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October 19 2018

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Thread Author: Yue
Thread ID: 302
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What anime's are you currently watching? What are they about?
Now back on the topic at hand, my favorite series of all time (at least currently) finally had the third OVA released. If you're into MariMite or romantic heartwarming Yuri in general go here http://silverfire.../marimite/

The third episode, while somewhat cheezy compared to the rest of the series, is better than the previous two OVAs by leaps and bounds. New character Kanako adds a whole new theme to the series and the ending will have even the most hardened anime veterans go "awww" even though you can see it from miles away.

Mad props introducing new spins to the series even after two years (!!) running but if I don't see Yumi and Sachiko finally kiss within the last two episodes before it ends this self proclaimed fighting game god is going to weep! Weep I tell ya!
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
@sukotsuto Ahh, I didn't know there was a new one.

@midian Yup, I've got all the English released Negimas thus far. Good read but I'm starting to get a little tired of it.
No one here watches Naruto subbed? The new episodes are so badass it blows my mind.
Ive been watching S-Cry-Ed agian, that, imo, was a great Anime, probably the only show i got somewhat emotionallty attatched to the characters (excluding Star Trek) but i think they could have made the ending a bit better, the fight between Kazuma and Ryuhou was cliched and a bit boring... but well i still enjoyed the show, it was simply amazing!

as for naruto, i could never get into it, its to long for me. I guess im not a fan of shonen jump anime (its all long and boring imo) it all is so the same and generic imo, DBZ, Yu Yu Hakasho (i believe thats how its spelt), One Piece, Bleach and Naruto are all so similar in ways but i dont want to get in a rant over that, its just what ive come to a conclusion on (seeing most of the DBZ eps, the first few Yu Yu eps, about 50 One Piece eps, adn the first 70 Bleach eps) tho ive heard some good things on death note, i wanna check it out (cause it could change my mind on shonen jump's stuff, aside from Samurai X Grin )
Fine, fine I won't get into that. I gotta say though, one anime I've never gotten tired of is Cowboy Bebop, it's gotta be the best I've ever seen. The creator of that show and Samurai Champloo is a fucking genius.
agreed, im a huge Bandi fan (as far as anime goes) ive been watching alot of Shin Chan and Case Closed tho (FUNimation does have some good shows) hey, wait, wasnt Yu Yu a FUNimation anime?
I think it was actually. That one was pretty cool also. I prefer Japanese voice acting to U.S any day. I HATE how butchered some characters are in English.
i know, tho there are some great american voice actors, like whats his face who does spike in bebop. But i hated what they did to bleach, the voice cast in america sucked. Also, anyone here watch Black Lagoon?
Spooky wrote:
No one here watches Naruto subbed? The new episodes are so badass it blows my mind.

I watch it actually and yes the new episodes are great. Check out my El Cazador thread if you guys are curious about that. Lucky Star is about a bunch of girls in high school that just talk about random stuff and hilarity ensues. Think of it along the lines of Seinfeld humor. I'm just about finished watching Black Lagoon which is about a bunch of modern day pirates/mercenaries from the asian seas. It's hella violent with lots of nice action.

Marimite, goddamn I really need to start watching it. I have all of it on my computer(up to OVA 3) but haven't watched it yet which is crazy since I'm a big yuri fan myself.
Hey, I've heard about Black Lagoon, it's supposed to be so fucking cool. I NEED to watch that. Oh man, I've been watching the Hellsing OVA's, they are the greatest thing I've ever seen. Constant and horrific violence and an awesome plot make it one of the best "animes" I've watched.

But yeah, Bleach voice acting is kinda lame. The U.S. version is pretty far into the series, I'm surprised. As far as One Piece goes, I flipped to it once or twice but changed the channel after hearing Luffy's childish voice.

The new Naruto episodes are still some of the best I've seen in a long time though. Oh, and Steve Blum does Spike's voice which is cool because he does a surprisingly good job. In fact, I can actually watch that show in both languages without any complaints really.
yes, do go watch Black Lagoon, its very very good imo, kida like Bebop as far as bounty hunting goes, but i dig the art style, the action, characters and everything, tho last time i watched, it didnt have to much of a developed plot, which will probably change (last ep i watched was the 12th, so its bound to have)

And Hellsing, i have tons of the manga, but never watched the show, i need to get around to that
Yeah, I'll watch Black Lagoon, I've been meaning to anyways. How far are they into the show? Isn't it relatively new?

But yeah, if your into the manga of Hellsing ( the first 3 at least since they take forever to come out on video), then check out the OVA's, they kick ass.
last time i checked Black Lagoon was at its 19th episode, but it may just take a while since the first 12 were kinda character building, and such, tho all entertaining and action packed.... And will do, any vampire/zombie anime is good in my books.... Say anyone watch Elfin Lied (i think thats how its spelt) i saw the first episode, and it, well was just odd....
Whoa! Elfin Lied looks nuts! I need to see that. But yeah, zombies and vampires are the greatest. I want Black Lagoon!!
lol, Elfin Lied was strange, i heard it got worse (friend had the dvd's) but it was kinda funny when she was dumb and peed herself... like i said, its odd...
rofl, peed herself, wow. I saw someone that was like crying blood, it was insane looking. My bro was watching Ergo Proxy, it's pretty cool, and the ending theme is Paranoid Android by Radiohead, which is an awesome song.
yeha, she is like uber powerful until she gets sniped and gets amnesia or something, and acts like a 2 year old.... and anyone here watch Lain? ive heard some mixed things about it, and have always been curious, it any good?
I've seen it, it's pretty freakin' crazy. That type of anime isn't really my thing though. But if you're into weird, robotic, research type shows like that, then you should definitely check it out.
i am, so i need to check it out now (if only i had enough HD space)
You should check out Gunslinger Girl, it's pretty depressing, but good at the same time. My favorites are still Naruto, Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, Samurai Champloo, Fullmetal Alchemist, and Outlaw Star, those are some of the best out there in my opinion. I never cared for stuff like Slayers, seemed kinda lame.
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