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April 24 2014

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Thread Author: Supergrafx
Thread ID: 3109
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Is a paraplegic woman the perfect partner?
The following post is a true story that happened to me some years ago,only the names have been changed to protect the innocent.This is a very long post so if you have any kind of reading disorder then please look for other more suitable posts.

In my early twenties,i went to a friends party one night with grandiose plans of chatting up the best looking slut there and taking her home for some wild passionate sex.I arrived at the party and within seconds had my eye on a couple of likely candidates....i'm making a beeline to them so as to put my plans in motion and also see what sort of competition i had.
I start heading towards my quarry when all of a sudden this chick in a wheelchair crashes into me and knocks me right on my ass....she apologises profusely and i say hey no big deal.Then i spy the wheelchair and i am immediately uncomfortable as i now know that this woman is disabled in some way and as is the way with us "normal" people we avoid the disabled like the plague.She offers to get me a drink and make things right somehow but i politely decline her offer and try to make my escape from what is fast turning into an unpleasant encounter for me.She sees that the wheelchair is making me very uneasy and makes some smart comment about me looking where i'm going next time,i take this opportunity to head straight for the bar and get a drink to help put me back on my game.
I order a drink from the guy doing the bar and then i hear this voice to my left saying could you get me one too....she had followed me to the bar.I am now so deeply uncomfortable that i have a cold sweat coming on but i feel some sort of obligation to make some small talk with her.She tells me she saw me arrive at the party and that i have a very nice car that she would love to go for a ride in someday.So some small talk with her leads to even more small talk and before i know it we are at the business end of the night and my original plan is fast going down the gurgler.I look over to the main gathering of people and realise that all the good looking sluts are long gone as are the average looking ones,the only available women left are a couple of ugly overweight bush pigs that look like they have been very well ridden.At this point my night out is ending disastrously and i'm resigned to the fact that i aint getting laid tonight.I still have the chick in the wheelchair next to me chatting away as if we are old friends....then it hits me that this wheelchair bound woman is looking for more than mere this point i start to panic as i am very sure that having sex with a disabled woman is not only unnatural it is also uncool.I make up some bullshit story about having to work the next day and i should be home in bed getting some rest,then say a quick good night to her and promptly head for the front door to make a quick exit.I then hear the wheelchair following behind me and i'm shitting myself,thankfully i make it out onto the front verandah.I see that there is a series of six or seven steps to get to the ground and i feel that i am now safe from her pursuit as wheelchairs and stairs don't mix.I race down the stairs and get into a rather brisk walking pace towards my car all the time not looking back and avoiding any chance of making eye contact with her.She not only manages to get her chair down the stairs but she overtakes me and is now making sure that i will make eye contact with her or i won't be getting into my car.I ask her what her problem is and she says "i didn't spend all night chatting you up to not score".I said "score what?"and she replies bluntly "a f*ck".I am now in the throes of a very unpleasant cold sweat and a small crowd is massing at the front of the house including a couple of my closest friends.One of her friends calls out and asks if she is alright and she replies that she is fine and she is just trying to get some action.It was like getting hit over the head with a baseball bat,i had this very aggressive disabled woman putting the hard word on me and she was doing it in front of my friends as well.Now i was getting pissed off and i said to her "don't you people have sex with your own kind"?(meaning other disabled people)quick as a flash she says no we do it with all humans.So i counter with an excuse that i didn't come to the party looking for sex of any kind,i just came to have a few drinks and talk bullshit with my friends.She says you're a lying prick,i saw you and that blonde slut making eyes at each other earlier tonight so don't bullshit me.I have had enough by now,this chick had an answer for everything so i told her to f*ck off and leave me alone.Then she delivers the coup de grace,she pulls out the "gay" card and asks if i do it with women at all....i'm now dead in the water as i have no counter to this except that "i'm not gay i'm straight as an arrow"and again as quick as a flash she says "prove it".I come back with the only weapon i have left...the "cruel card"so i ask her "does your pussy even work properly?"Quick as a flash again she says "absolutely 100% and i recently had a brasilian done on it which i'll show you if you like".I'm starting to feel a bit faint at this point but with people coming over towards the car i regain enough poise to concede to her request and make an exit away from all the attention we're getting.I lift her out of the chair and place her in the car,then put the wheelchair in the back and take off.On the way to my place i'm wondering just what the f*ck it was that i did in a previous life that god has seen fit to inflict this woman on me in my current life.Down but not out i realise i still had 2 cards left in the deck,the brewers droop card and the quickie card...i tried the brewers droop card first and said to her that things probably wouldn't be happening as i'd had quite a bit to drink,she said "i was at the bar with you all night remember?And if you can't perform after that small amount of booze you drank then you really are queer".Another kick in the balls with only the "quickie" card left to use,so i said "okay you win but as i have work tomorrow it's only going to be a 3 minute quickie on the lounge room floor".So she says "thats fine ,i haven't had sex for so long that i'll be lucky to last 2 minutes myself."I am now totally defeated by this very aggressive wheelchair bound woman and now have to make good on my word and deliver.

