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September 20 2019

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Thread Author: Yue
Thread ID: 302
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There are 125 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 40680 times.
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What anime's are you currently watching? What are they about?
I cant help but stick to the classics

fist of the north star
death note
golgo 13
ultimate teacher

Would welcome suggestions on others to get into tho.
Currently re-watching Vision of Escaflowne because it's top drawer.
Hellsing ultimate
now awaiting the 10th episode (each episode is around 40 to 50 minutes)

fusion24 if you want to watch a real ninja anime try basilisk
@bojan4o! i'll get some episodes, but naruto is all about the storyline and character personality!
In the list:
ZETTAI KAREN CHILDREN: THE UNLIMITED HYOUBU KYOUSUKE ESP vs normals, nice history background and sound effects
Ixion Saga DT funny and sometimes pervy, nice mix of styles
Uchuu Kyoudai interesting still has ups and downs sometimes hard to watch sometimes can't wait next ep
Fairy Tail ...
Robotics Notes started slow and hard to watch but gained some momentum with its last episodes
Kotourasan cute stuff + some casual echhi stuff
PsychoPass psychological stuff with action in the future, very interesting
Tamako Market (makes me smile every time) Kawaii overload
to name a few.... seems I have too much time....
Watched sword of a strange on YouTube in English love the animation the fight sequence and the music are awesome.
i watched about 20 episodes of the anime Hokuto no ken and couldnt watch it anymore (though i dont know whats going to happen later on in the anime these 15-20 episodes reminded me so much of berserk a lone warrior going to destroy the man who once betrayed him) but i knew that hokuto no ken cant be that bad so i picked up the manga and it blew me away the story the art style (yea i expected it to be that good) now i am at 14 volume and its put on hold but after i finish some stuff i have to do i will get back at it and finish the reading of the manga (then i will leave the final impressions of this particular manga as a whole and yea sorry i almost forgot we are talking about animes in this thread)

Heard that the prequal fist of the blue sky is a far better thank hokuto no ken.
bojan4o wrote:

i watched about 20 episodes of the anime Hokuto no ken...

Heard that the prequal fist of the blue sky is a far better thank hokuto no ken.

Another Hokuto fan incoming? Thumbs Up

For me the anime and (the much bloodier) manga are still unmatched, absolutely awesome. From the anime, manga, doujinshi, prequels, OVAs, (live action) movies and up to games I've seen quite everything of HNK.

Try to finish watching the anime anyway (at least until the final standoff with Raoh). As far as I remember the series still has some exclusive filler stuff / episodes as well - not to mention that the music is absolutely gold too.

Souten No Ken (Fist of the Blue Sky) is pretty decent too, but never as good as the orignal in my eyes. The anime was quite lame though compared to the manga.

Also keep in mind that Tetsuro Hara used the character design of Kenshiro for many other of his works such as Cyber Blue or Keiji.
cyber blue looks like a great read. anyway i am never fan of anything either i like it or not thats it now there are stuff that i just love like The breaker manhwa and etc. back on topic i knew about this manga for about a decade now but never had the time to read it (at first i didnt even bothered with what i read only to be good) and also i know that there are several games based on hokuto no ken (hack and slash) but the best it must be the fighting game made by arcsystemworks
I'm about to watch 'Kill La Kill' episode 13 tonight Mai
The whole Slayers series.

It was on Philippine TV for a while, but I never caught up to it since I wasn't home most of the time back then. Now that I saw it... I'm all in!
sukotsuto wrote:

The whole Slayers series.

It was on Philippine TV for a while, but I never caught up to it since I wasn't home most of the time back then. Now that I saw it... I'm all in!

It's a fantastic series...I've got all 5 seasons, the movie and all OVAs on DVD and have watched them quite a lot.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
I gave in and joined the masses in watching 'Space Dandy' ...and I must say I am rather enjoying it. Each episode is a new story, the 80s music is fantastic and I appreciate the type of humor here. It's very entertaining. Don't compare it to other series and don't go into it expecting anything deep for maximum positive reactions.
Now watching: Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Stardust Crusaders. If you don't know about JJBA and you love anime and fighting games, you are definitely missing out!
Recently watched episode 1&2 of ghost in the shell : arise its really good a lough the art is very different what I am used to but its a very solid and well thought out ova . I enjoyed it and hugely recommend it.
Rise from your Grave!

Right now I'm (re)watching the City Hnter. I'm about to complete it in the next weeks.

Anybody got some thoughts of to watch next? I'm looking for something old school, like Bubblegum Crisis.
The latest remakes of beserk were awesome
AH right, Berserk. Of course I know the Dreamcast Game, but I never had time, or forgot, about the anime. Thanks I'll put it in my to view list. Grin
Berserk is my favorite animated series of all time, strongly recommend it.

I recently saw "Return of The Cat" a newer Ghilbi movie, It was alright. Very strange little tale. Perhaps you have to be a "cat person" to like it, like I did.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
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