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March 25 2019

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 3195
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There are 2 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2225 times.
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COLLECTION: Value/Rarity > HELP!
80-90% certain that I am going to sell off a considerable portion of my gaming collection - for various reasons. Some are financial and some are just a realisation of the amount of games that I will never give my full attention too that would better benefit someone else - either as a collector or a player.

I've had MANY of these games for around 15 years or so and have enjoyed them over that period of time, but now I want to move on.

I am looking to (potentially!) sell all of my PAL Super NES and MegaDrive collection. I can assure you, there are some REAL rarities in there too.

Now, I 'know' the obvious choice here is eBay, as you can pretty much command what you want within reason, and, if eBay pricing is ANYTHING at all to go by, some of my collectibles are worth quite a considerable amount in relation to what they are (obviously we're NOT talking AES money here!).

However, I know a guy locally who has his own games website and I've actually bought from him before (in person) and he's an extremely nice guy. I've never SOLD to him though...

I'm considering approaching him with the idea of selling these 2 collections (and a bit of PS1 PAL too) to the guy BUT I want to be armed with knowing what the 'real' value of some of these items are. Like I said, eBay is a pretty good yardstick but surely, somewhere, there must be an 'official' source somewhere with a proper market price guideline. I just don't want to be 'had'.

offer any help with this dilemma or offer any direction? Anyone know of any sites or communities I could approach?? My only complication being that my collection is completely PAL and, as such, PAL, NTSC and JAP versions of games all vary dramatically in terms of rarity and value. So someone... somewhere with knowledge of the PAL 'market place' is best.

Thanks guys!

tony starks
You are better off either going on gumtree or selling stuff on the NTSC forum http://www.ntsc-u.../index.php the latter being more reliable. Ebay sucks.


Starks out.
Edited by tony starks on 08. March 2011 20:36
Starks is always out
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