to be continuedMai
You're lucky I'm extremely bored bro, I actually read all that. Hmmmm do I dare read the rest? I have a funny feeling the ending will be extremely disturbing...

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...

You're not married to her are you? I can see this coming...

NeoGeoNinja wrote:

You're not married to her are you? I can see this coming...


You will have to wait untill part2 to get the answer to that won't you......i will allude to the fact that this post is more about the things we don't see than the things we do.
Any holes a goal buddy Thumbs Up. I hope you didn't let the poor lass down Wink
I wish women were as forward as that in the UK when I was single. I am looking forward to pt2 as it could go either way, is it a strong moral story or a comedy. Just because shes in a wheelchair guess it does not mean she wont be dynamite in bed. Sounds like you were a bit of a ladies man in your younger days SGX.
STE C wrote:
I wish women were as forward as that in the UK when I was single. I am looking forward to pt2 as it could go either way, is it a strong moral story or a comedy. Just because shes in a wheelchair guess it does not mean she wont be dynamite in bed. Sounds like you were a bit of a ladies man in your younger days SGX.

I guess the fact that she was so forward was freaking me out quite a bit,i'd been with chicks who were a bit forward once you got into the sack but never anything like this bitch from hell.At one stage during the ordeal i actually thought that someone had slipped me some acid and i was just having a very bad trip.
I probably did think myself a bit of a ladies man back then but it was more the hunt that i was interested in...sometimes you got lucky if you landed your intended quarry.I had a reputation amongst my friends that i could actually chat a chick up and verbally assassinate my competition at the same time.Grand master of the quick retort was a title bestowed on me back then.
Edited by Supergrafx on 25. January 2011 23:38
Prelude to part 2.
While not directly related to part 2 of my bitch from hell thread it has some events and people in it that will impact on part 2,it is also the single most hilarious event in my life to date.

I have a very dear friend named Eric,we went to school together from pre school through to leaving and we are still good mates today.He can best be described as my goofy older brother as he wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed but he could fight like f*ck and he always had my back when we were at parties or out on the town.This was of great benefit to me as with my smart ass mouth i was often encountering guys who preferred talking with their fists when they couldn't match it with me verbally during the chat up stages with girls.He saved my ass on many an occasion.But he was absolutely hopeless when it came to women,couldn't get a girlfriend to save his life....we set him up many times with what we thought may be suitable girls for him to date but he would always fail dismally for one reason or another.So he used to frequent the local whorehouses for his sexual satisfaction...we quite often had to pick him up from these places on our way to whatever we had planned for that day or night.I often used to take the piss out of him by saying he must be on the "preferred supplier list" with the amount of money he spent at these places.

