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January 20 2019

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Thread Author: RiKo
Thread ID: 3057
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Videogame Trivia that you may not already know....
I always thought this was a good topic. Does anyone else have some interesting video game related info to share?

Something I thought was interesting and only found out about recently was that there are a couple of stages which were cut from arcade platformer Nemo (one of my favourite arcade games). Capcom for some reason decided not to include these. The Goat Car stage looks particularly nice and has flying ostriches, crocodiles, bees and a large insect boss. The
Long Stairs stage isn't complete since there's no boss. It's a shame these stages were left

The music tracks by Yoko Shimomura sound great too. I read an interview with Yoko in
which she said out of her less well known compositions the Nemo soundtrack was her


If you want game trivia, this is the site for you. I love this site.

Thanks for the link Bullet. That's a good site with plenty of interesting trivia. Pretty surprising that hidden in the game code of Goldeneye on the N64 there's a ZX Spectrum emulator!

That Cutting Room Floor site linked to in the descriptions of those Nemo videos is well worth a look too. Has lots of info about unused or cut content from video games.

I thought it was quite amusing that Nintendo used to own a Love Hotel! A lot of people probably already knew this but I only found out recently.
Some facts about one of my favourite games Double Dragon (1987 Arcade)

1. Double Dragon came about because of all the extra time and money that Technos Japan spent to change the graphics of their Japanese arcade brawler Kunio-Kun to suit the Western market. (It was released as Renegade here with less-cartoony graphics).

Yoshihisa Kishimoto had already started to make Kunio-Kun 2. But soon after Technos told him to stop and to make a game that would be accepted worldwide. So at that point Kunio-Kun 2 became Double Dragon

2. Yoshihisa Kishimoto was a huge Bruce Lee fan. And because Bruce Lee is a worldwide actor he inpsired Kishimoto for his new game.

Bruce's nickname is 'little dragon'. The concept of Kunio-Kun 2 was a 2 player game so he created the Lee brothers and called it Double Dragon

3. Quote from Yoshihisa Kishimoto :"Did you notice the red car in the first screen of the game inside the garage? It's the car from my first LaserDisc game Road Blaster"
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Here's a youtuber that has a lot of great vids related to gaming trivia. I'm kinda surprised that he hasn't been brought up yet.

Some good vids of his:

Game Consoles that're rotting away.

The Driv3rGate Scandal

Games with the longest Development Times

Botched Console Launches
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