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August 18 2019

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Thread Author: candycab
Thread ID: 301
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What are you playing ?
I've been playing NAM-75, after a long break from video games. It's a great game, but I'm really bad at it. The last boss is highly irritating. I'm using an LCD TV since all my CRT's are in storage. The picture is terrible. Is there a cheaper alternative to the XRGB?

Tonight I'm going to play some Metroid on the NES! Must have been many many years since the last time.
viktorh wrote:
Tonight I'm going to play some Metroid on the NES! Must have been many many years since the last time.

the NES original isn't the best to go back to imo. A bit painful, infact...

You've definitely got to be in an old school NES mindset to enjoy the original Metroid. The same goes for Metroid 2. Having nostalgia attached to them helps of course, but still I've never been able to bring myself to complete either of them. This is why Metroid Zero Mission is such a great thing! I really wish they had given the sequel the same treatment.
God Hand, bought it off PSN.

they weren't kidding about the difficulty.
I've heard lots of good things about the GoW series, but being the purist retro gamer that I am, I really don't have any incentive to play it besides the hype. I don't really like the excessive sex and violence (seems tasteless to me); it just seems so forced like something an 18-year-old action junkie would appreciate, but perhaps I'm not giving it a chance. Maybe one day when the stars align I'll give it a go... Smile

That M&M game looks pretty cool. I don't think I've seen anything like that before. It's a shame old school style games like this are left only for the handhelds to do (but that seems to be changing, as designers seem to be getting lazier and lazier).

Victor, it's nice to see you return to the fold! Breaks are always nice. I can't say I've ever been a Metroid fan though. That reminds me, though, I should give the homebrew Metroid game for the VMU a go sometime.
Edited by shion on 12. October 2011 23:29
Playing Shadows of the Damned now. Pretty damn goofy but a lot of fun. Reminds me of Godhand.
Glowsquid wrote :- God Hand, bought it off PSN.

best game ever! hope you enjoy it. From what i read if a sequel ever does comes out it's unlikely it will be as good and as focused as the original, so enjoy Smile

Tobalman wrote :- it just seems so forced like something an 18-year-old action junkie would appreciate, but perhaps I'm not giving it a chance

it is a good game but yes i think you got the age demographic about spot on there lol. I also think it would have been good to have someone in there who wasn't taking steroids. It's like when they re-released the Star Wars figures and gave them all huge muscles.
Edited by RiKo on 13. October 2011 18:07
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
(as well as my usual SFIV) i have been playing my my Sega Saturn today. Trying out lots of games i havent really had much of a chance to play.

not much of a surprise but i love space harrier, one of my favourite games ever and if i ever got the chance the one machine i would get a arcade cabinet for (a hydraulic one) A surprise for me is how good Marvel Super Heroes is. Really had great fun playing it, and unlike a lot of Saturn fighters - it has very smooth animation too. I also have X Men Children of the Atom but i don't like that so much. I think it looks like it is lacking animation frames, a bit choppy. Sengoku Blade is *really* great, really want to play that some more, and i also enjoyed playing Layer Section as well.

I played Cho Aniki but its not that good. Its only worth playing for the amusment factor because as a shooter it's pretty crap - weedy bullets and not enough meaty feedback when you shoot things. It is quite funny though. I also wasnt sure about Sexy Paradious, maybe i need to give it more time, it just seemed a bit average on my initial play. great animation though. I did used to like the SNES version!

Games i didnt like :- Fighters Megamix (well its ok but not something i would get the Saturn out for), Bomberman Fight! (again just ok, with inadvisable 3D graphics) and Fighting Vipers (actually not a bad game at all but its very dated now and like all early 3D fighters is very floaty feeling, i'll stick to the sequel)

Totally confused by Silhouette Mirage at the moment, but i love the graphics, and variety. Need to play it some more Smile
Edited by RiKo on 21. October 2011 22:44
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Nice to see you've been giving the Saturn some more love RiKo In Love

I was also knee-deep in Saturn p*ssy last night with a friend of mine, clamoring amongst the sexy likes of Battle Garegga, Soukyugurentai and Batsugun... right into the early hours of this morning Smile

To relate to some of the points you have made...