Anyway we are all meeting at our local pub on a saturday afternoon for a few drinks and to plan our night out and i ask if anybody has seen Eric and is he coming out of my friends says he will be here soon as he is out buying clothes with his girlfriend.My ears prick up and i ask how long has he had this girlfriend and has anyone seen her yet?Mick says that he met her over at Eric's place last week and that she is Asian, out here on a working holiday visa for 6 months.He says Eric's talking about going back to Thailand with her to meet her family and have a holiday.They have been going out with each other for a couple of weeks now but she can't speak very much english.I'm a bit pissed that i'm the last to know that my best mate now has a girlfriend.Then he rocks up with his new G/F hanging of his arm,i immediately think she's a hooker as she's dressed like one and i also notice that she's at least 10 years older than him.He is absolutely chuffed as this is his first real G/F and he introduces her to me and the others then asks if it's okay if she comes with us tonight.No one minds and i order a jug of beer at the bar while everyone heads to the booth.Eric comes up to give me a hand and says"what do you think mate?She's pretty hot isn't she?"I am actually thinking that she's an off duty hooker and she is playing Eric for an idiot...but i say "yeah f*cking stunning mate,i hope i can crack onto something half as good as her tonight".I ask him what he's been doing today and he says he's been shopping all day with her and has spent over $1000(a very significant amount of money back then)he says he is now broke and could i lend him a few hundred untill pay day,i say no problem i can help you out.He is just so happy at the moment and i am happy for him but i have my suspicions about his new G/F.I ask him how he came to meet her and he says"You know that Asian brothel over in Northbridge?Well she works there as a receptionist and part time cleaner,i met her when i was there getting a happy ending massage.When i was paying i thought what the fuck i'll ask her out for coffee and she said yes".I'm stunned,"let me get this straight Eric,you go to Asian Pussy Palace,get the massage and hand job package then ask the whore doing it out for coffee?".He says "no that was a different chick giving me the massage,this one is the receptionist and she just collects the money".I'm thinking straight away that this G/F of his is just a wily old Asian whore that has got her hooks into Eric and is taking him to the cleaners.We get the jug and glasses,then head back to the booth and she is immediately climbing all over him and they have the whole open tongue kissing thing going on.Eric has then got his hand down her top and i use this as our cue to leave and give them some space so we head back to the bar.I tell Mick and Craig my feelings and suspicions about Eric's G/F when Craig says hey look what's going on over there...I look over to the booth and Eric has his pants down around his ankles with his G/F under the table giving him a blowjob.We manage to tear our eyes away and Mick is telling me that Eric sold his Harley last week and sent the money to Thailand to help her family get out of a refugee camp.I am shell shocked,how could he be so f*cking stupid....then there is a big crash and sound of breaking glass over at the booth,Eric's G/F is on the floor and Eric is screaming that he is going to slit her f*cking seconds she is on her feet and out the door and Eric tries to chase her but his pants are still around his ankles so he just falls flat on his face.I'm wondering what the f*ck just happened but i'm thinking that she has perhaps bitten him while he was getting a blowjob.He has got his pants back up now and runs of to the mens room with me following him.I lock the door and turn to see if he's okay and just how bad his cock is bleeding,but he is just standing at the basin washing his hands vigorously.I ask him if she has bitten him and he says "no nothing like that i'm okay".So i ask "what the f*ck happened then?And why are you washing your hands like that,they must be clean now?"He says"they'll never be clean and i can't tell you anything cause you'll just take the piss and run of and tell every c*nt".So i say "not a chance in f*cking hell of that ever happening Eric,trust me".He responds with "promise?"and i say" absolutely we're best mates remember".So he tells me,"the blowjob wasn't doing it for me so i got her out from under the table to finish me off by hand,then i forced my hand down her pants to cop a feel of her pussy when i felt it".I'm absolutely intrigued by where he is going with this but i'm thinking he is perhaps having a lend of i push the issue as to what he felt and he says "a cock" this point i am now positive he is having a lend of me and i ask "a real cock?"He says "yeah a real one and i think there was a set of balls down there too".I am so struggling to get my head around what he is saying and am certain he is winding me up with this that i hit him with some sarcasm..."that would make sense Eric,those items are usually always found together".It goes over his head and he says "yeah i know but that wasn't the worst bit,i think it had blown a load in it's pants as it was all gooey down there".I absolutely f*cking lost it,pissing your pants laughing doesn't begin to descibe what was happening to me.I am rolling around on the floor in hysterical fits of laughter and he is punching and kicking me but i'm not feeling any of it.Then he is back washing his hands again and i am starting to feel the effects of a few of the kicks and punches he gave me.I am back on my feet now and wiping the streams of tears away from my face that i got while i was laughing so much,and i feel that my friend is in need of some cheering up now instead of me laughing at him.I remember the deep throat kissing they were doing earlier and i say to him "you remember when you and her were doing the tongue tango earlier?"and he says "yeah so what"And i say "what that means now is that everything that's been in her mouth has now been in yours,including probably your own cock".And i promptly lose it again while he is now rinsing his mouth out with water.He then does the weirdest thing,he starts picking up all the little soaps on the basins stuffing them into his mouth and chewing on them.Within seconds soap bubbles are streaming down his chin and i make the remark that it looks a lot like semen.This sets him right off, he comes over to me,sprays the contents of his mouth on me then tries to bury his knee in my groin.He is again rinsing his mouth out with water and saying how the soap tastes like f*cking shit,so i tell him thats because people come in here to snap a turd and use those soaps to wash their hands afterwards.He comes over and gives me a bitch slap that nearly takes my head off then he says"you are nothing but a smart mouth c*nt and we aren't mates anymore,in fact if i see you on the street i'm gonna kick the shit out of you".Then he leaves and people come streaming into the bathroom to see what's happened.I'm sitting on the floor with a blood nose and fat lip still laughing my head off but everyone thinks he has given me a hiding and i am sobbing.I am soon back out in the bar and people are buying me drinks and a rather cute barmaid in a low cut top is cleaning my face up,i'm loving this as i am getting an absolute eyefull of a pretty decent pair of tits.Then Eric is back and i am on my feet as i am sure he is going to make good on his earlier threat to kick the shit out of me but he stops short of the table and says "I'm sorry man,i shouldn't have hit you but you were really f*cking pissing me off with your smart ass attitude".I say "no problem mate,it's all forgotten",what he does next really f*cks things up...he hugs me and says "are we mates again?".The significance of this act is absolutely devastating to me as back then the only time you would see a man hug another man is at a gay bar.I'm trying desperately to break his bearhug grip while muttering "yeah yeah we're mates again just let go of me please".He does and says"listen mate i'm going to piss off and see if i can find that thing and beat the fuck out of it so i'll catch up with you tomorrow"and then he is gone.I am still the centre of attention but for the wrong reasons now,even the barmaid has scootered back to the bar.Mick looks at me intently and says"just what happened between you and Eric in the bathroom?"I can hear the allusion to some sort of gay sex event in his voice and i am now stuck between a rock and a hard place,do i honor my promise to Eric and not say anything or do i tell everything and rescue my straight as an arrow reputation?I choose the latter and in between chronic bouts of laughter tell the spellbound audience that has gathered around the table everything that Eric told me in the bathroom except that i embellish the hand down the pants bit with "half mast hard on and uncircumcised cock comments".The pub erupts like a volcano with laughter and people are rolling around on the floor having severe belly laughs.Several hours later we are all absolutely paraletically drunk and we head on home still laughing like f*ck.

