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March 25 2019

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Thread Author: marktheshark
Thread ID: 3217
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Unlocking in games. Like it or hate it?
To me, unlocking in games is good only when it's done right. While they are better than DLC, unlockables can be very annoying sometimes.

A game that has a good unlock system would be Samurai Warriors 3 on the Wii. The game uses a currency system & makes things very flexible. You get quite a bit of rice every time you finish a person's story mode. You can also get a little bit of rice each time you complete a stage. You can use this rice to unlock more characters, to unlock the ability to edit a character's color, max stats for a character, & their weapons that your CAW's can use. The game lets you choose who & what you want to unlock. It's kinda like in MVC 2 if you ask me.

A game that doesn't do unlocking right is KOF XI. While unlocking the mini bosses (Adelheid, Gai, etc) as well as the special ending pictures are done just right, the PS2 exclusive characters (Robert, Hotaru, etc) are a different story. To unlock any of the PS2 exclusive characters, you have to do one of the challenges in challenge mode. Not too bad, right? The problem is that some of them are just too hard & weird.

For example, to unlock Robert Garcia, you have to do this one challenge in which you must survive King's Venom Strikes until time is up; you can't move at all except to crouch, your health is low, & King's fireballs are random, requiring you to stop some of them with fireballs of your own.

Another challenge requires you to defeat Tung Fu Rue, but his health constantly regenerates & you don't have a lot of time to defeat him. Seriously?

Honestly, I don't even get why the exclusive PS2 characters in XI are locked.
Edited by marktheshark on 22. March 2011 22:09
Having to unlock characters in fighting games is a big no-no for me,
bosses are okay, but regular characters are just annoying.
back when I was, oooo... 13/14(!) it definitely set the trend for the whole 'character unlocking' business. And, at that time, the whole concept of Tekken character alter ego's was fresh and cool (Armor King? Lee Chao Lan? Oh yes!).

and a half later and, for reasons I shall impart... NO. I do't think character unlocks have a real place anymore. See, Tekken 1 WAS an original game at this point and makes a fine example in my opinion. See originally, the whole '?' box scenario was uber cool. Who on Earth could it be? The mystery! Oh my!! However, by the 6th installment (technically, the 9th!) the whole character unlocking scenario had no real place imo. I feel this is MAINLY due to the size and familiarity of the roster. I'll be honest; nothing pains me more than having to continually, and withOUT heart, play through a game JUST for the sake of unlocking characters - characters WHICH I have used for the last decade or more, for years in the prequels (after having to unlock them then!) which I feel should just be available from 'day one'. Take Heichachi - my Tekken main. This guy was immediately selectable in T2, but then put on '?' duty in all the sequels. As such, I always have to unlock the c*nt! And why? Is he not main, or canon enough to have his own pride of place 'day one' on the roster screen? If Kazuya and Jin can then... then, why not?

and off-tangent as I went, that was my original point. Unlocking in sequels is balls. Tekken 1: fine. Tekken 2: ok. Tekken 3: hmm, if I must... again! Tekken Tag: f*ck off!

See, as we play SEQUELS, and having unlocked the same characters time and TIME again, have we not already earned those characters by DEFAULT years ago? How much time have I 'had' to invest over the years just to unlock, what I consider to be standard default characters today? Maybe... MAYBE to unlock for 'scenario', tekken force or 1P Story, maybe. But NOT for VS. Nothing sucks more than getting a game 'day one', wanting to unwrap and get stuck in with some friends ONLY to have to spend an hour or two playing through 1P mode JUST to unlock your fave for VS mode. It's just not on...

