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December 13 2018

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Thread Author: marktheshark
Thread ID: 3100
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There are 19 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 6611 times.
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Masaaki Kukino leaves SNKP.

Neithan from Bas Gros Poing is reporting that Masaaki Kukineo, producer of KOF XII and XIII, left SNKPlaymore in November. This news creates some doubt about the port of KOF XIII. Furthermore, sources within SNKP are reporting that the new president, Ryo Mizufune, wants to shut down the video game division and focus on licensing instead, such as porting old titles and creating pachinko games and figures. With the lack of news regarding the console release of XIII, the future for King of Fighters is looking bleak.

This is giving me mixed thoughts. It's kinda sad to see a once great arcade veteran go bye bye, but SNKP also made a lot of poor decisions which at this point may be too late & too much for them to make it up for those decisions.
On one hand I'm kind of happy and want to see if this decision may be for the better, because let's face it, SNKP have done lots of questionable decisions.
On the other hand, that quote seems rather negative. what's with the focus on licensing and panchinko and all.
Black Shroud
A summary of public opinion (Source: SRK)
oh no, what will all the mexicans and chinese play now?

I can't believe SNK GAYmore would let KOF die over making profit over Pachinko.

Don't worry, we'll get to play KoF XIII in 5 years when it's released as part of Neo Geo Collection Part.23


Pachinko, guys! PACHINKO!

Happy days are here again!

Aruze part 2!

Just thinking about some douchebag sitting in a meeting of SNK talking about wanting to drop KOF for pachinko makes me want to flip shit. I mean what the fuck.

You forgot that snk doesn't like to make money. they literally fuck up almost everything they do nowadays.

Yup is the end of the world and we know it.

They (Capcom) already have Shinkiro, they made CvS, and they know KOF is still damn popular. I can easily see a Capcom offer to buy the franchise and derivatives (FF, AoF, etc), its just too damn good to let it waste on pachinko and stuff like that.

fuck crapcom and their gay ass turtle fighters and characters. they can eat a fat dick. id rather have kof die after 13 than see it get released by some bs cmopany like crapcom, fuck turning kof turtle like sf4, eat a dick to the rest of you actually hoping for crapcom shits.

Pachinko? Porting old titles? Doesn't the new president realize that KOF XIII would make a whole lot of money if it's released for consoles? Doesn't he realize that there are a whole lot of people worldwide who would love to get their hands on KOF XIII? Oh, well--you can't force people to make sound decisions.

Hahaha! A game, making more money than pachinko?


SNK has lived off pachinko for over a decade, even with KOFMI1 and the GBA MS being fairly profitable. Stop kidding yourself, the only reason the game division exists is to work as an IP farm. I've been saying this for almost five years on the KOF forum. Time for you guys to join me in the real world.

I imagine the rage to be over other boards as well
Edited by Black Shroud on 19. January 2011 18:23
I figure shirting their focus to licensing means their game franchises will just be developed by outside teams now. Someone may need to call Capcom or Aksys to port KOFXIII to consoles, and after that we just have to hope that SNKP is very selective with who they let develop future installments of their games.

As far as taking over the KOF series, I think Capcom is way too busy. So are the other major fighting game companies. It's probably much more likely for SNKP to either get a small company like Type-Moon to develop it, or a bigger company that isn't yet known for 2D fighters.
F*CK this is really bad but not exactly a huge surprise, thanks for posting this Mark I suppose this is the best way to hear the news. I dont wanna sound negative but we could well be left with the great games we have, and if we all are honest with ourselves things have been more or less over since 2003 in terms of development. Any games on other platforms simply have not been as good and I dont hold much hope for another studio to take the gaming division and licenses KOF, SS, FF ect , sad as it is they unfortunately are unlikely to be financially viable in this new decade. Like a overweight balding man in his 30s trying to pull in a nightclub full of teenagers , fact is nobody wants you despite him being athletic and attractive and a stud in his 20s time is cruel for men and games studios.
Maybe its best this way we have the games which many of us will undoubtedly play until we die, for me thats fine I can live with that.

Still this site exists and is very active and I suspect always will be due to the passion we have for the brilliant games from 90-03 . Really hope KOF XIII gets a console release as it looks like a great way to end the party, yet the party will always be here due to the timelessness of the games we have.
Edited by STE C on 19. January 2011 15:19
sorry ste but i dont agree with you its not 90-03 but since they began till now you think kof XIII is not a good game? and XI too? and samsho 6? and all other games that they released recently?
The only ones who should have the rights to KOF is SNK,
some may say SNKP is stretching it, but it's still SNK, even if the staff is 50/50
and their sucess rate is 10/90.
The moment someone else takes control of KOF, I'm signing off.

I dunno about you guys, but I think it's not only the quality that counts.
What if Nintendo suddenly started making Sonic games?
I'm sure many can agree that it would be a fate worse than mediocre games.

Handling the ports? sure, I don't see why not.
But It's SNK's franchise and nobody else's, especially not Capcom's.
After reading about the supposed working conditions in SNKP's development team, about the loss of that producer and now SNKP's thoughts to quit this section, I'm getting more and more doubts that KoFXIII will ever get a true sequel again.

