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December 14 2018

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Thread Author: Supergrafx
Thread ID: 2886
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There are 8 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2606 times.
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Gaming magazines
Just wondering what gaming mags(if any) members are reading these days?Mai
Hi Supergrafx, I read UK magazines Edge and Retro Gamer. i am thinking of stopping soon though cos theres only ever 2 or 3 articles i am really interested in these days. i really like the scoring system in Edge, which gives 5/10 for an average game, unlike in the old days when games mags used to give 70% to average games. i used to read Games TM which was good too.
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I enjoy reading Games and retrogamer also,i have stopped getting Edge as i find Games has more content that i like.Reading a quote from Neogeoeno the other day when he was talking about how excited him and his friends got reading about new games in magazines like Diehard Gamefan reminded me of the early nineties when EGM and Diehard magazines were the gamers bibles.Diehard gamefan ended up just dying and EGM became absolute shite in it's later years to finally be cancelled a few years ago.EGM was the better of the 2 magazines back then with it's game reviews that were'nt afraid to say if a game was crap or not and always seemed to have the inside scoop on new games and or hardware within the industry,where as Diehard was connected to a company that imported japanese games into the US and every game was good according to them.EGM is making a comeback this year and has released 2 new issues so far several months apart,they seem to be going back to the same sort of style they had in the earlier years but the jury is still out....i'll give it a few more issues before i sit in judgement on it.Mai
I like many of us on here used to buy a lot of gaming mags especially in the 90s. I have pretty much only bought the odd Retrogamer and Edge/Games TM over the last 5 years. I agree that Games TM is the better of the 2 I fell out of love with Edge about 2002 shame as I have every copy from about 97-02 but the Nintendo bias and pompous egos just got to much for me.

I know its sad and wrong but I usually just have a quick flick through when in WH Smiths and only buy a mag if its got something in I wanna keep such as retrogamer when they have plenty of NG/MD/PCE stuff. I know its wrong of me because my attitude could well spell the end for games mags ( the internet does not help them either ) but if a mag was done with passion and dedication like certain 90s mags then I would collect every issue ( as I did with Sega Saturn Mag 90s CV+G & EDGE). Games mags used to make you feel like you were part of an exclusive gang ( very much like this site now) and I begrudge spending £6 on a mag which I could read in less than an hour.

Back in the 90s it used to take me a good few hours to read a games mag as I read and was interested in every page, I would then read it a few more times until the next issue. Maybe its just me getting old and seeing through the old rose tits. er sorry I meant tints , now thats 90s game mag amusement for you.
Edited by STE C on 29. September 2010 10:05
my relation with the gaming magazine start way back to 1990 at the days of egm- game pro and VG&Ce it was hard to choice witch mag. i pick from the collection but i prefer egm due to its excellent coverage for both domestic and Japanese gaming.also game pro was in good magzine but its changes alot since diehard game fan introduce the battle of the magazine. then the#turn to4 i decide to subscribe to game fan because when i read the editor zone on our first issue i imagine this guy(skid) have lot to do on the gaming industry . then issue after issue i discover the difference between them and between egm they have great review on Japanese rpg game and the first to bring latest preview game and iterview gaming creater from japan unlike egm and the other. really miss wolfinger sega cover art work and the rest of the team.nick rox-the enquirer-the post miester ):
Edited by neogeoeno on 01. October 2010 06:22
Until recently I used to always get PC Gamer magazine every month and would occasionally also buy Retrogamer too. I've pretty much stopped buying any gaming magazines these days because of the internet. Because of the vast amount of gaming content online such as reviews, previews, videos, gaming forums etc. I no longer feel any need to buy gaming magazines.

Back in the old days though I was an avid reader of such great magazines as Mean Machines, Mean Machines Sega, Nintendo Magazine System and Total. I used to read those from cover to cover and get very excited about any upcoming releases. Just in case anyone doesn't already know you can get scanned issues of some older gaming magazines from a few sites.

Much like Merlin said: I used to read english / US gaming magazines such as CVG, Mean machines / SEGA, Nintendo magazine system and Gamepro. But lately I get all the info I need from the internet (often from NGFL) long time before it gets published in any magazine even.

I didn“t even want to trow away old copies of my magazines back then because I read them over and over again.

Times have changed, eh?


Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
yes its not the same reading video game magazines these days. in the old days i remember getting a new Megadrive/SNES magazine and being amazed at how close to the arcade version the new games looked. "wow Golden Axe actually looks a bit like Golden Axe in the Arcade!!!" it was like that with a lot of games. looking back at magazine like Mean Machines now (I still have some copies) they dont seem that amazing, although they were good at the time. a lot of the excitement was from the exoticness and colourful brightness of the games.

if you pick up a games mag now they are full of ordinary grey/brown looking FPSs and war games. e.g Tom Clancy that, Rainbow 6 this etc. or racing games that all look the same. yes there are some great games too but generally games dont carry the same excitement level anymore. publishers cant take risks anymore because it costs so much to make a game now. and so many strange or unusual games dont get made. Download games are changng this a bit though .

i personally like mags because i cant spend too much time on the internet, and you do get some good inteviews/features occasionally in them. but i just wish the current games scene was more exciting. i mean i love tekken, but Tekken 6 is just like the first/2nd/3rd one we played years ago... but better. its not something anyone's going to get hugely excited over for very long.
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Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
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