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December 15 2018

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Thread Author: candycab
Thread ID: 301
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What are you playing ?
Last night I played Metamorphic Force and a bit of King of Fighters 98' (My game list is so redundant, ho, ho, ho...).

GeeseTheDuck wrote:
Continuing my journey through the Metroid series, I'm now at Zero Mission.
To my shock, i got my ass whooped by Kraid of all bosses, NUMEROUS TIMES!
Then came Ridley, poor, poor Ridley, all I had to do was barrage him with missiles, barely had to move since he's so freakin' huge.
One of the things that made him the hardest boss in Super was his unpredictable movements,
but in this one, he just stands there.

Edit: ALRIGHT! Finished Zero Mission!
I must say, Mother Brain, while not all that difficult...
man, those small lasers will forever haunt my nightmares, so damn annoying.
As for Ridley Robot, just as easy as the rest of the added bosses (I did die during the escape sequence to those two black pirates because i didn't know you could kill them though).
Overall, I really didn't enjoy Zero Mission nearly as much as Super, but i suppose that was to be expected.

Now I'll just have to wait for my copy of Prime to arrive
since i sold my original copy like an idiot back when i was a kid.
Then I'll do Fusion (Linear Metroid? I'm not too excited) before moving on to Echoes.

Awesome! I haven't actually played any of the games besides Super Metroid and the first game for the NES.
Edited by AngelaAsakura on 11. March 2011 19:16
The only Metroids i wanted to play was Super and Prime,
but i figured i could as well get the whole picture while I'm at it
and squeeze the games I don't really want to play all that much in during the times i wait for the next game to arrive in the mail.

Probably the biggest bone i have to pick with Zero Mission is that the overall design is too straightforward with one too many straight corridors. it just gets boring traversing through after a while in comparison to Super's memorable areas.
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 11. March 2011 21:58
Call of duty black ops xbox 360(very addiction on line)
Kill Zone 3 ps3(just a crazy game)
Marvel vs Capcom 3 ps3(not too much playing time here)
and some Donkey Kong returns (wii)
Since Prime seems to be taking some time to arrive,
I started on Metroid Fusion today.
While the linearity is as much of a joykill as expected
I do like the overall level structure in comparison to the somewhat bland Zero Mission
(which was expected considering it is a remake of an old game).
Hopefully, Ridley'll put up more of a fight this time.

Edit: Aaaaand... done!
In retrospect, I definitely prefer Fusion over Zero Mission area design-wise,
but the linearity really killed a lot of the experience for me.
The bosses, while not all that hard, are certainly more memorable than Zero Mission's
and i did die a lot to a few of them, but the moment you realize how their pattern goes...
even Nightmare, who I've heard many stories about is a cakewalk once you get him down.
Ridley was sadly just as pathetic as in Zero Mission...
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 13. March 2011 16:36
I played a bit of Dissidia Final Fantasy last night. It's an alright game so far. The Chess-like navigational system is kinda weird to me, though.
I've been playing through the whole F.E.A.R. series on PC over the last 4 or 5 days. Incredible
games with very high replay value. I never get tired of playing these. Essential for any FPS
fans. Extraction Point and Perseus Mandate are the highlights of the series I think. The stage when you're fighting replica soldiers throughout the underground metro system is particularly memorable. Should be only a few months before F.E.A.R. 3 comes out. I can't wait.

Also playing a lot of Golden Axe The Duel lately. I normally stick with Zoma, Keel and Milan
but decided to start using Jamm more often. She's a really fun character to use with great
special moves and is fairly easy to get to grips with.
F.E.A.R. 3... I too cannot wait! I've seen screenshots etc and it appears Monolith have NOT lost their knack for their fantastic and realistic environments. Dark, sparse, alienating etc.

been playing Castlevania: New Generation/Bloodlines on the MD as of late. It's a REALLy good game and it's great to see developers of yesteryear REALLY trying to push the hardware of old.

Still undecided on whether I prefer Super CV:IV or NG/Bloodlines. They're both so different yet great in their own unique ways. BOTH well worth checking out imo Thumbs Up

Been enjoying Ghost Squad on the Wii as well as the Gunblade/La Machineguns double pack, out of the 2 I do prefer the older model 2 Gunblade. Also picked up House of The Dead Overkill but cant say Im too impressed with it yet.
Space Giraffe Space Giraffe Space Giraffe! on XBLA. i really love this game at the moment, i still feel like i have lots to learn too because i keep getting killed by the flowers, which seems quite basic. some of the later levels look amazing too. very psychedelic!

