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December 19 2018

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Thread Author: neogeoeno
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the first time i saw neo geo
wow it has been long long ago in 1990 was the first time i play neogeo in the arcade before it came out everybody was familiar with Sega arcade game a.k.a wonder boy.shin obi.altered beast and cap com cps1 system game like 1943.last duel.bionic commando and ghouls&ghost. but magician lord and Nam 75 brings new era in the arcade they have nice story and difference intro .Nam75 story are actually based on Sylvester Stallone Rambo (the first blood) a guy came from Vietnam .but for the home console only the reachest can a afford it because must pepole has own master system or mega drive so they need time to hunderstan the difference between the arcade and the home console. when i first saw neogeo i got absoulotley shocking by the price & the size of the game look like i saw dinosaur.Shock yoooooza
The first time I actually saw a Neo Geo cabinet I can barely remember. I know it was a Fatal Fury game, probably the original. It was at a Putt Putt Golf Course and I was like 9 years old so I obviously didn't have money of my own to spend on it. We were not a rich family growing up to say the least so the fact that we were even there was a treat. I definitely wasn't getting to play any arcade games that day. But I remember staring in awe of just how amazing the game looked. This would eventually lead to me renting Fatal Fury 2 for Genesis years later. Years after that a friend of mine had me try a PS1 demo of this game called King of Fighters '95 and I recognized some characters from Fatal Fury. So of course I went and bought that game as soon as possible.

So I suppose you could say my love of SNK started way back with the original Fatal Fury... even though I didn't play it.
For as long as I could remember arcades in the 1990s commonly had Puzzle Bobble, Metal Slug 2, The King of Fighters 94 - 96 amongst the other sorts of Arcade games. Once I recall catching sight of NAM-1975 in a supermarket along with the pre-Neo-Geo SNK game P.O.W. Prisoners of War. The first Neo-Geo game I ever set eyes on was Puzzle Bobble. The first Neo-Geo game I ever played was Metal Slug 2 on MAME, I never really got the chance to try out a Neo-Geo arcade machine game. Soon I became aware of the existence of other versions of various Neo-Geo games, especially Takara's collection of SNES, Genesis and PC Engine versions of Fatal Fury and Art of Fighting.
I used to have an Amiga computer, and i remember buying an Amiga magazine and them doing a preview of the Neo Geo AES, just as it was coming out in Japan. they had screen shots of Nam 1975, Top Player's Gold and Samurai Shodown. i thought they looked amazing, and just like arcade games. i always really wanted Nam-1975, and i have it now so i am very pleased Smile

when i was at univeristy, they had a Neo Geo Multi Cabinet next to one of the pool tables as well as Rad Mobile (Sega). I am ashamed to say i never played either though i did watch it playing itself a lot while waiting to take my shot. i was always very impressed by the sprite scaling in Art of Fighting. it seemed amazing at the time!
Edited by RiKo on 25. September 2010 17:08
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I was aware of the NG due to reading lots of UK videogame mags and had my first experience in the Harraby Inn here in Carlisle when thay got Fatal Fury in and I was blown away by the graphics. loved it so much and got an AES about a year later which I only had for a short time due to not been able to afford games.
the mvs cabinet make name for it self between sega& capcom quickly in the arcade basement due to the strong line up game from snk & adk like robo army- burning fight-last resort-
I first saw a Neo Geo MVS at an arcade near me called "Super Just Games" back in late 1997-early 1998. Not sure what games they had though.
The first time I saw a Neo Geo Cabinet was in 1992 at my local Bowling Alley right next to Street Fighter II: Championship Edition. I only remember two of the games that cabinet has. They were World Heroes and Magician Lord. The best Neo Geo cabinet I played was at an old arcade. That one has Art of Fighting and Fatal Fury in it.
The first time I saw a neo geo was actually not so long ago and the first thing I did was to start and clean the console and games for dust. But it all felt like a wet dream, as this was a dream come true.
I have been wanting this game ever since I saw Nam 1975 in a UK games magazine. If I don't remember wrong the magazine was named Ace. Thinking about it now makes me feel oldShock
Basashi King
i remember seeing fatal fury in the arcade around the time streetfighter2 hit. i was far more drawn to fatal fury then, although i knew nothing of snk and the neo geo at the time. Later I read about the home console in a gaming mag and remember seeing the real thing in an import games shop in town, with fatal fury running. wow, raiden was huge! wont forget that!

