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January 22 2019

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Thread Author: NEO-GEO man
Thread ID: 3147
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There are 21 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 8910 times.
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Who thinks NAM 1975 is awesome?
Me Me 94%[17 Votes]
Not me Not me 6%[1 Vote]
Total Votes : 18
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Who thinks NAM 1975 is awesome??
Well i f****n do!!

It wasnt the first game i got for the NEO-GEO AES, Fatal Fury was, but that was before i bought my AES, i live in Australia and had to wait 6 weeks for the machine to get here. Im not sure if NAM 1975 was really included with all AES consoles here, but it was part of the deal where i bought it, and it didnt matter to me cause i wanted it anyway.

I remember getting home from school almost every day since getting the AES back in the early 90s and first port of call was ALWAYS going to be NAM 1975, and if i didnt finish it, i played again til i did. I played it enough to get good enough that it was very rare i wouldnt finish it, so it was usually one game each day. The last time i ever played that AES was NAM 1975, when i sold it however, we did play the machine for a couple hours, the new owner was a huge fan of Samurai Shodown, which i had, and he so badly wanted but couldnt find. ( he too had NAM and said it came with his machine new, all my friends had NAM, 2 bought used machines, 1 bought new... )

These days i have an A/V setup id have killed for as a kid, CRT video projection with a 120 inch 4:3 screen, primarily for retro gaming, in wall speakers and twin subwoofers powered by a Harman/Kardon amp for sound from the NEO-GEO the way it really should be heard, very loud and with loads of bass available...

NAM 1975 is and always was the "starter" for a gaming night with me and my best friend when we have the time for a gaming night. Its a tradition i dont think we will let go of anytime soon!!
Edited by NEO-GEO man on 13. February 2011 14:50
I made it a poll just for the hell of it!
Yup, it's awesome. It's impressive that it's so good and yet was a release title. The most often talked about neo titles impress graphically and i think that's what gets them a decent chunk of the attention. Nam looks fine (not amazing... not bad... just fine) but delivers big time on the gameplay. I've yet to enjoy it with a friend and am rather eager to.
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
The very first title for the system still remains as a blast in the Neo Geo library. It's definitely a game that's always fun to play, even more with a buddy in the 2P mode. Furthermore the AES version can be acquired for a very economical price (with or without the infamous insert censorship).

In a nutshell I only can say that NAM is a must-have title for every AES or MVS owner, especially with regard to the price situation and the 2P fun factor. Talking of this game, the fact crosses my mind that I've never seen the ending of this game, that last boss Muckly just won't yield an inch! One day I'll beat this old *astard, for sure. Angry
Welp... Nam 75 was one of those that was a turn off for me early on. I had never played it, but I did see some screens in various gaming magzines. Not being in the know at the time, it was the final nail that made me pass altogether on the NG system.

First was quite obviously the price. Second was no notable franchises and limited library. Then, when I saw Nam 75, I said, "this doesn't look any better than SNES". I then ignored the NG for years.

When I finally got a system (I own an MVS cab, never had an AES), I realized how awesome the games actually were. While the graphics for the NG got better over time, I found that the gameplay was always solid. Heck I spend 2 or 3 hours a day on my cab... I don't even do that with my wii, ps3, ps2, 360, pc, or any of the other gaming systems I own.

Recently I'd been thinking about picking up Nam 75 and giving it a go. Might as well do it Smile

In any case, if someone has an MVS cart English label (no boots, original only please) hit me up pm.
Edited by malignantpoodle on 13. February 2011 18:13
NAM-1975 is great! It's loads of fun and a great challenge. I remember that I used to be deathly afraid of it. And would drag it out like once every two months or so if I felt like torturing myself. But then I decided to actually practice a bit with it, and eventually found out it wasn't that hard. I remember that it took me two weeks to get good enough to defeat that stupid final boss, though. :annoyed:
Edited by AngelaAsakura on 13. February 2011 18:20
Yes it sure is an awesome game no doubt about it. It's always a pleasure to go 'back to the hell again'. One of the best of the early Neo titles and is a great addition to anyone's collection. Graphics are actually pretty decent for an early title and the gameplay is really fun. It's impressive how much speech there is in the game. I've still never beaten Dr. Muckly but maybe one day I can manage it.

For anyone who hasn't already seen it here's 'BBH' completing the game on one credit including commentary:

Anyone who likes Nam should check out other similar games if they haven't already like Blood Bros. and Wild Guns. I think Wild Guns by Natsume is probably the best example of this type of game.
I'll hunt this one down for my collection very soon. For the few times I had the chance for playing this on the arcade I always liked it. Actually I don't understand why I do not own it for my AES. It's a quite awesome game, and I love the intro.

