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January 23 2019

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Thread Author: NeoStrayCat
Thread ID: 2941
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 4778 times.
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Hokuto Musou/Fist of the North Star: Ken's Rage
Hello there Hokuto No Ken/Fist of the North Star fans, the wait is over, the game is coming out on US shores Nov. 2 and in EU shores on the 5th. Although its out anyway for Import (JP), the gameplay is kinda like the Dynasty Warriors Series, but its really not much or more like that. But we'll wait and see, the Demo is out now for PS3/360.
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 19. October 2010 21:27
Whoa, thanks for the tip that the demo is out! I'm downloading it right now. I've been looking forward to trying this game out since I heard about it at E3. I'll post thoughts about the demo after I give it a go.
months ago when it hit Japan. I got a friend into Hokuto No Ken a few years back, and he jumped into the whole thing >100%... to the point where he actually imported this very game!

So we all sat down to play it with HIGH hopes (regardless of the KOEI ties) and, I have to say, it was VERY average. All in all, if it didn't have the HNK tie-in, it would have been very painful, and below average. As it stands, the HNK tie-in makes the game more bearable. I'm a BIG Hokuto No Ken fan (have been since being a teenager...) and I have to say, this didn't grab me I'm afraid. Still, the demo is totally worth a look guys.

See what you think...

Hmmm, interesting to read that you weren't impressed with it, Ninja. I loved the demo, but of course that's just a demo and you played the full game. I already planned on renting it first though so it's all good. If anyone hasn't tried the demo though I highly recommend it. To me it's more like a 3D beat'em up than a Dynasty Warriors game. You can definitely feel the DW influence though, so fans of that series might enjoy it too.

Yeah, it probably won't top the Arc's Fist of the North Star fighting game but based on the demo it's pretty good.
As a Hokuto No Ken fan I already heard from the new game a while ago.

But somehow I don't really like the way it looks. It aren't just the graphics or the gameplay that disturb me, it seems more like the developers created it after their tastes or wanted to keep up with the times. Everything looks too polished in comparison to the rough and dirty setting of the original series / mangas / or whatever.

And some character designs for example just look too new-fashioned to me (I know, there are downloadable character skins which let them appear true to original, but these don't count) . Just take a look on Mamiya. Doesn't she looks, well, a bit ... slutty? I've got nothing against revelead feminine charms, but I've got the intention that her game appearance seems to be designed for western pubescent, lusty gamers...

Anyway, I shouldn't slaughter this game without ever playing it. I assume that the gameplay itself isn't bad at all. One day I definitely will take a look on it.

By the way; Has anyone of you ever played the PSX 3D beat-em-up version? It was released in 2000 exclusively in Japan.

I completed it a while ago on the emulator and was satisfied with it in the end. The graphics might look pretty dusty for today but the typical Hokuto No Ken atmosphere was pretty well implemented.
Well, at least some input was necessary for a yes/no opinion, I still have to try it out soon, I hope you guys also tried Fighting/Punching Mania which is a Konami Rhythm game, but with Puching Pads which light up, its good though, even the English sometimes too, but when you pull of the Ultimate Techs., the screen goes red, which would have shown a gory scene, but no.
Tried the demo yesterday and it was a hugh dissapointment. Thought the gameplay was just simply boring and graphics had looked more suited for the PS2. If this game sells, it's just because of the gore and nothing else!
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