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March 24 2019

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Thread Author: neros
Thread ID: 3137
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There are 25 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5966 times.
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Hi from neros and hello!
This is my first time here on NeoGeoforlife. I bought a Neo Geo Aes for about a year ago. I always wanted that machine. I have always been a BIG Neo Geo Fan and played a lot of games in the arcade back in the days. I remenber the first time I saw AOFII and it just blew me away big time. Now I'm a really big fan of the Neo Geo AES machine. For me it is the biggest and baddest console ever to hit the earth.

Resently I bought a SUPER Neo Super MVS-SNK Converter II so I can play MVS titles as well. Maybe one of the best things I ever have done.

About me:
I'm an artist and do paintings and drawings. You can see my website here: I'm working on a new site at the moment so it can be more up to date with things.

Glad to be here. Cool site!

Edited by neros on 08. February 2011 23:02
Hi Neros and welcome to NGFL. I hope that youŽll stick around and become an active member.

Have you switche completely to buy MVS games or are you still into getting their AES counterpart, which games do you own?

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Hi dude and welcome. Hope I didn't come off as harsh in the other thread! Stress

It's good to hear you're getting into the mvs scene a little as there are some really good games that just can't be had on the home console (well can, but at exorbitant prices). Hope Money Idol Exchanger finds a place in your collection (it needs the love!).

Out of curiosity, how well is the converter working for you? Oh, and nice artwork! Makes me think of late 60's concert posters for some reason. Headbang
Edited by boogiepop on 08. February 2011 17:59
If you don't know where you're going, any road will take you there.
Hey guysWink

Thanks for your comments.

Well I still go on the hunt for AES titles. The reason why I bought a MVS converter was because some AES titles was to expensive for me at the moment. I'm very happy for the converter and think it works very good on almost every game I own. But I've seen and read about problems with slow scaling when using the converter on The Last Blade and Art Of Fighting 1. There are tiny scaling problems when I play Samurai Spirits IV. But when all this is said it is a very good converter.

The games that i have right now is:

Super SideKicks 2
The Last Blade
Super Bassball 2020
Art Of Fighting 1
Art Of Fighting 2
Samurai Spirits II
KOF 98

Breakers Revenge
Kizuna Encounter Super Tag Battle (Jap)
Ninja Commando
Big Tournament Golf
Samurai Spirits IV
Real Bout Fatal Fury Special

I still need to get a lot of good Neo titles as Blazing Star, Pulstar, Super Dodge Ball, Metal Slug, Sengoku 2, Mutation Nation, Nam 1975 and Neo Driftout...yeah I could go on forever I just LOVE the Neo Geo games.

I'm not so good at playing puzzles..

Yeah when it comes to my artwork I'm very much inspired from movies, games, music and posters from the 60s and 80s Grin
Edited by neros on 08. February 2011 22:59
Hi Neros. Welcome to NGFL! Andy I hope you decide to stick around. I think AOF2 made a big impression on a lot of people in the arcades. I still think the huge sprites look very impressive when the action is zoomed in and there's a lot of detail in the backgrounds. Still a great game to play today.

Nice collection of games you've got there especially Breakers Revenge. Thumbs Up
Edited by merlin on 08. February 2011 18:30
Thanks man!

Yeah AOFII is quite amazing still. I remember the awesome sounds it made in the arcade. It's a hard game, and it can take you hours to learn the patterns in the enemy AI. Badass game Headbang

AOFIII is nice but I still would have liked if SNK didn't have turned it into a different game all around IMO.

Breakers Revenge is excellent I play it a lot.

These days I'm all over Real Bout Special..
Edited by neros on 08. February 2011 23:02
Hi and welcome to NGFL, Neros!

If I remember correctly we have some other Danish users here, so I can assure you'll meet some fellow countrymen here.

As for your collection I must admit it's epicness; great games so far! Thumbs Up

I've got a MVS Converter II too and I'm completely satisfied with it, so you're surely not barking up the wrong tree. Today the scaling-problematic NG games like Last Blade 1 or especially Art of Fighting 1 are relatively economical, so I always recommend to get them for the AES, just like you already have them.

Have a good time here and don't only post in the "NG Games for Free" thread. Wink
Thanks Murikov

Actually it was another danish friend here who showed me the forum.

Glad to here you like your MVS converter II as well. It's very good to be among fellow friends with the same interest like crazy me. haha!
Edited by neros on 08. February 2011 23:03
Sorry some of my english is bad :(
Neros: ThereŽs no need to excuse your english, this is a multi lingual forum so no one will nag you about gramatical errors or type-o:s. NGFL is friendlySmile

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Ah ok! he he Smile

That's a good thing! I think I'm going to like it here.
Welcome to the forum neros, you already have some great games there. i also have one of those MVS II convertors. good choice Smile hope you enjoy it here on the forums Thumbs Up
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
MVS II converter is a dream come true. Thumbs Up
Hi Neros, I'm glad you decided to join the forum, people here are really friendly plus there's tons of Neo love going on here.

You should also take a look at the High-score thread, it's really proper put together.
Hello and welcome! Grin
TLO wrote:
You should also take a look at the High-score thread, it's really proper put together.

Cool! That I'll do my friend!
Hey Neros, can you show me a pic of that converter? Even a link to it would do.

I do have 2 MVS machines but at this point neither work, they have been dead a while, my AES and CD machines work fine though ( see pics in my thread in this section )
Hi NEO-GEO man

My converter looks like this:

I really do recommend getting it for playing MVS on your AES machine.
Howdy and welcome to the site neros, if you ever fancy Pulstar on the mvs, give me a shout Wink
NEO-GEO man wrote:
Hey Neros, can you show me a pic of that converter? Even a link to it would do.

Hey NG Man, I got my MVS Converter II from this place here:

It's a online shop located in Hong Kong that sells these directly off production, I assume that all retailers get their converters from there. It's the cheapest place to buy the converter and the support team is very friendly and helpful as well. You won't find the same converter for a price under $200 in any other place in the web (some guys on ebay even try to sell the very same ones for over $300).

As for the game compability there are only about two or three games that definitely won't work on it (and on ANY other converters as well) such as Metal Slug X (because of it's different inner cartridge structure) or the newer 3rd party games like Fast Striker (the old version).
Edited by Murikov on 09. February 2011 19:23
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