It's hard not to find a good uncensored cover I think. Hmm
oh Nam-1975 is a special game for me. when i first heard about the Neo i saw screen shots of Nam 1975, Top Player's Golf and Samurai Shodown (i think). anyway Nam-1975 was the one i wanted. for some reason it looked amazing from the screenshot and i thought it was a side on action game where the character moves side on to the screen - bit like contra or Robocop. duh!

anyway when i did play it eventually a few years back i could see that it doesnt look that great really, but it plays very well and i love the intro. i can see Merlin loves it too lol!

Malignantpoodle wrote :- First was quite obviously the price. Second was no notable franchises and limited library. Then, when I saw Nam 75, I said, "this doesn't look any better than SNES". I then ignored the NG for years.

interesting this is exactly what the review i read of Nam 1975 at the time said. it was in an Amiga magazine (bizarrely) and they said it plays well but not outstanding and a Neo Geo game should really have much better graphics and sound than this considering how much you are paying. i would have agreed with them at the time i suppose, but you cant knock it these days - its one of the lower priced games on the system now. when i played it for the HSC i realised it was much better than i had initially thought. its a really good game i agree Smile

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Yeah, a friend of mine was trying to debate it with me saying, "But the games are identical in every way to the arcade, it's like an arcade machine in your house".

I retorted, "that doesn't mean anything if the games suck. So, you have a crappy arcade game in your house".

Heh, his dad ended up buying the system, but he only ever had one game for it which I never played (guess which). His dad wouldn't buy more (price) and we spent our time on the SNES.

Man oh man if I only knew what he had, the potential, and the upcoming titles.

I've been robbed of years of great gaming by Nam 75!!!!
Murikov wrote:
(with or without the infamous insert censorship).
Talking of this game, the fact crosses my mind that I've never seen the ending of this game, that last boss Muckly just won't yield an inch! One day I'll beat this old *astard, for sure. Angry

Mine is covered in the black texta pen, but as with my very first copy of NAM on AES, it had 2 stickers on the cart, so i pulled off the first one to reveal a fresh one underneath!! Ill get a couple pics of that. With the case, i pulled the slick out and put it in another case, cause the pen marks are on the plastic and not on the slick, so its only the book that has the marks.
neros wrote:

It's hard not to find a good uncensored cover I think. Hmm

Hold on, pics coming of how to overcome that!!

I found the best way to beat Muckly is to just shoot, no bombs, just shoot, and run a little bit just as he shoots the lazer, and shoot, then when you get close to a side, run towards the bombs and roll at the last second so you dont stand up in the explosions. The POW woman is useless to you be here, she cant hit far enough back, so dont worry about getting her in a good spot. Wink
Ok, here we are, some pics of NAM.

Here is a couple of the outside, after i swapped the case to get rid of the pen marks:

The rest are the cart, the old sticker, and the book:

My very first AES copy back in the early ninties also had both stickers just like this, and i think my friend's one does as well.
Youll see the sticker underneath is very simular, has abit of Japanese text on it, the 46 MEGA logo is down lower, and the one underneath has the round NEO-GEO logo on it.
Great pics! Thanks.
no worries, so now anyone with a copy that has been desicrated like this can easily improve it!! Smile
Anyone who likes Nam should check out other similar games if they haven't already like Blood Bros. and Wild Guns. I think Wild Guns by Natsume is probably the best example of this type of game.[/quote]

lol shout out for wildguns i hammered that game to death awsome snes game !

me & mate played nam 75 two weeks back never did get past final boss !Shrug

but had fun trying
Easy when you know how Wink
vietnam 75 take me back to the arcade basement in 1990 when i been everyday there to play it and enjoy my time i cant describe my feeling about it because its kind of game you will never learn how to master it until you spend at least 50 to 70 coin. like magician lord snk make its early games difficult to keep the game playable long as they canAnnoyed
YouTube Video

i love this game, infact i made a video of it^^^^^^
This game has always appealed to me. For its time it has many advanced features that came before later great titles like Metal Slug. This one of the very titles that comes with full dialogue and speech. The gameplay difficulty is very reasonable. What makes me want to replay it is finding newer secrets now and again. On my third play I discovered the target powerup that gives double firepower for not only your machine gun, but your grenades too. The graphics too are very effective. I like the different ways the soldier dies: Shot, burned to a crisp, blasted off the screen, poisoned by nuclear gas, crushed by the crane tank, flattened by a steam roller and nuked by the laser.

Part of the plot line doesn't add up completely. How could one laser cannon destroy the world completely? Probably the laser emits and fires huge quantities of solar energy that burn the surface and set off all the world's military warheads in the process, thus bringing the earth to apocalypse. I have no idea what made Dr. Muckley insane. I guess he must have suffered Stockholm Syndrome while he was held prisoner.

I can say that NAM-1975 in a nutshell is addictive, exciting and action packed. It is unfortunate that great games like these are sequeless.
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