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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: 1983parrothead
Thread ID: 3241
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There are 5 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3671 times.
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NESiCAxLive - The next multi-arcade cabinet?
Could this bring back the arcades in North America and the PAL regions?

YouTube Video

Edited by merlin on 06. April 2011 05:29
The video doesnt appear for me bud. im not an admin otherwise i would get it up for you.

I googled though and it sounds like a great idea, bit like the MVS was when it first came out - making it easier to swap in new arcade games. im still not sure if people want to play traditional arcade games in arcades unless they have game-specific controls these days though. when i go in arcades Outrun 2 seems to do very well -among all types of people , i think its because its so easy to pick up and has a car you can sit in and is bright and colourful and sounds great. light gun games and dancing games also do good.

im sure if this will change things much but you never know, it will certainly help! good idea Thumbs Up
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It is now. If it still doesn't appear on your PC, click this link below:

Yeah it seems like this system could be one piece of the puzzle needed to revive arcades. Other than that we need more games like SSFIV:Arcade Edition and BlazBlue that debut in arcades before coming home. And I don't mean more fighters either. Racing and light gun games, as Riko said, are great arcade experiences. Licensing them with popular brands will get people to pay more attention. There's a reason why every place I've been to that has arcade games for the last few years has had a The Fast and the Furious machine. The name recognition gets more people to play it. Licensed games may have been a horrible thing in the past, but they might help build a better future.

Also, popular games having arcade versions could get people to leave their house. Today's gamer would go nuts for something like Call of Duty Arcade. While I'm not a CoD fan, I know a lot of people who are and they would definitely make trips to arcades to play a new CoD.

I got a little off topic there, but combine those ideas with NESiCAxLive and you just might have the perfect recipe for a new age of arcades.
Here is another related video. If that didn't work either, then click here.

YouTube Video
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