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April 25 2019

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Thread Author: candycab
Thread ID: 301
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What are you playing ?
Shock Troopers is such a great game. Great music too!

I'm still playing Ultra SF 4 and Zarch. I'm not sure I will ever stop playing these games. I did start to play GTA 5 a while back but I failed the compulsory first mission because I walked out of the (invisible) zone you are meant to stay in and I started playing something else instead - I think I just wanted to drive around the city smashing things up really. I'll go back to it eventually though.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
Been playing KOF 02 and XIII with the girlfriend lately.

Also been playing a bit of Final Fight.

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
All things Turbo (TG16 that is). I'm collecting games faster than I can play them... especially Sinistron as that game is kicking my butt.
Replaying Bayonetta on Wii U. It's even better the second time! Honestly the first time I played it on easy and now I'm playing on normal and I definitely wouldn't recommend playing on easy at all. Normal is so much more rewarding! I can't wait to get through it so I can start up the sequel. I wanted to replay the original first because it has one of the craziest storylines in gaming and I didn't want to go into the sequel not entirely knowing what's going on.

I've not really played the Devil May Cry series at all so once I'm done with Bayonetta 2 I look forward to going back and seeing where she came from.

EDIT: If Bayonetta 2 isn't game of the year, I really want to play whatever is. If you haven't played it because you don't own a Wii U, I'd say it is totally worth the price of the console. Hell, it's probably worth the price of two. Seriously, I'm stunned by just how good this game is.
Edited by reelmojo on 11. November 2014 02:00
In the past months, I've become retardly addicted to the Dynasty Warriors Gundam series (got 1, 2, Reborn, and I'm hoping to get 3 as a christmas gift). The big reason I like it is that it feels more like a 3D beat'em up than most modern 3D action games.

I fucking love the Qubeley.
Playing lords of shadow 2 which ain't as good as 1st but has some great set pieces , they have gone into future & rubbish stealth sections are a chore just ruin the classic castlevanie feel
Also. Loving halo master chief collection on one In between some sf ultra 360 style Clap
I was really looking forward to Lords of Shadow 2, but it got a pretty bad press so I haven't gotten around to it yet. I think I'll try and pick up a cheap copy at some point. First one was amazing...

For all its flaws, I'm still playing Destiny on the PS4... Smile

green beret
Now playing cps2 Alien vs Predator and Vampire. Also PGM Demon Front. Very excited with these games.
Finished lords of shadow 2 27hrs 96% did enjoy it & would recommend it even with its flaws + it's cheap as chips now too Thumbs Up
Been playing Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow like a madman. I have way too many new games to play, but here I am replaying an 11 year old game. In my defense, it is one of the best games ever made.
Right now I've been working on trying to play a Japanese RPG called Neo Metal Fantasy on the PC Engine. It's proving to be rather difficult trying to remember the item names and to figure out what to do.
Magna Carta II (Xbox 360). Decent but original (PS2) was better.
green beret
Today I started early in the morning with SNES Super Turrican and then Streets of Rage 2, couldn't finish it though, just went until the fat boxer boss. TMNT Turtles in Time sfcm to compare with streets of rage 2, I killed the fly-like first level boss and stopped. Some Waverace Blustorm. Some Super Mario Galaxy and just 2 fights in Super Street Fighter IV on Xbox 360. Things became more serious with
Alien vs Predator CPS2 and finished it 2 player mode. What a fantastic beat me up! Maybe the best ever made! Finished my play time with Knights of Valour Superheroes on PGM again 2 player mode but didn't finish it due to limited time available, went little past the boss with the swords with fire. A little slower than Alien but with great variety of enemies and also very fan to play.
I would give an 8,5/10 to KOV SH. Also an 8/10 to Streets of Rage 2 and AvsP gets a 10/10.
Edited by green beret on 20. November 2014 22:23
green beret
Today finished PGM Demon Front. Awesome game, great variety of enemies, excellent landscapes and very bad bosses. High quality 2d graphics, fluent animation, non stop action with no slowdown. This games takes from me a 9,5/10.
Yep, Demon Front is an awesome game...more people should play that one.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
Great to hear guys, it's waiting here to be played.
green beret
Sensi wrote:

Great to hear guys, it's waiting here to be played.
You have to feed it a lot of quarters for finishing it buddy!
But hey, it's free!
green beret
cthulhu wrote:

Yep, Demon Front is an awesome game...more people should play that one.
Forgot to mention the variety of final bosses! Different final boss with every character you play! This is not a small thing at all. And they are all of them very very well drawn!
green beret
Now playing Warriors of Fate. Will come back with impressions
I'm currently obsessed with the Castlevania series. Have been a fan of the series for a long time but felt for a while that I haven't put as much time into these games as I should have considering how awesome they are. I recently played through Super Castlevania 4 three times and have also been enjoying Castlevania Chronicles (PS1), Bloodlines (Mega Drive) and Dracula X (SNES). I'm keen to also play Symphony of the Night, Castlevania 3 and Rondo of Blood soon (have never played the latter one).

Very impressed with the Sharp X68000 version of Castlevania. I like the arrange mode included with Castlevania Chronicles which has some new music and a few new sprites and effects. The new Dracula sprite in particular looks very good.
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