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April 20 2019

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Thread Author: Supergrafx
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Excuses and Lies
What excuses or out and out lies have you told to get more time playing a game?
My worst one was the time i feigned a back injury to get some paid sick leave from work and get stuck into Phantasy Star 2.This game had me hooked by the short and curlies and i had no more holidays or any other paid leave to use that would allow me to get some more play time,so as i had actually had an authentic back injury about 18 months earlier i had some idea as to what symptoms i would need to convince the doctor that i needed some injury recovery time off work.I was hoping to get him to agree to giving me 3 or 4 days off work to recover but i must have put in somewhat of an Academy award performance as he thought i needed at least a week and a half off work with some physiotherapy as well.The physio was a bit harder to convince as she was constantly trying to get me into positions that had the injury been real i would not have been capable of but i managed to pull the charade off.I can still remember sitting in the waiting room reading the Phantasy star hint book and hoping the treatment wouldn't take long and i could get back to the game.
I finished the game in about a week,made an amazing recovery and returned to work wondering how long it would be before Phantasy star 3 would be coming out.Thankfully i haven't had to resort to that kind of deceitful behavior again to satisfy my need for more game time although the God of War collection and God of War 3 have had me burning the midnight oil quite often recently.Having watched the Southpark episode where the boys are addicted to World of Warcraft recently made me remember this chapter from my past video game history with about the only difference being that i didn't have my mom running in with a bucket so as not to lose any playing time due to toilet breaks.Mai
That's hilarious and awesome! I think the closest thing I ever did was skipping school to play Final Fantasy Tactics. But I was alone by the time I was supposed to leave and no one was home yet when would have gotten home so I didn't have to convince anyone. I had a friend at school who was great at forging signatures so she just signed my dad's name on the note and I got away with it. I have definitely skipped work as an adult but I don't remember ever doing it just to play any specific game.
Good idea for a thread I like your story that is very amusing. I once recall when I first got Doom on the PS1 about early 96 me and a friend could not stop playing it, we were both on the dole at the time as was the girl I was with back then. She threatened to leave me if the Doom sessions persisted as we had been playing for 2 days solid but I tread my luck and she dident ( just stopped speaking for a week or so).

Thinking back now I wish she did leave as she was a pain in the f*cking arse and I kicked her out just after Xmas of that year, I am on speaking terms with most of my ex gfs and have not seen her for years, she is the only one I actually hate because she was a loony and made my life very difficult for a few years later. You guys might think I was being selfish but hey this is Doom we are talking about and when I did get a job she used to lie in bed until 1pm and never do any housework whilst I was out grafting.

Oh in 1990 when I was 16 working in a pie factory I made myself sick one day at about 9am so I could go home and play Strider on my Jap Megadrive as I knew it was coming in that days post. rather than waiting until my shift had finished at 2pm.
Edited by STE C on 20. November 2010 17:58
Haha, great stories and indeed a good topic! Grin

Back in secondary school our PE instructor was a bit too trustworthy and he even let us go jogging by ourselves while he was playing Volleyball with our other mates. My buddy back then just lived a stone's throw away from school and was like me a passionated PC gamer.

Anyway, instead of running along the nearby situated lake we preferred to play some Counter Strike: Source at the friend's home. Before rushing back to our instructor we always wetted our head with water and did some press-ups to make an exhausted impression... LOL
Edited by Murikov on 20. November 2010 20:00
Very good guys,i knew there would be others out there that put gaming ahead of all else.I had a girlfriend who used to come into the room and "flash" me in order to stop me playing Doom and give her some attention.

I also remember the Japanese government putting pressure on both Square and Enix (seperate companies back then) not to release a new Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest game during the week as school attendance was less than half it's normal quota if they released a new RPG.So from that time on they have pretty much stuck to a saturday release for any of their big RPG's.Mai
ooops.. your quit reminds me when secret of mana and the later final fantasy 3 came out on the super nintendo i must have story every morning to tel my parents about it for didn't let me go to school. what time it was nearly 6 of my friend standing to play final fantasy 3 really miss the old days of sqare soft super nintendo rpg era:(
and I'm sure a subject that almost EVERY gamer can give an entry towards.

Basically I was in my first long-timr relationship when the might Shenmue was released, and boy was I NOT prepared for the impact it was going to have on my life at that time.

When I started to play this game, it would be the first time I had ever truly felt immersed in a game. As such, I wanted to spend as much time as I physically could... learning moves, playing QTE battle, looking for sailors, knocking on PPL's doors with no good reason, visiting travel agents, getting a job... I tell you, the game felt near endless and thus I felt I needed MORE time to play this.

Where could this time be found? By compromising the relationship with my (then!) beloved of course! Oh yes... I cancelled on her numerous times, made myself unavailable at the weekend and sent her home earlier than usual more times than I can remember! She caught on pretty quick and it was quite an embarrassing moment when having to confess Shenmue as being my 'mistress'. Needless to say, it went down like stink and I took it upon myself to curb my playing time with my best mate Ryo Hazuki!

Good while it lasted though Wink



Seriously though. I once, in high school, I got sick with a cold. I stayed home for a couple of days playing The Elder Scrolls: Daggerfall on PC.

This game, literally, was like a crack addiction for me. Basically, got stuck in a certain vast dungeon. I was well after the first day of being sick, but I hadn't been able to get out of the dungeon. So, in order to stay "sick" (and hence stay from school longer) I drank a shit load of my father's brandy and wine. I think I got alcohol poisoning, so I legitimately felt like shit. BUT... I got to stay home and find my way out of the dungeon.

More recently, I was supposed to go to a football game (American football) with a buddy of mine. But I told him I couldn't go to the game because I was "tired from work". In reality I just wanted to play some D&D with Angela. Pfft
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 20. November 2010 23:29

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
STE C wrote:
You guys might think I was being selfish but hey this is Doom we are talking about

I hear you man... I hear you. Grin
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