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June 27 2019

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 3
Thread Info
There are 14 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 6620 times.  There's also files attached.
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Metal Slug 6 Discussion Thread
Anyone still playing this? Thoughts?

Kazuya_UK attached the following image:

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 08. November 2006 23:58
I love this game! I haven't played it in a bit but i'm still happy with it.
I really did like it from what I played of it, but due to my PS2 being lent out and because of generally just being very busy, I haven't had enough playtime on it. Once the site is done I'll be rectifying that however, and getting a review ready. I know Raiken is planning on one too. Smile

Need to give it some more playtesting myself. Friggin tests, thankfully I have a whole week off soon for Thanksgiving.
I must play MS6! Looking forward to the review guys. Grin
Edited by phry on 16. November 2006 23:03
I'm ashamed to admit that even with my obsession with metal slug, I've never played 6. I really need to get around to buying it soon, it is included on the anthology correct?
Yes, it is part of Anthology as far as I know! Grin

Too bad that seems to keep being delayed, which is par for the course with SNKP unfortunately! :|

No PAL PS2 versions of Metal Slug 6 seem to be coming out anymore. However the anthology on PSP and wii have it on there.

Hmmm, bit sucky that the PS2 versions seem t be canceled, but the sooner they get the PSP version out, the better. I'd still like to know how in hell they are going to use the motion sensors in the pad for the wii version? Smile

Call me a Communist, but I absolutely hate Metal Slug 6. Man, I LOVE the Slug games and own Slug 3 on AES. I even almost bought an Atomiswave last year just to play Slug 6. However, when I finally played it on my Wii (I totally pre-ordered Anthology and picked it up the minute the store opened) I was so frustrated with the controls that I almost threw my remote out the window. What the heck are those stupid karate moves? Everytime I needed to shoot upwards he was acting like friggen Daniel Son.
Also, I thought that the music was immediately terrible and that the boards ranged from boring to meh.

I know. I'm evil. I'm an anti-SNK mutant for even thinking such thoughts. However, whatever you want to call me.....Metal Slug 6 SUCKS. (and I honestly do say that with a tear almost jerking out of my eye).
I'm afraid I have to agree.

It's not a bad game so don't get me wrong, It just feels like a complete re-hash but with minor changes. And because of that, I didn't have the urge to play it much. Hell, I found my self playing Metal Slug 3 shortly thereafter and I enjoyed myself with that one more.

I'm sorry to say, but it feels like a waste. Plus it was probably the easiest MS game I have ever played (and it was on Hard setting). I haven't been this disappointed in something since Man With The Screaming Brain*.

Going to sell this on Ebay shortly.

Honestly. If this is the best SNKP can do, they should just let the franchise end. If not that, then give us something radically different.

*Bruce Campbell reference, if you don't know who he is, then you won't get it.
I still haven't been back to MS6 much. I'm going to have another blast soon. This will probably be the next review I do, as I want to have an in-depth review of the game online, like I have for the other MS games Smile

6 could have been better but it could have been way worse imo. I probably like 5 more then 6 but I think it's a good game regardless.
I think Metal Slu 6 is a great game, but I need to purchase the japanese version. I own the pal anthology collection, but it freezes very often on the first level for some reason. Not the best MS game of the bunch, but still better then XX in my opinion. Metal Slug 3 is still my favourite!!
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