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May 21 2018

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Thread Author: neogeoeno
Thread ID: 2876
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There are 10 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2381 times.
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snk & sega negoti.
i remember back in summer of 1995 when i was reading my all time favorite video game magazine(die hard game fan) there are rumors that sega&snk negotiation to bring the upcoming kof & samurai spirit & real bout ff for the saturn with animation ram cart that mean we don't have to buy the double speed cdz system to play them even if its didn't came out yet in japan & the top loading system also not in the u.s at the time! so why master snk say after the release of kof94 & ss2 they will not license any upcoming game!! and i remember the snk classic collection was supposed to be for the saturn & the psx because there was many pepole don't have neogeo in home and want to play magician lord-nam75 -raguy without spending coinThumbs Up its will be fine if we see sega make there own game for the neogeo such power drift - sonic and after burner but its never happen back
Edited by neogeoeno on 24. September 2010 23:45
by the title of your post i though that they have negotiation now for mixing up some of their games or even making up some original game together but i was fooled
but about your topic i have no idea what are you talking about sorry
I kinda think I might know what you are talking about but no offense if you are not English speaking but bojan is right it is a bit tricky to work out.

Still I recall reading CV+G in 96 ( UK videogame mag) and they mentioned that SNK & SEGA had agreed to swap arcade games on each others system. Obviously this did happen with a lot of SNK games appearing on the Saturn ( extra income for SNK wise fair enough) but the part about Sega games appearing on the NG is a little absurd if they meant stuff like Sega Rally and VF2 ect as the NG simply could not produce them games.
Perhaps the agreement was for older Sega titles to appear on a SNK console which I suppose did actually happen 4 years later with the NGPC with Sonic ect.
neogeoeno wrote:
...there was many people don't have neogeo in home and want to play (.....) raguy without spending coin Thumbs Up

no-one wants to spend ANY coin on Raguy! NO-ONE!! Grin

*stabs Ninja*

That's right. I stabbed a Ninja. What of it?

(I LOVE Raguy)

Anyway... I wonder if the deal would have involved Sega developing original games for the NeoGeo. It's obvious their arcade games at the time were based on hardware much more powerful than the Neo. Imagine, Neo Sonic... a brand new Sonic game in the vein of the Genesis series with the awesome 2D power of the NG behind it. I would have spent some coin on that!
reelmojo wrote:
*stabs Ninja*

That's right. I stabbed a Ninja. What of it?


*ninja teleports*

*Reelmojo has now been halved... VERTICALLY!*

*returns to the shadows*

Ninja Ninja Ninja
NeoGeoNinja wrote:
reelmojo wrote:
*stabs Ninja*

That's right. I stabbed a Ninja. What of it?


*ninja teleports*

*Reelmojo has now been halved... VERTICALLY!*

*returns to the shadows*

Ninja Ninja Ninja

With that out of the way...

I'd have been down with a Shinobi, Golden Axe or Streets of Rage etc, Sega had some good games that could have had wonders done to them on that hardware.
Good God Streets of Rage would have been perfect for the Neo! The system needed more good beat'em ups and it would have been amazing to see the undisputed king of the genre on more powerful hardware. Not to mention for a genre that seems to belong in the arcades SoR never had a proper arcade release.

...and I knew I shouldn't have tried to stab a Ninja! But seriously, Blue's Journey was the game that showed me the Neo didn't have to be just about shooters and fighters. And it's not perfect, but it's fun as hell.
"The House of the Dead" 1 and 2 would go very well on Hyper Neo-Geo 64 as well as "Beast Busters II" did. The Wonder Boy series, Shadow Dancer, Alien Syndrome, Super Monaco GP and Super Thunder Blade would be ideal Neo-Geo games. I find Neo-Geo doesn't have enough space-themed, fantasy-themed and racing games.
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