I actually much prefer COTA > MSH myself. And that's before we start discussing how badly MSH runs on the Saturn! Overall, I prefer:

The presentation, The roster, Level designs & Music > MSH

However, I DO really like the Infinity Gem aspect of MSH. Very clever and cool mechanic not seen in anything since really. But for me, CapAm & Spiderman are the only positive additions of MSH - seeing as Wolvie and Psylocke are recycled and Blackheart, Juggernaut & Shuma are all pretty lame. Hulk is simply 'so so'.

Sengoku Blade (Blaede, lol!) is great as is Layer Section, although, I've always found Layer Section (series) lock-on feature a bit awkward/detracting - although I do appreciate it's supposed to add depth Wink

Never played ChoAniki but I plan to pick it up... eventually. As for Sexy Parodius? I'm a bit like you I think. The series appears to receive an awfully huge amount of love, but I don't see why myself... and I own them all! I think they're pretty average myself, overlayed with serious amount of crazy and zany"ness". Doesn't really work for me. I worship the Gradius series by comparison though Smile

I actually really like FMMix and FVipers myself BUT I will admit to them NEVER clicking with me anywhere near as much as VF or Last Bronx (or DOA for Saturn Wink ). I think, with FVipers, 'back in the day', I never really cared for the characters that much. I much preferred the traditional aspects of VF or the Neo likes of Last Bronx. The FV styles never really worked for me (Raxel, Grace & Picky for example?). I only ever LOVED the design of Bahn. Very, very JoJo... I mean, cool Wink I much preferred FMMix by comparison to FV due to the inclusion of VF characters AND cheeky VF3 inclusions too. Sarah, Jacky & Kage were beasty in that game. Heh... best played @ 60Hz too Pfft

Never played SMirage, but planned to *perhaps* acquire it at some point. The whole platforming aspect and 2 colour thing(?) looks mad to me... mad! Shock Grin

Hi Ninja Grin my fav games on Saturn are definitely going to be the 2D games i think. Although i was very impressed with Nights, i like how they mix sprite scaling with proper 3D to make the levels.

I actually much prefer COTA >MSH myself. And that's before we start discussing how badly MSH runs on the Saturn! Overall, I prefer:

I was mainly trying games out but i thought MSH ran really well, it just seemed very responsive and well animated. I only played as Spiderman though....In contrast COTA and SF Vs Xmen (even with Ram pack) didnt seem quite as smooth or animated as well. I didnt really play them in depth though so i have no idea about the fighting systems at a deep level. I did think it was funny they gave Spiderman and Cyclops dragon punch moves haha. It made me wonder who they didnt give a dragon punch to!

Sexy Parodius does get a bit better with repeated plays actually, i played it again the next day - it's a grower i think. Still not as good as i was expecting though:(

Sengoku Blade has inspired me a bit for my shooting game (when i eventually do some more work on that), because i love the fact its in a totally different setting - not the usual spaceship Vs Aliens scenario. Ignoring the fact it plays great - that alone makes it feel really fresh.

I think i am weird with VF, cos i liked the first one over the others!. I think its cos VF2 did seem a little more like Tekken in its graphical style, and camera angle too. It didnt seem worth playing now that you can get more modern 3D fighters. For example I think i might like VF3 more when i actually play that again. One thing i don't like about the VF games mainly from watching videos of them (inc vF5) is how much like ballet the fighting looks. Its like the fighters move in a strange way, not like real people. Whereas in the less realistic Tekken or even DOA the fighters actually move how you would expect. I still want to get into VF one day though...


Yesterday i was trying out all the 360 games i have bought and never played (and also ones people gave me as presents).

Out of all of them i actually quite liked the look of Clive Barker's Jericho. although I had to stop playing before i actually got to shoot anything (f*cking modern games - takes 30 minutes before you actually get started!). But seemed quite intriguing. I like that your squad is actually made up of people who all look different - not just identikit soldiers.

Turok surprised me by actually looking like a very expensive production but again i never got to shoot anything, so it could be crap for all i know!

Quake 4 disappointed me a little with it's graphics - they looked almost ok but the frame rate was pretty appalling for a 360 game. I can imagine it affecting gameplay a little. Again i didnt get to shoot anything! why can't they make games you can just play? you can't even skip the cutscenes in this game!

