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December 14 2018

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Thread Author: NEO-GEO man
Thread ID: 3191
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Favourite Sega console game from 80s and 90s
Whats your favourite console game from the Sega consoles of the 80s and 90s? A few from each console if you like.

This would include Sega Master System, Sega Mega Drive, Sega CD, 32x, and Sega Saturn. Im not including Dreamcast here.

My favourite on the Master System is Double Hawk ( See this video: http://www.youtub...yxfH7zVgsQ ), its actually pretty simular even if alot less complex than NAM 1975. 2nd and 3rd in no particular order would be Alex Kidd in Miracle world and Sonic the hedgehog ( first one )

Next up on the Mega Drive would be Rolling Thunder 2, its awesome in every way. Ive got alot of favourites on the Mega Drive, but this is number 1, followed by Quackshot, and then Sonic 2 if there is 2 players. Golden Axe 1 and 2 are also great fun. But there are so many hits on this console.

Mega CD i reckon Sonic CD was the best game i played on it, there wasnt a whole lot to pick from here, never got to play caddilacs and dinosaurs 2, which wouldve been great.

Saturn had a few more favourites for me, i like Sega Rally at the top of the list, followed by Virtua Fighter 2 and then Virtua Fighter 1. Star Fighter 3000 was also great, but i reckon it was better on 3DO, and Tomb Raider is a great fun game too. I would love to see GEX on the Saturn so i could compare it to the 3DO version.
small mentions of the 3DO and my ears always prick up! Grin I noticed one (on the floor) in the MVS collection pics you posted soon after you'd joined. I don't miss a trick! Wink

These are my (overall) choices for PAL releases:

MasterSystem: Shinobi
GGear: GG Shinobi
MegaDrive: Revenge of Shinobi
Saturn: Panzer Dragoon Zwei

I have DELIBERATELY (and painfully) restricted myself to one answer per system. I could easily go on and on and on, but I won't... for once in my life!! Grin

Rolling Thunder 2 is a great shout. I picked that up from a games convention last November and was pleasantly surprised to find that (imo) it plays like a mixture of Elevator Action and Shinobi. A great recipe!

On the master system my all time favorites would be:-Wonder boy Dragons Trap,Phantasy Star and Psycho Fox.

On the mega drive:- Strider,Shinobi,Shining Force 1 and 2,Phantasy Star 2,3 and 4,Streets of Rage 1,2 and 3,2020 Baseball,Landstalker,Story of Thor and Shining in the Darkness.

Mega CD :- Sonic,Vay,Shining Force CD,Keio Flying Squadron and Lunar 1 and 2.

32X :- Knuckles Chaotix and Virtua Racing

Sega Saturn :-Keio 2,Tomb Raider,Story of Thor 2,Panzer Dragoon Saga,Shining Force 3,Dungeons and Dragons collection and Gex.

Dreamcast:-Skies of Arcadia,Daytona,Tokyo Highway Challenge 1 and 2,Shenmue 1 and 2.

Arrr Yes Ninja, the Panasonic 3DO, what a machine it is!! I have 2 FZ-10s here, one that works, and one that doesnt!! I loved the 3DO when it came out here, i still reckon to this very day that it has the BEST version of The Need for Speed, so much nicer graphically, and you just want to race again to see what the X man has to say!! I may have to pull out the Hero biscuits and sit my sticky butt back down behind the wheel and see if i can go a little faster one day soon Wink

Ive got a few favourites on the old 3DO, i actually really loved the live action shooters.

Thats a tough job only picking one all time favourite on those consoles, youre a brave person!! HAHA!! So many awesome titles on those consoles, i reckon i did spend loads more time on Double Hawk and Rolling Thunder 2 than anything else though.

Nice choices there from Supergrafx too, so many great games!!
Master System , Kung Fu Kid , great platform beat em up with cool music
Megadrive, I could mention dozens as I love the MD but will do a Ninja and keep it simple with a beat em up, planformer and shooter I would say Golden Axe & Gley Lancer , Revenge Of Shinobi

Saturn, again love the Saturn ( I am a major Sega fanboy) Sega Rally , Virtua Cop 2, VF2, must mention the brilliant conversions of Quake & Duke Nukem.

SEAG SEGA SEGA the best ever .
I had to think about this for a while but here are my top three games for those Sega consoles in no particular order. Never played any Mega CD or 32X games though. It was particuarly difficult to choose only a few Mega Drive games. So many other ones I love like Strider, Ghouls 'n Ghosts, Streets of Rage 2, Revenge of Shinobi, James Pond 3 etc.

Master System - Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Wonderboy in Monsterland, Thunder Blade

Mega Drive - Sword of Vermillion, Castle of Illusion, Quackshot

Saturn - Dungeons and Dragons Collection, Tenchi wo Kurau 2, Wonder 3

Rolling Thunder 2 is excellent I've got to agree with you guys. I've been playing it on Mame
Youve all got wonderful taste in gaming!!

Merlin, have you tried Rolling Thunder 2 on the mega drive and compared it to the arcade original? They are both awesome games, the differences are there but each is as good as the other!!
NEO-GEO man wrote:
Merlin, have you tried Rolling Thunder 2 on the mega drive and compared it to the arcade original? They are both awesome games, the differences are there but each is as good as the other!!

I've not played the Mega Drive version of Rolling Thunder 2 yet NEO-GEO Man but I will give it a try in the future. I've heard a lot of good things about it. Will be interesting to compare it.

Good to see you're also a fan of Alex Kidd in Miracle World NEO-GEO Man. That was the first game I ever bought and I've got a lot of fond memories of playing that one.
Yeah the Mega Drive version has extra stages that are not in the arcade version, and it has very much the same gameplay, not quite as detailed for obvious reasons, which is where the arcade version is abit better. Both simply must be played!!!

I loved Alex Kidd in Miracle World, i have 2 Master System 2 units here with that game built in, when i first got my Master System 2 back in about 1991 i think it was, that was the only game i had for a long time, and i used to play it quite alot. It really is a great fun game too, very well done, and from all the other Alex Kidd games i played, i reckon that was the best!!

I got some more games for the Master System a few months later and still played this game alot!!
Ahhh Sega...
My favourite games would be:
Megadrive: Can't choose between Devil Crash (Dragon's Fury) and Bare Knuckle II (Streets of Rage II)...So both I guess.
Mega-CD: Snatcher.
Saturn: Haven't played many Saturn game yet, but I really love Fantastic Pinball Kyutenkai.
Dreamcast: Again I can't choose between Psyvariar 2 and Ikaruga...both great games.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Genesis: streets of rage 2,sonic 2 and 3,earthworm jim
dreamcast:sonic 2 adventures,marvel vs capcom 2,power stone 1
and my favorite for dreamcast was quake 3
What about Sega's first home console, the SG-1000, and its successors called Mark II and Mark III?
Edited by 1983parrothead on 16. March 2011 03:47
I never got to play Earthworm Jim, its rather hard to get it for a good price in Australia these days too
It was never sold in Australia as far as i know, so i didnt include it cause ive never had any exposure to it
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