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November 13 2018

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Thread Author: merlin
Thread ID: 3053
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There are 15 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 7090 times.
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Cabal type cross hair shooting games
I'm not sure what the correct term for this genre is but 'cross hair shooter' seems somehow appropriate. What I mean are games like Nam 1975, Blood Bros and Cabal. I find these games really fun so I thought I'd start a topic about them. Strangely it seems like not that many games of this genre were made. Does anyone else here share my enthusiasm for this genre and which is your favourite?

Although Nam 1975 and Blood Bros are great fun for me the best I've played of this genre is the SNES game Wild Guns by Natsume. The whole concept of cowboys vs robots is a pretty cool and original idea. Graphics and music are really impressive in this title too. You can use your lasso to temporarily stun the enemies and an interesting aspect of the gameplay is that by shooting enemy bullets you can charge a meter giving you access to a more powerful weapon.

YouTube Video

Here are the cursor shooting games I know of:

Cabal - 1988 TAD
Dynamite Duke - 1989 Seibu Kaihatsu
Rambo III - 1989 Taito
Blood Bros. - 1990 TAD
Nam 1975 - 1990 SNK
G.I. Joe - 1992 Konami
Hard Times - 1994 Playmark
(essentially a mod of Blood Bros. changing the setting from wild west to gangsters)
Wild Guns - 1994 Natsume
Gamshara - 2003 Mitchell

Anyone know of any other similar games?

Gamshara is a really interesting one which I only just found out about. It's an arcade game by Mitchell the makers of Cannon Dancer and it's not yet emulated by Mame. Judging from this video it looks very impressive. Would love to give this a go. I heard the gameplay is a bit similar to Wild Guns and you can also double jump in the game. Anyone here actually played this?

YouTube Video

Edited by merlin on 28. December 2010 07:36
I like these games too.

My first encounter with the genre was in an arcade in my hometown with a game called Westbank / Bank panic. The task for the player in this game was to defend a bank from bankrobbers and at the same time not shoot at innocent customers. This was a game I also played alot on my C64

West bank / Bank panic:

KLOV: http://www.arcade...me_id=7012

YouTube Video

The next game that comes to mind is Dead angle which is a "Chicago gangster game". This was later released for the SEGA master system, I think the port represented the arcade game pretty well.

Dead angle:

KLOV: http://www.arcade...me_id=7535

YouTube Video

Empire city 1931 (predecessor to Dead angle)

KLOV: http://www.arcade...me_id=7707

YouTube Video

...Ill probably think of more later...
Edited by priest on 27. December 2010 10:59

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Alligator Hunt is a good one, even if the music is obnoxiously repetitive.

YouTube Video

Edited by Glowsquid on 27. December 2010 14:43
Interesting thread Merlin , and Priest good call with Westbank I love that game. I agree its a genre that perhaps deserves more love, I would probably say Cabal is my fave of the lot.

Merlin is it safe to describe Sega's 2 excellent crosshair games ( although not in the same sense as the others mentioned) Ocean Hunter and Lets Go Jungle which are brilliant games that have never had a home release, although LGJ is the kind of game that could appear on XBOX L or PSN .

Also just got Deadstorm Pirates which is a crosshair shooter and its great even with the pad, although its is being marketed as a Move game thus will probably control better with it.
Edited by STE C on 27. December 2010 19:01
Like you I used to love playing Bank Panic Priest but I had the Sega Master System version. Really fun little game even though I was never very good at it.

Alligator Hunt actually looks pretty good Glowsquid. Definitely need to give that a try soon.

STE I hadn't heard of any of those games before. Let's Go Jungle, Ocean Hunter and Deadstorm Pirates seem like they would be really good fun.

I didn't explain this very well but what I really meant by this genre are games which have both a cross hair and are also viewed from a third person perspective in that your character is actually on screen viewed from behind and movable. I think out of the ones mentioned only Dead Angle and Alligator Hunt are part of the same genre as Blood Bros. and Cabal. I can definitely see why you guys were reminded of those other games though. They are a bit similar.

Here are a few more I've found.

Pirates - 1994 Nix

This is very similar to Blood Bros. but with a pirate theme. Like Blood Bros. there are lots of
destructible areas in the background and you can shoot down whole buildings. Pretty fun game actually. One thing that made me laugh is that each time you clear an area a skull appears and speaks to you in a funny sounding voice!

YouTube Video

Riot - 1992 NMK

A very interesting one this. It's by shoot 'em up specialists NMK. What makes this unique is
that you get enemies attacking from both the front and behind. Also you can use parts of the scenery as cover to hide behind. Very good game.


YouTube Video
for Taito's Space Gun back in the day. That was an awesome 'cross-hair' shooter, although, does their need to be a differentiation between Character on-screen Cross Hair shooters and JUST Cross Hair shooters?

Also, the more recent Alien Extermination in the arcades was a pretty good Cross Hair shooter too.

Also, if any has access to a Wii, the Gunblade NY & LA Machineguns are BOTH mega cross-hair shooters - especially the latter! If you can, give them a go! Thumbs Up

Space Gun is very good. I played that for the first time on Mame recently.

NeoGeoNinja wrote:
... does their need to be a differentiation between Character on-screen Cross Hair shooters and JUST Cross Hair shooters?