As a footnote to this post i would like to say that after the events of that night i led a fundraising campaign for Eric and within a few weeks we had enough money to get him another Harley.
My apologies everyone for a very long post but i do hope you got a few laughs out of it.I certainly don't have the writing skills to match my talking skills and this is the first time i have ever tried to put both these events on paper so to speak.I have tried to condense things as much as possible by leaving out minor details so if things read like they have been a bit rushed that is why.
Supergrafx: Waaaow! Shock Long posts, Could you please make some space here and there in each post?

Ill definitely read it...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
you're quite the story teller Mr SGFX! I was laughing out loud quite a lot whilst reading that... especially the bit where you all watched your mate get given a blowjob by another man! I'd start with a few 'mm' of bleach in the eyes every morning, just after using the mouth wash. If the bleach doesn't work... try nail varnish remover! Guaranteed permanent blindness! You can't fail.

Can't wait for pt.2...

LOLLOLLOL I've read it all so far and got to admit this is a very entertaining thread. I'm looking forward to the next installment!

Like Priest said it would make it a bit easier to read if broken up into paragraphs.
Its fortunate that I trust you Supegrafx as it sounds like a cock n bull story, but as they say truth is so stranger than fiction. I suppose as we are on the subject of sleaze I may as well talk about an encounter I had about 5 years ago when I was single.