And as Bojan wrote I don't think that SNKP's most games were garbage at all. Titles like KoFXI, KoF02UM or the recent 2D Metal Slugs (5 - 7) are all pretty good imho and it would really suck if all ends up again like in 2000/2001. Of course SNKP never represented the same (quality) status the original company had but all in all I always appreciated their releases.

And as for a possible succeeding development studio I agree with Geese as well. I can't imagine any other company in place of SNK(P) that would be able to release a worth title that answers both new and especially old fans. Of course there are good developers out there like Arc System Works imo but a SNK game not made by SNK itself just doesn't seem the real deal to me, sorry.

And only to think of a "capcomed" KoF title with the SFIV graphics engine and mechanics makes me feel like vomiting. Thumbs Down
bojan4o wrote:
sorry ste but i dont agree with you its not 90-03 but since they began till now you think kof XIII is not a good game? and XI too? and samsho 6? and all other games that they released recently?

Wires crossed here Bonjan what I meant was during the dates of 90-03 was when SNK produced its highest quality ( on the NG) I have no problem with Playmore, in fact KOF 03 & MS5 are amongst my fave NG games. What I mean is SNK games on later platforms have not been as good but that does not mean I do not like KOF XI , Neowave ect because I do. What I am trying to say is SNKP game development slowed down hugely second half of last decade.

As for Capcom taking KOF I think thats very unlikely as they already have the inferior yet more popular Streefighter franchise , which itself is living on borrowed time. Could ARC pull it off again no need they are doing fine with Blazblue . Funny enough I saw a 2nd hand copy of KOF XII in Gamestation the other day , actually the first UK copy I have seen.
but even capcom is not making their own games who knows if they are making even mvc3 maybe some third game company developer is making it just like street fighter IV
I'm not taking to much from all this to heart. Until I hear that there will be no port of KOF 13 I'll wait and see how this pans out.
If I was to answer the if SNKP has to hire a company to do the port, well that would be Dimps and here is why...

I'm sure Arc could do the port as well and Capcom prolly isn't even interested in buying the rights to any of SNKP fighting games. I'm sure they are having a hard enough time with the ones they have.

Lets put it this way when a game like SF4 sells only 2 million units on PS3 and 360 combined that's probably less than 2% of the user base of those 2 systems total. And KOF13 will sell much less than that sadly, so is it worth it for SNKP? I hope it is, as this game looks to be better than KOF 12 in every way, but if its not going to be profitable, they may decide against a port.

Until I hear otherwise tho, I'm going to look forward to the announcement of the port for 360/PS3. In the immortal words of a great rapper by the name of Parappa ... You just gotta believe!!!
Edited by Bullet on 20. January 2011 03:54
Hey guys, haven't been around for a while.
This is sad sad news. This is just not looking good at all. I just don't get it. Fighting games celebrate a huge comeback and one of the greatest companies with the best franchises of the genre doesn't manage to benefit from it. I don't want to lose hope, cause still I want to at least dream about a MOTW 2, LB3 and a proper new Samurai Shodown...
But if they don't manage to release a follow up to their most successful franchise, then there is nearly no chance for less popular ones to ever be developed and released.

So its time for us to make sure those great games SNK gave us in their heyday will never die! I'll practise some MOTW right awaySmile
*Phew*... that's a relief.
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 21. January 2011 17:49
eccentric cat
Oh, I didn't even realize it was a rumour. At least the game division is still alive.. -.-
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
I came here to post what Geese posted. No more worries! I especially like the statement that SNK "expects to continue publishing games worldwide for many years to come."

In other words, they're probably already developing games to be released in 2012 and have plans for more games afterward!
The games I want to see in the future are.

Garou Mark of the Wolves 2- Please make brand new characters, new designs, new artwork, new characters theme, new stages, new endings. Make Garou MOTW story take place in the new series and Mr Karate (Ryo), and new grappler in the game besause i read the article. Still Please make brand New characters in Garou Mark of The Wolves 2 and take place in the new series of Garouand make new graphics. Please make it happen SNKP.


Last Blade 3

Samurai Shodown VII - I want to see Sho Hayate as a guest character.

Fu'un 3

Art of Fighting 4

Buriki Two

King of the Monsters 3 - please make new monsters, new stages and new theme for the monsters.

Neo Geo Battle Coliseum 2- Please make new original characters in the game, New stories and endings.

Brand new SNKP fighting franchise game- not KOF, Fatal Fury, LB, SS. I just want to see a brand new Fighting game franchise in the future new SNKP characters and new artworks in the new male hero protagonist fighter and new fighters in SNKP Universe.I hope it is in 2d fighter game for the the SNKP new fighting franchise.Please make it happen SNKP.I'm your biggest fan SNKPTerry
Edited by yuki1518 on 28. December 2011 04:17
@yuki1518: could you please stop replying to really old threads. Thread necromancy can be considered since the original posters either aren't active anymore and it's old news (in most forums it's frowned upon or even not allowed).

Edit: I do like your enthousiasm though.
Edited by cthulhu on 23. December 2011 08:42
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Yuki: Agreed, please stop bumping old threads back up, especially when you're posting stuff that isn't really related to what was discussed in the thread. If you want to discuss games you'd like to see, please create your own thread so that people can reply there.

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