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December 16 2018

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Thread Author: goemon4
Thread ID: 305
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2766 times.
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Art of Fighting commin to PSP and Wii

(sry if this is the wrong place to post this)

but i noticed this a few days ago and thought it is pretty cool SNK seems to be "reviving" their old games on the wii and psp, i just hope they will make a KoF Anthology soon!

also this is comming to the ps2 also, which is announced for may, wii and psp releases havent been anounced yet, all rated T
Edited by goemon4 on 25. April 2007 16:21
No worries, it's the right place.
I find it strange they're porting AOF to the PSP. KOF or Sam Sho I could see but this really comes as a shock to me.
It's interesting, but as boogiepop said strange that they would do AOF for the PSP. Saying that, I really want to see some new stuff coming from SNK. I really love some of the collections they have released (with a few exceptions), but I don't want to keep playing the same games I have played countless times in the arcade and on my own Neo Geo.

Saying that, it would be fantastic if they could make the PSP and Wii versions playable online. In fact I'd love to see them on Xbox Live on the 360... now THAT would be somethng! Smile

yeah, i dont get why AoF is being ported either, since it wasnt a huge series game wise (like KoF or SS) and it wouldnt really appeal to any new fans, like games like Metal Slug does. But i hope they will put like all its tie-ins and continuations in (as in geese howards involvment/story)i will definatly buy it!)) since they could fit in a UMD (which are 1.8 gigs, and i have like 40 MVS games on my mem stick which only take up like 1.5 gigs) so it is possible

@Kaz - with MVSPSP (Neo Geo emulator) you can play with adhoc on the psp, tho i still havent tested it, but i to would like to see new snk stuff to, i just cant wait for the next KoF game! (or what ever SNK are stalling us for with all these anthologys)
Edited by goemon4 on 25. April 2007 21:51
My best guess:

SNKP does not have the resources to make the kind of games they want to; so they're selling off collections of older games in order to build a presence to a new generation of gamers and collect enough revenue to create new games. Or SNKP is dying off and they're attempting to eek as much as they can from each franchise.
Good to hear about these games being released in the coming months. The only thing that I hope for is that there will not be the same slow down issue with the psp version due to loading for the psp version of AOF like there was metal slugs game for the psp as well.
yeah, idk why there was loading problems, cause with a Neo Geo emulator, it takes little to no loading, when loading roms. I wonder if they were trying to just generally load the game, cause with the roms ,you have to make graphic and sound dumps which helps speed it up on the handheld, i recomend them doing that.....
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