cant believe im still playing the console all these years later...
I was on vacation at a lake resort when I was really young (maybe 5-6). The last couple days it was pouring rain so I spent my time in the resort's "arcade". They just had 2 pinball machines, a Street Fighter 2 cabinet and a MVS 2-slot with Samurai Shodown and Spinmaster. Needless to say the MVS caught my eye and I was addicted immediately.
I first saw a Neo Geo MVS cabinet back in 2008. I think it was in Funland Trocadero Piccadilly
Circus, London. They had The King of Fighters 2000 and SNK vs. Capcom: SVC Chaos. KoF 2000 the first in the series I got to properly play. Sadly last time I went there KoF 2000 was gone and they only had the SvC cab alone with other arcade games.
I am sure that I have told this story many times in other threads of the same nature, but for those who missed it:

I grew up in the 90's, In the USA. Around that time it wasn't uncommon, at all, to spot Big Red MVS cabs around, all over the place. I remember the first two games I ever played on the Neo-Geo was probably around 1994, I would have been about 9 or so.

There was a Circle K ( a very popular convenience store on the west coast of the US) store about a block away from my house. I remember when they first got a Big Red cab, I was drawn to it immediately. I remember playing Fatal Fury 2 for the first time and I was amazed at the graphics. The cab also had Ninja Commando, I think.

I also played Neo-Geo at a local pizza place my Father used to take me to. They had Puzzle Bobble and Samurai Showdown 2. I remember spending many quarters on SS2, I often played against my younger sister, who is also a Neo-Geo fan to this very day. Those were the days... pizza and the Neo-Geo.

SS2 or FF2 were extremely common to see in MVS cabs in the mid 90's, at least where I grew up.

I also remember playing Metal Slug 2 at this Mexican food place, but I was a bit older then.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 26. October 2010 05:14

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
I was first aware of the Neo Geo thanks to UK games mags like mean machines and CVG which i bought religiously, this must have been about 1990 when the Megadrive was king, I would have been about 15 years old.
As amazed as i was by pictures of these massive sprites that blew the Sega and Super nintendo into the weeds the price tag meant it would not be within my reach for some time.

My first actual play of a Neo happened in my local arcade 'Silver Dollar' which was in town, me and my pals used to go into town every saturday to generally hang around but on the way home we always stopped for a few hours to play street fighter but as most of the time it would have a crowd of people around it we ventured further back and discovered Fatal fury....that was it for me, i never looked back.
In the early '90s, I never saw a single Neo-Geo arcade cabinet in any place nearby, while movie rental stores never carried the AES nor Neo-Geo CD consoles and games in my area. I think I only heard of it in a GamePro magazine my brother was subscribed to.

In the late '90s/early 2000s, I saw one at a Mexican restaurant "El Matador". Back then, I thought the Neo-Geo was created in Mexico, which was actually created in Japan, of course. When you put Neo-Geo and Mexico together, you get Rage of the Dragons by Evoga. I can't remember exactly what games were in the Neo-Geo arcade cabinet, but I think I saw either a Samurai Shodown sequel or something typical. I couldn't play it, probably because my parents or big sister would prevent me from doing so.

When I saw the North American commercial for KOF: Maximum Impact where Terry came up to Ryo in an exercise room both in paper form, that was when I became familiar with the two. Later, I saw an SNK Neo-Geo game that wasn't in a Neo-Geo cabinet. It was a KOF game (probably KOF94). It was at some fair that had prize-winning games usually seen in theme parks and circus-like events that had plush-prizes (including a Sonic the Hedgehog one) and food catering.

The second and last time I saw a Neo-Geo arcade cabinet was at the Howard Johnson hotel in Oklahoma City, OK, back in August 2005 during the best vacation of my life. The only games I remember seeing there were Metal Slug (2?) and especially World Heroes 2. I never could play it, because I was on a road trip with my mother, and I was afraid she would be like "Well come on, boy! Let's go!"

The main reason why most home ports of arcade games are more popular than the original arcades is that parents didn't want their children to run into trouble far from home, while home gaming is more convenient. *sigh* I wish I could see and play a lot of real arcade machines. The last real arcade machine I played was a single-seated Midway's Cruis'n U.S.A. at a restaurant in Greensboro, GA, where my mother currently lives in, but is planning to move to my hometown pretty soon. The last real arcade machine I've seen was on October 23, 2010, at a restaurant Ankar's Hoagies, which had Taito's Arkanoid in a cocktail cabinet (not running), and Atari's Centipede in an upright cabinet (running).
Edited by 1983parrothead on 28. October 2010 08:15
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