i think this is one of the best shooters around at the moment. anyone who has it and hasnt been able to get into it - stick with it - it just clicks after a while and you realise how deep it really is. i think it is a bit off putting that the first 10 levels are all quite easy but you need to be mining those for points. and forget about Tempest, it really plays a lot differently once you get past the visuals.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
The little I have played lately have been spent on KOF MI2 and KOF XI. Thinking about starting from beginning on the Shenmue series once againSmile
I just recently bought Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The game.
And i must say, game's probably in my top 5 Beat Em' Ups of all time!
It's such a great, not to mention funny package of Beat Em' Up nostalgia.
There's also surprisingly much replay value to be found due to the 6 characters,
each with their own separate stats to raise.
Music is also great stuff.
Much better than that shallow movie,
I just can't forgive what it did to the NegaScott part,
But i guess character-development isn't funny.
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 26. March 2011 23:54
Yesterday I played Contra III with my brother and we FINALLY beat easy mode! I guess now we're gonna have to tackle normal mode since we didn't get an ending.
AngelaAsakura wrote:
Yesterday I played Contra III with my brother and we FINALLY beat easy mode! I guess now we're gonna have to tackle normal mode since we didn't get an ending.

Yeah, Konami were always eveil back in the day with that behaviour. I think they pulled that stunt in every 16-bit title they developed.

I have recently (quite constantly!) been playing Hard Corps: Uprising for PS3.

It's absolutely ROCK but it's still great fun. It's a great game overall, a bit frustrating in parts. It's very old school in it's approach to 'punishment' too, which can really 'get your goat' at times. Overall though, it's a solid game and I'm pretty surprised no-one has really mentioned it or seemingly played it since the thread I made a couple of months ago :(

Something which irked me ever so slightly: the game contains TWO characters as standard, which is fine. However, from day one, there were and additional FOUR characters available as paid-for DLC! After thinking about it, I'm not sure if that's better or not. After all, I'm simply happy with the TWO characters right now and, if it means the overall price I paid for the 'standard 'game was LESS than if the characters had ALL been included, then that's a good thing right - being given the choice I mean? Giving you to option add the characters at your OWN expense if you wish too?

Anyway, it's an awesome. For those who like/love run n gun shooters, I can't recommend this enough! It's a tough cookie though...

Lately I've been playing some Daraku Tenshi and 3rd Strike in 2P mode; very addictive, sophisicated and underrated games imho.

Another fun guarantee multiplayer game which is amusing me for some time now is DEFCON: Everbody dies. Basically it's a RTS which is fairly based on the plot of the 80's flick War Games. The impossible goal in each round: To win a Thermonuclear War...
Yesterday me and my bro decided to go for Super Mario World. It's actually pretty good fun to play in 2P mode despite being turn-based.

NeoGeoNinja wrote:
Yeah, Konami were always eveil back in the day with that behaviour. I think they pulled that stunt in every 16-bit title they developed.


Yep. I hate games that don't let you see the endings on every mode of difficulty.
Quite a few games worth posting about recently. First off is Mortal Kombat. It has it's own thread here so check there to read my thoughts on the game. In short, it rocks.

I've also been playing Outland which is just awesome. Visually it's a cross between Braid and Limbo, and the gameplay is somewhere between Metroidvania and Wonderboy... with a touch of Ikaruga. It mixes all of these elements perfectly to create one beautiful game. The boss fights in particular are amazing. It's worth noting that this game might have the coolest giant spider boss of all time.

Just started Madworld. The motion controls actually work quite well and really become second nature quickly, which is something I haven't experienced in many Wii games. Pretty kick ass graphical style, and the violence is so over the top it almost gives MK9 a run for it's money.

I also recently played through Beyond Good and Evil HD (Godlike game!) and Sonic Adventure (hate playing as Big, LOVE the final battle as Super Sonic). And of course I've been playing Dissidia 012 off and on, especially when I get a chance to play 2 player.
Michael Max
NOTHING. waiting for psn to come back up so i can play some neo geo station. God's testing my very weak patienceThumbs Down
I decided to go through Dirge of Cerberus: Final Fantasy again for the first time since I got it back in 2006. I failed to meet the requirements for the secret ending last time I played it. So naturally, this time around I'm aiming to correct that mistake.
I'm still playing the hell out of KOF 12 and KOF 2K2 UM, if not, Final Fantasy 13...I already have 170 Hours + into the game
FFXIII... what an absolutely gorgeous game. I've been contemplating picking it up again now that I read the strategy for beating those two damned Raktavijas. At over 170 hours in have you done just about everything there is to do? I can't imagine there'd be much left. I love RPGs but I've never come close to putting that much time into one play through of a game. I've probably played that much of Dragon Quest VIII, but that was multiple play throughs.

I beat Outland today. Legendary end boss fight! I just started arcade mode which adds a whole new twist to the gameplay. This is seriously an early contender for XBLA game of the year.

EDIT: 1000th post! And I used it to tell you all how good Outland is. I think I used it well. Smile
Edited by reelmojo on 04. May 2011 07:42
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