It was early 2005 and I was out with some friends on a birthdays bash and by the time we hit the club we were all entering the realms of the unwell. I somehow lost my friends and had drunk myself to a standstill, it was about 1.30am and even I realized I was to drunk to pull so thought best go home to bed. As I was walking out the club I felt a tug on my arm turned round and was faced with a lady who looked somewhat older than me but ok , keep in mind I could not focus well at this time. She said bluntly can I come home with you, yeah simple as that and to easy to knock back.
As I looked at her to say yes I tried to focus on her face but was really struggling get any kind of true image, so I asked how old are you and she replied er about the same age as you which I knew was a lie as I was about 31 and she was obviously older despite my beer goggles. As we waited in the cue for a taxi her behavior became very odd, she started talking to other girls in the cue asking if they wanted to come home with us but sadly all refused. As we traveled to my house in the cab she explained that she was separated from her husband and had not had sex in 3 years, as you can imagine once we got in a few hours of pretty anything goes intercourse carried on through the night. Waking up the next day I was a bit surprised to find the lady lying next to me was perhaps mid 40s and not at all attractive, my words were you lying b*stard which she did not take to kindly. Still it did not stop her requesting more sexual services and since I was hung over and a bit embarrassed that I had shagged a minger I just wanted her out the house. Yet she refused to get out of bed until I got back in and serviced her again which I did not wanna do, I tried the old ive made a mistake I have a girlfriend what a terrible man I am but she would not move. I tried to explain I had to go to work ( which was another lie as it was a Sunday) but again she refused to get out of bed. By this point I was becoming very frustrated and sadly was left with no choice but to threaten to call the police to have her removed. This actually done the trick although I had to give her 10 quid for her taxi fare, and there she went a real fruitcake that hopefully I would never see again.

So the next week I meet up with a friend to play some pool in a rather posh pub on the outskirts of Carlisle , a place I would not expect to bump into anybody I dident wish to, and there she was having lunch with her hubby and 2 kids not at all looking like the lonely divorce she claimed to be. At the time I was a social smoker and the smoking ban had not came into effect I noticed her and her husband were smoking and she had clocked me and looked a bit shocked and nervy. Revenge I thought nah maybe not as her hubby was a big bloke but I calmly walked up and politely asked for a light, ha the look of horror on her face as she was no doubt expecting me to spill the beans but no I took the light from the guy who's wife a week previously had behaved like a women possessed in my bed, I lit my fag looked at her and said thanks before strolling off to play pool ( 8 ball). I actually felt sorry for the guy as here he was giving me a light when I had f*cked his wife the week before. I am not particularity proud of the fact I had but she had to be taught a lesson that if you f*ck about chances are you could get caught and she played us both for a fool as I would not have let her take advantage of me if I knew she was a fruitcake and a bullshitter.

I have a real cracker about an indecent that happened the year before but I think it would push the boundaries a bit to much so I will keep the little adventure out of NG4L
Edited by STE C on 30. January 2011 20:23
NeoGeoNinja wrote:
you're quite the story teller Mr SGFX! I was laughing out loud quite a lot whilst reading that... especially the bit where you all watched your mate get given a blowjob by another man! I'd start with a few 'mm' of bleach in the eyes every morning, just after using the mouth wash. If the bleach doesn't work... try nail varnish remover! Guaranteed permanent blindness! You can't fail.

Can't wait for pt.2...


I suppose it probably could have done with some more info on the actual she-boy's from asia.These tranny's were and probably still are today hard to detect as they not only sound like women,they have a woman's body shape and usually a decent set of tits.There was a huge amount of them working in the sex industry and lots of punters probably never even knew that the hand or blowjob they had just enjoyed had actually been given by a man.
About a year after the incident with my friend one punter actually strangled one of these she males at a different brothel here..perhaps after finding out it was packing a frank and beans instead of the standard coin slot.Western tranny's are a lot easier to pick out as there is usually something that isn't quite right about them.
Very good post STE,one of those chew your arm off rather than wake them up type incidents.If it wasn't for alcohol lots of ugly women would never get to experience the joys of sex.Mai
I'm surprised your mate still talked to you after spilling the beans about him and his fumble with the trouser mouser, supergrafxThumbs Up
Hey Supergrafx where's part 2? did you post it in a new thread?
Edited by RiKo on 19. July 2011 13:48

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
I remember that hell of a story as well. You better tell us what happened next, SGX. Smile
Yeah cough up the rest of the story, you crippled-koala fucker.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
you can take an hour out from those 23hr work days, just to finish the story?! Or is this baby gonna be a trilogy??! If so, I'm having 'first dibs' on the publishing rights! Grin

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