with Tekken being my most obvious and 'testing' example... I do think the MVC2 unlocks were WAAAY OTT. I mean, you can't even unlock certain items in the JP versions of the game for PS2 and DC, can't remember the specific reason. Like Geese said before: bosses? OK, I have LESS of a problem with that as it makes Boss inclusion optional then. Like in SF4. Although unlocking the likes of Fei Long and Cammy was, again, a feckin' chore, I liked having the option of NOT having to unlock the cheapskates Gouki, Gouken and Seth unless I wanted too. CVS2 also got it spot on. Unlocking stuff etc was cool in the original game. A bit of exploration. But in the sequel, Capcom somehow KNEW only to restrict unlocking JUST to the crazy bosses. Perfect! EDIT: VF, from day one, never bothered to get involved with all this character unlocking crap, as neither did DOA either. However (like Tekken eventually) both did get involved with costume and accessory unlocking, which I actually think is pretty cool as the incentive is DEFINITELY there imo. Customisation in ANY game is always high on my list of things to do. It's great because it's OPTIONAL and doesn't affect the game in any other way except aesthetically. See, it's not everyone's 'cup of tea' but as it really doesn't matter Smile

KOFXI? I can definitely see the frustration here. Personally, I think ALL the characters should have been unlocked from scratch, with ONLY the likes of Jyazu, Silber etc being unlockable. The unlocking methods in this game are definitely a double edged sword for me, and here's why. Firstly, I like how the 'tasks' try and force you to use techniques from the game, to familiarise you with the system to actually try and help YOU be a better player! It's, in concept, pretty cool. However, in practice, it can be VERY frustrating and annoying. My advice? share the burden if poss! I have like minded friends who are also well into fighters like me, so we kinda treated this unlock process like a competitive 'party mode' and had a real laugh whilst doing so. Repeatedly doing the 'reversals only' against Terry task is beyond arduous single handedly. But when your passing the pad around the group, egging each other on with a bit of banter etc it really makes that mode gold, as EVERYONE wants to use those characters in VS as much as you do. Once it's all done and dusted, it's time to crack those out! On the 'personal' flip-side, I have since acquired the JP release for PS2 and since DO NOT relish some of those tasks ever again! Once was quite the charm thank you.


SHORT ANSWER: No. Character unlocking sucks by today's standards BUT was a cool curio 'back in the day' whilst introducing (then!) new characters to the scene. We don't feel the need to 're-unlock' those characters 5 or 6 sequels down the line. Thanks all the same! However, I DO condone character unlocking for stupid overpowered 'boss' characters. I ALWAYS like the choice to make their inclusion to the roster or not...

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 22. March 2011 23:38
I don't mind it at all, especially if the unlocked characters come as a surprise. However, I, like marktheshark, had a problem with the way it was handled in XI though my problem is with the characters: I don't want NGBC characters walking into KOF! The difference in sprites is glaring and I'd just as well SNKP not have even bothered. It's like seeing a SFA Vega in Third Strike. No thank you.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
I agree with most of what has been said, especially Ninjas comments... I used to love unlocking but these days (perhaps it's because we're all older and have shorter attention spans and less time Wink), it seems like a chore.

I do like games having something to unlock, as it adds to the replay value, but the main issue in fighting games now is something that Yahtzee bought up in one of his reviews on Zero Punctuation a while back; let's say you have just bought a new game, you then invite a load of people over to play it... but you only have half the roster available, which sucks! The only way to stop this from happening is to play the game a lot to get everyone unlocked before inviting said people over... but then by that point you've become reasonably good at the game and know at least a few of the characters, whereas at least a few people in your group of friends are starting from scratch... which means you become "that guy". You know, the annoying one who wins every fight and no-one else wants to play against?

Of course, it's fine when everyone buys the game at the same time and has an equal amount of practice, or if all your friends are experts at fighting games, but this is rarely the case. Unfortunately, as much as I suck at fighting games compared to some of you guys (most likely Wink), I am always in this situation when I try to get other people playing Neo Geo stuff. Pfft

I think unlocking extra game modes, costumes and all that other jazz is fine though... it is always nice to have some kind of reward for completing a game, not so much when the method for unlocking is quite frankly ridiculous though!

I don't like the whole unlocking stuff or characters in games...why not enable it from the beginning? With some arcade fighting games it's really worse, I have got KOF XI on the Atomiswave and to unlock the "hidden" characters the game would have to have a bloody long playtime (1200 hours to unlock the final character!!!). If you change the game on the mobo, all saved data is cleared so you would have to wait 1200 hours again to unlock the final character...the reason why I don't even bother trying to unlock them as I change game quite often and don't have a seperate mobo just for KOF XI...just might buy one someday if they're cheap enough...
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
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