Tom Clancys GRAW 2 - i got bored in the tutorial level, so not looking good. I'm sure its a good game if you can get through all the crap at the start, but i'm not sure i will bother with it. I get the feeling there are better games to play....
Edited by RiKo on 31. October 2011 13:36
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I recently learned that I do have the capacity to love Western RPGs. I am currently addicted to Fallout 3, and the fact that I'm loving the open world gameplay has me investigating other WRPGs to play when I'm done with it. The other Fallout games, and the Elder Scrolls series are obviously on the list now.

Expect Fallout 3 to be the only game I'm playing seriously until next Tuesday when it will have to start sharing time with King of Fighters XIII.
I think WRPGs excel in the freedom they offer. I think freedom is great providing they are able to fill the world with lots and lots of content. otherwise you just get huge worlds where you can go anywhere - but there's nothing in them. Nothing worse than having a room with a TV and you can't turn it on, or there's a door and you can never go through it, or even worse - an arcade machine - and you can't play it:(

i really want to try Fallout 3 sometime, and def Skyrim when that comes out.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Yeah, all of that freedom didn't appeal to me before. I tried Oblivion and even Fallout 3 a while back and just couldn't get into them. You definitely have to be in the right mindset to play them and I guess I just wanted more instant gratification than these games allow. Luckily I gave Fallout 3 a chance again because I'm loving it now. The world is so intricately detailed that at times it's unbelievable. At one point I was exploring a hotel where you'd expect a lot of repeat scenery but all of the rooms (and even all of the bathrooms) were at least slightly different.

Also, the way the player's choices effect the world make things very interesting. Towards the beginning of the game you find a town called Megaton that is built around an undetonated but active nuclear bomb. You are commissioned to deactivate it, but a stranger in town also tells you he'll pay you for detonating it. So right off the bat you can either protect a bunch of relatively important characters or kill them all. On my second play through I plan on detonating the bomb.

And yes, Skyrim looks insanely good. It'll be hard not to jump straight to that game next, but I feel like I should at least play Oblivion first, if not Morrowind (Elder Scrolls 3) too.
I'm still playing SSFIV AE almost every day. I think i am a lot better with Ryu than Viper which is sad. i have had about 100 fights with Ryu and almost 600 with Viper but my win rate with Ryu is much higher. gah! i'm not giving up on Viper though.

Something good though - I got to upload my first replay today as Ryu. My oppponent (Ibuki) was really good when he was attacking but he seemed a bit cautious on the defensive so i realised i had to fake attacks and use a lot of throws. which worked Smile I didnt feel i fought that well apart from that but a win is a win i guess Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
lee gray
I have been playing ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 but I really dont like the feel of the game,
some of the specials look great though.
Edited by lee gray on 18. November 2011 21:55
Zelda: Skyward Sword, DoDonPachi Resurrection and Under Defeat.
Beard Complete UK/Euro Clamshell NEO‚ÄĘGEO Pocket Collection Headbang
39 Color & 2 Cover Variations, 5 B&W
lee gray
a bit more ultimate marvel vs capcom, im enjoying it more now.
Dragon Warrior III
Heard so many good things about Fallout 3 Reelmojo and I love open world games so I really need to give it a go too. I think you and RiKo are going to love the Elder Scrolls games. There's so much to do like all the side quests, improving your character's skills, searching for rare artifacts, learning new spells and exploring a huge number of ruins, caves, forts etc. so you never get bored. The kind of games where you still discover new things after a long time of playing them. I agree starting with Morrowind and/or Oblvion would be a good idea before jumping into Skyrim.

Lately I've been mainly playing Knights of the Round. I play KOTR at least 2-3 hours every day and plan on doing that for a long time to come. Definitely feel I'm starting to improve and am better at blocking and countering. My best so far is getting to stage 5 on one credit. Muramasa and Garibaldi still cause me a lot of problems though. I'm determined to become really good at this game but still have a long way to go. I mainly play as Perceval and Lancelot. There seem to be quite a few expert KOTR players in China and they even have a forum dedicated to the game. One of the moderators there has a Youtube channel and has uploaded lots of great KOTR videos.


lee gray
Managed to get a 70 match winning streak against the computer in arcade mode before falling to Galactus, managed to complete it so far with 20 fighters, What im doing is mainly using wolverine all the way through till galactus is almost beat then switch to a new fighter just to get their ending out the
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