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July 21 2019

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Thread Author: Supergrafx
Thread ID: 2893
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Good and bad experiences on ebay
Just wondering what experiences members have had buying games and or consoles etc on ebay....tell us your good and bad deals.This can include Neo Geo stuff as well.Mai
Mine have mostly been all good, and i have bought *lots* of item on Ebay.

I can only thing of 2 bad ones. One was when i bought KOF2000 for the Neo Geo AES and the snap lock had broken off in the post. The other was when i bought Waku Waku 7 on the AES. i bought it from a seller in Thailand. About 2 weeks later i received a packet of blank DVDs in the post from this seller. They had actually got the address almost totally wrong but they had got my name and post code right. I spoke to the seller who said they could offere a refund, becuas ethey had sent the Waku game to the wrong person. i asked for one, but i never heard anything again despite many messages form me. The seller then disappeared from Ebay. I wrote and told Ebay and they told me to contact Paypal and after a brief investigation i recieved a full refund from Paypal, so it was all good. i was very pleased with Paypal i must say. very fast and efficent. I do now have Waku Waku 7 which i got slightly cheaper from someone else so it worked out well in the end Smile
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I've had more good experiences buying then bad. Selling on the other hand , well let's just say, when they are bad, they are the worst. ebay and paypal are pretty unfair to sellers and do little to nothing about piracy , bootlegs etc. I've sold tons of stuff on ebay and bought a ton too, but recently, I'd say the last 6 months or so I've been turned off ebay pretty hard. I had a bunch of non-paying bidders and I had buyers say they didn't want the items anymore after it had shipped and even tho it was at their post office waiting for them and they knew it cause I always get tracking etc. Oh and ebay/paypal ALWAYS sides with the buyer. ALWAYS. Without even confirming anything with the seller they just take money out of your account, so you basically have shipped an item and they get it for free, just because they said it didn't show. Which is why I always get tracking numbers and charge more for shipping. If a complaint arises the seller has to fight his ass off to get a fair shake, regardless of feedback. So for someone like me with 100% positive feedback, without checking they just assume that I ripped a buyer off. Then you have to go thru the hassle of proving your case and sending emails and making phone calls etc.

In the end I never lost any money, but the time and assumption that the buyer is always right and honest is an incorrect one that ebay/paypal needs to address and balance the power structure of , so that sellers get a fair shake as well. It seems to be becoming quite common as friends of mine went thru the same things recently as ebay just lets buyers screw over sellers without any real punishment, leaving them to fight for the money ripped out of their accounts, no questions asked. They need to start asking questions of the seller before they just side with the buyer. Ebay/paypal has been around too long to be this ignorant to the people who actually pay the bills as the sellers pay all the fees for posting and percentage of the final sales values etc.
Anyway , that's just where I'm coming from, be careful and only buy from trusted sellers and check out their feedback as well.
Edited by Bullet on 02. October 2010 14:24
my baddest order ever when i order the japanese Sega satrurn from Iranian guy he owner video game wholesale store located in santa monica ca. but he sale for the customer the wholesale prices like you will find 7 or 8$ less than the other if not 10$ on each title i receive my Saturn but with 1 game less(panzer dragon) i call him about it and he told me he forget to send it with the system and re send it i wait for about 2 month until i got it because he didnt shipped on ups for high cost. every one hate the mail order company when they screw us the problem is we cant do anything due to the 1000s of mile they far from us
On ebay I've only bought a couple of AES games so far (the main reason because I'm an ebay member anyway) and apart from that I only use local auction sites.

Basically I've never had any serious trouble with ebay or Paypal respectively with the sellers so far. The only thing that annoys me is that Paypal collects small fees from sellers just for receiving payments (although I've never sold anything). IMO that's just a cheeky method to cash a lot of chinkers.

Also Paypal's support service does not seem exactly brilliant to me. One day it costed me the time of writing three e-mails just to explain my concern (it only was a small uncertainty about a payment process) and at the end I even solved the problem by myself without ever receiving a satisfying reply.
Edited by Murikov on 02. October 2010 16:33
I can relate to what Bullet is saying,recently i bought a bundle of MVS games from Canada...the guy tried to save himself a few bucks and sent them surface mail.Well the time for me to make a claim for an unreceived item was just about up so i messaged him and told him of the situation and that i was lodging a claim to cover my ass in case the item was lost in the mail.This gave him 14 days to prove postage or lose the case or so we thought,within a week they had taken the money from his account and ruled in my favor.....he was quite pissed as you can imagine and he sent me messages accusing me of being a thief pretty much and saying he would keep my address on file in case he was ever in the area etc...i was actually surprised at paypals actions on this one as it ruled in my favor without really investigating the problem.Eventually the package arrived and i did a reversal of payment back to this guy and that was pretty much the end of it.I have only ever been a buyer on ebay and haven't experienced the problems that sellers can encounter with dishonest buyers.But i have seen from this experience how unbalanced things are for sellers on ebay and as it is the sellers who pay the paypal fees this should'nt be the case.On a positive note this has been the only bad experience that i have had on ebay in 10 years of being a buyer.Mai
I've never sold games on eBay, so I can't tell you about that.

As far as buying, this year, I bought a couple controllers through eBay: a Sega Control Pad and a Neo-Geo Stick 2. Eventually, once the importing sites run out of stock, eBay will be the main (if not only) way to buy these controllers. The Sega Control pad, actually, can only be bought through eBay now. I am pretty sure the seller is/or has a connection with the manufacturer (which is connected to Sega). Beware of knockoffs though! The knockoffs don't have SLS or Sega anywhere on them. They're a great deal: $20-30. I bought my N-G Stick (for PS3/computer) through an American store. They were (and still are, as far as I know) on clearance, and can be picked up at the lowest price yet! I've had good experience so far. I plan to buy another stick through eBay, and perhaps a steering wheel/pedal rig in the future.
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