Maybe I should have come up with a better thread title but my idea was basically to create a thread focusing purely on Cabal/Blood Bros./Nam 1975 type games which have IMO significantly different gameplay to gun shooting games.

I was expecting you to mention the Sin and Punishment games Ninja which I'd say do count as Cabal type games. I seem to remember you saying you enjoyed them.

Iwanaga - PC

A freeware game that looks impressive but I can't seem to find a working download link anywhere. If anyone knows where to download this one please let me know. The same developer was also responsible for 'Vacant Ark'.

YouTube Video

Double Hawk - Sega Master System

YouTube Video

Edited by merlin on 28. December 2010 09:44
merlin wrote:
I was expecting you to mention the Sin and Punishment games Ninja which I'd say do count as 'Cabal type' games. I seem to remember you saying you enjoyed them...

Don't know how I could have missed that, especially considering S&P2 could well be the BEST title on the Wii, imo. However, 2 things:

1) I've never 'properly' played S&P1 for N64 nor do I own it
2) These titles are more inclined towards run n gun (like PDragoon or StarFox series) as opposed to static 'stand and fight' cross-hair action!

Ha! It's getting a little complex now, huh? Hmm

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 28. December 2010 13:18
nice thread Merlin - i really like Nam 1975, but other than that im not too into this genre of games specifically.,i think i would like Wild Guns though. other games i can think of Space Battle (er Intellivision), Die Hard Trilogy (Playstation 1). do games like Panzer Dragoon and Rez count?, cos Rez is awesome - especially now its in HD and playable on PS3 and 360. i have Panzer Dragoon Orta on Xbox 1 but i never got into it, but some people seem to like that a lot.

I had a demo of Die Hard Trilogy and it was quite good, wouldnt have minded trying the full game at the time. you moved the cross hair with teh joypad

YouTube Video

Edited by RiKo on 28. December 2010 15:40
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Yes I see what you mean Ninja this is more complex than I first thought. Hmm I had never played either S&P games before but I heard others comparing them to Cabal and similar games. Interestingly the HVGN did mention in the Wild Guns review that this genre would be ideally suited to the Wii.

Thanks RiKo. I'm sure you would really like Wild Guns. Out of the ones you mentioned I've only ever played the Panzer Dragoon games. I feel they are a bit different to Cabal style games but I agree there is a strong similarity considering the third person perspective and cross hair. I've heard so many people talk about how great Rez is. Die Hard Arcade looks very good too.

Finally found a working download link for Iwanaga. Wow this is actually very good. You have a fast dodging move and also can deflect certain coloured shots by swinging your sword. Iwanaga is like a bullet hell version of Cabal.

Iwanaga download link

CrazyDiamond wrote:
The Punisher for the NES. I can't understand why this game gets so many bad reviews, because I loved it back then, and I still enjoy playing it today when I'm in the mood for it. Great Dynamite Duke-type of game.

Thanks for mentioning that one Crazy Diamond!

YouTube Video
Merlin: Dead Connection, TAITO, 1992. Is another one of the games, much like NAM 1975 although you have much more freedom to run around in all of the playfield and a neat feature is that you can demolish a lot of the scenery. This game does not feature a crosshair, so Im not completely sure that this is what you were looking for? Fun gameSmile

KLOV: http://www.arcade...me_id=7536

YouTube Video

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I can definitely see why you were reminded of Dead Connection Priest. Although there's no cross hair of course there is a certain similarity in the gameplay. I imagine the developers were probably inspired by games like Blood Bros. I agree that it's a really fun game especially with all the destructible scenery.

Another game which seems similar to this type of game but also lacks a cross hair is Comical Machine Gun Joe for the Master System.

I really want to play Gamshara one day. I think that could potentially be one of the best games of this genre alongside Wild Guns. Let's hope it won't take too long before it's emulated. Speaking of Wild Guns the soundtrack is incredible in that game. Some of my favourite music on the SNES.

YouTube Video
Released in 1985 by Data East:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video
Revolution X was a fun game in the arcade. You used a gun to actually shoot stuff. The Genesis port, however, was in the "cross hair" style. Somehow, it just works, despite Revolution X being a late edition to the Genesis/Mega Drive library (in other words, the makers probably could've made it compatible with the light gun). T-2: The Arcade Game (Gen./MD) also was a cross hair shooter, although I believe it also featured the option to use a light gun and mouse.

If we're loosely following the concept, then Contra, Sunset Riders and Virtual-On all have "cross hair" shooting elements. Pac-Man 2 (Gen./MD) is also based on this concept, although shooting is just one element of the game. It is mostly a puzzle game. Try using the sling shot on Pac-Man to see what haopens! That's all I xan think of for now. There is another Army themed one for the arcade, but I can't think of it.
A few more: Golgo 13 (several styles in one game, but cross hair shooting is a reacurring theme). Mechanized Attack by SNK (NES) and Space Gun (GG). I can't remember the name, but it is also an NES title. Basically, you are on the SWAT team and you have a chance to do some cross hair shooting. It's another game that combines different elements, and is excellent.

By the way, I highly recommend that Punisher game! I remember getting addicted to it growing up. IMO, it is the definitive Punisher game of all the Punisher games. Smile
Edited by shion on 09. February 2011 23:52
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