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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: 1983parrothead
Thread ID: 3222
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There are 13 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5833 times.
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Largest flaws in fighting games
This thread is to post some fighting games and their major flaws.

Street Fighter II (and later revisions) - All I can think of is spamming.
The Juggle.

Never been a fan of it and I never will. From memory it was SSF2T that popularised the juggle back in the day. Nowadays I think juggling has gotten out of hand, especially in 3D fighters (with moves that purposefully bounce/raise fallen opponents from the ground BACK into the air to 're-juggle'?)...

1983parrothead wrote:

Street Fighter II (and later revisions) - All I can think of is spamming.

I wouldn't really call that a flaw, it's natural that some moves are better than others.
At the very least, it's a flaw that can't be helped.
NeoGeoNinja wrote:
The Juggle.

Never been a fan of it and I never will. From memory it was SSF2T that popularised the juggle back in the day. Nowadays I think juggling has gotten out of hand, especially in 3D fighters (with moves that purposefully bounce/raise fallen opponents from the ground BACK into the air to 're-juggle'?)...


Juggling... yeah, not a fan of that either, which is one of the main reasons Tekken isn't my cup of tea.

So, should i come up with something?
Let's see... what about the way SF tends to lend itself to Turtling,
which can really put matches to a halt if one side decides to.
It's one of the prime reasons I'm a KOF man,
SF is, in engine, a defensive rewarding game,
while KOF is built for offense, and therefore, turtling is largely more ineffective.
Even keep-away characters like Athena can be played effectively with a offensive mindset.
Not really a "Large" flaw, but it's something.
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 25. March 2011 13:51
yes i agree spamming fireballs/projectiles in SFighter. really annoying when you play someone and they keep doing that. esp someone like Sagat with 2 heights of fireballs. it makes it feel like you are fighting a boss in a platform game rather than actually in a fight.

there's def ways it can be fixed. ie you lose health if spam fireballs or you have a chi guage which empties a bit everytime you throw a fireball. and when its empty you can throw anymore.

interestingly i read an interview with the guy who was in charge of making SF4 and originally the focus attack was going to be usable when you are moving. because he felt doing this would mean that it could be used to counteract people spamming fireballs.

i agree with ninja on the juggle too, maybe allow a couple of juggles in a combination but any more then make the combo fail. Tekken is spoilt a bit by the juggle if people decide to take advantage. i really like Tekken too.

I also want to complain about Fatal Fury Specials predictive AI so annoying! you can exploit it a little at times but it in no way feels like fighting a human-opponent. it takes the fun out of the game in 1-player mode.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
The idea of a shoto/Ryu character being the necessary anchor for the rest of a fighting game cast. They often give this character more tools to deal with a wider variety of situations than the rest of a roster. This, in turn, seems to throw things off and make the stale character much too safe a choice in tournament settings.

For example: In SF2, Blanka will pretty much always want to get in close so he can bite. Zangief? He'll always want to get in. On the other hand, Sagat will want to keep you on the other side of the screen.
Ryu? He gets to fucking pick. He's got the tools to put serious pressure on the opposite side of the screen, yet he can rush you down too. That's bullshit in my book. Pick a fighting style for the character and run with it. Don't give me this "options for everything" BS.

And yeah, in total agreement that juggling sucks.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Having mandatory, Ryu-like main characters
Lack of single player content. Thank you Mortal Kombat (9) for fixing that!

Stereotypical characters. This is a problem that mostly comes from a lack of focus on story in most fighters. Developers want you to feel connected to a character without having to build a deep storyline so they stick closely to stereotypes to make them more easily identifiable. The solution to this is to have a deep and engaging story mode, which also fixes the first problem I brought up.
I also hate when the opponent just keep on casting fireballs at you and there is no way to protect yourself from it

I also hate when the opponent can run like hell towards you or away from you and all you can do yourself is to sneak around.

Then it is this thing about blocking. The opponent just block all your attacks and it is like smashing into a stonewall while you get hurt from it. Or when your attacks hardly cause any damage at all while the opponent just touch you and you get more harmed than...

Yeah, there are things I really hate in fighters...
The Duce
Perhaps the most common problems in most fighting games are clunky or unresponsive controls and/or commands. Some examples that people consider to have gameplay problems are probably:

Time Killers
Wang Jhung Wang / Fight Fever
Fatal Fury 1
Shaq Fu
Shinouken / Ragnagard / Operation Ragnagard
Survival Arts
Tattoo Assassins
Avengers in Galactic Storm
Dino Rex
Tao Taido
Toukidenshou Angel Eyes (I guess, but some people like merlin disagree with opinions like this one for example)

These are some I can mention, but I might be incorrect on one or more of them.
Edited by 1983parrothead on 18. May 2011 01:40
NeoGeoNinja wrote:
The Juggle.

Never been a fan of it and I never will. From memory it was SSF2T that popularised the juggle back in the day. Nowadays I think juggling has gotten out of hand, especially in 3D fighters (with moves that purposefully bounce/raise fallen opponents from the ground BACK into the air to 're-juggle'?)...


Your entire paragraph translates into one word : Tekken
Vexan wrote:
Your entire paragraph translates into one word : Tekken

but not exclusively. Juggling can really ruin fighting games for me, as it removes the instinctual fighting element and replaces it with the types of individual happy to learn a set sequence of specific damaging juggles in order to win.

Apparently, juggling is a 'good' thing, or it wouldn't be as rife as it is now in modern fighting games...

Definitely ridiculous juggling and spamming, and having no intuitive way to counter those. I think juggling is terrible by itself, especially excessive ones found in most 3D fighting games. It's like all uppercut moves are meant for juggling, and are therefore, highly prioritized, and you can keep a person midair with small strikes like jabs.

Also the reason why my favorite fighting game of all time is Garouden Breakblow : Fist or Twist, since it has none of both Pfft
Interesting topic...

Now as far as the shoto or dragon punch character goes in fighting games... they are there to make you comfortable to give you a sense of familiarity. Day one with a new fighting game... "that guy dragon punches.. ok I got this. " I think by using the Ryu/shoto character as a base it allows new players a point of reference thru which each individual fighting games system can be explored. They are kinda like the all round character in a fighting game. It is just like in a game that has a warrior , mage and an elf, they are staples of that genre, anything after that is gravy.

Juggles, well I don't personally mind them, as long as I'm not getting hit with the exact same move over and over, if they require skill and have combo scaling (damage is less the higher the combo goes) I don't mind them. If you can get that extra hit or 2 in, it may be the difference between winning and losing. It also makes you sharper on defense as you learn very quickly that juggles are bad for your health. lol Which makes you a better player all around, if you understand defense. Which is why I find online you fight a lot of guys/gals that only know how to fight offensively and once you get in on them they fall apart because the don't know how to play the other side of the game.
I think combos/combo systems are really the base and juggles are within that, some fighting games just don't let some hits connect, so it's really that juggles are part of each games combo system and how much it happens depends on the focus of the individual game.

Tekken is pretty bad for juggling and being basically required to be "good" at the game. Tekken, is a game where the offense is far more important than the defense. Its very hard in Tekken to recover from pretty much any attack that knocks you down. There are very few if any instances that you are "immune" from damage and the game auto tracks so heavily that dodging and rolling are pretty useless, if the person that downed you follows up in any real way. Going back to defense, Tekken also is so poorly balanced in this regard with some characters being able to catch/counter all attacks and others just being able to push away attacks. Basically giving some characters options that others don't have, but is a fundamental basis for all martial arts. Regardless of fighting style.

I could go on and on and on lol
Edited by Bullet on 08. June 2011 21:29
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