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April 20 2019

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Thread Author: Supergrafx
Thread ID: 2993
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4010 times.
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Free MVS carts
Over the past year i have been buying bundles of MVS carts on ebay and subsequently have accumulated about 12 doubles of carts i already own.Whilst i could put them on ebay for sale or on the forum for trade/sale,living in Australia doesn't make this a viable option considering freight costs to other countries and my work commitments away from home.As such i would like to donate these carts to a member of this forum that has perhaps just got into the MVS side of the neo geo or has some form of financial limitations (students spring to mind here)
The only catch is that the recipient pay the shipping costs by either depositing the costs into my paypal account or making a donation of the same amount to their local animal shelter.I am happy to cough up the shipping my end as long as the recipient honors his/her end of the deal after the carts arrive at his/her home.This is not a bad leg up for someone who may be just starting in MVS or doesn't have bundles of cash to spend on games.The games are:-
Galaxy Fight,Eightman,Shock Troopers 2,Sengoku,Nam 75,Puzzle Bobble,Art of Fighting,Fatal Fury,Savage Reign and from memory 1 cart in the KOF series and 1 from World Heroes(I am currently away from home for work and relying on memory here)as well as a 2nd copy of Puzzle Bobble that you could trade to someone.Nothing startling amongst these i know but a not bad selection of bread and butter games so to speak.All are legitimate neo geo carts,100% working with a couple being jap versions.I will be returning home for a break on the 19th of this month and will be able to bundle these up to send them to whoever i decide is a deserving recipient.I would rather these games went to a neo geo fan that will play them than sit in a box at my house gathering dust.So pm me if you are interested.I estimate the shipping costs for these games will be about $60 to $70.Mai
Now that's a move, Supergraf! Especially the animal shelter alternative impresses me, not everybody would do the same! Thumbs Up

Personally I'd be interested in some single games, but I'm sure someone else really needs the whole stuff in a single bunch.
Thanks for the kind words Murikov,i know from my dealings with my local animal shelter that these places rely heavily on donations and time given by the general public to keep going no matter what country they are in.
You could always throw your hat into the ring here and trade off carts that you have already
as there are no conditions but the shipping one.Mai
I agree with Murikov, thats a very nice offer from you Supergrafx, im sure someone will be very happy with those games. good for you Smile
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Not the first time that some NGFL member offers to give something for (next to) free to another member.

Only at NGFL, thanks SupergrafxThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
That sure is a kind offer supergrafx Smile
That is a really cool offer Supergrafx.
My girlfriend is a Vet Tech and she always says that local animal shelters have it rough, one of the reasons we have 3 cats lol as she won't get animals from anywhere else.
I'd be more than happy to get the money together for a donation or to pay you for shipping and could send it to you with paypal. If your interested, just let me know and we can work out the details.
PM sent, now time to pray.
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