 30 years gaming under my belt I reckon I might have a right to.

No console sets out to be shit as we all know its the software that counts, but the Dreamcast achieved more in 2 years in terms of a great software library than the Wii has done in 5 . I own a Wii its great but its a suped up Gamecube that was underrated in terms of power back in 2002 but any true gamer knows that it is just not good enough as a main console to play. Nintendo credit to them are huge and maybe deserve it due to the clever idea of the Wii and I am glad they have flourished and survived, I just wish it was Sega in the same position. Guess you cant take the attitude out of the man from 20 years ago Sega Ste C fanboy coming at you in 2011 still fighting the cause , either its a passion or a sheer old gamer rose tinted embarrassment , you decide but dont make me cry after all im just a man.

I miss the old console debates whay your Megadrive is shite my Snes rules ect because when you get older you can simply afford to have the luxury of owning all if you want to, even the unemployed can do if they wish , well its a better hobby than smack and crack I suppose .

A 360 is like 2 weeks dole money or maybe 4 weeks if you wanna eat, I recall being on the dole in 96 and I worked out after bills and food it would take me 6 months to buy a Saturn, hows that for poverty.
Edited by STE C on 17. April 2011 10:50
I miss those 'my console is better than yours' debates too. if we were having them now it would be "my PS3 is 4% better than your Xbox360" or vice versa haha. "I can play Grand Theft Auto 4 on my 360." "Yeah so can I". It wouldnt be quite the same.

how crazy is it though that you can play Sonic on a Nintendo console? the 18 year old me would have been shocked!
Edited by RiKo on 17. April 2011 22:47
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I'm looking forward to it, I still get all giddy like a mincing queen when a new machine comes out :$
Man, I loved sega too. Shame too many shite decisions and just a change in times fucked them up. Now they just whore their old games out anywhere and everywhere :(
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