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October 19 2018

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Thread Author: RiKo
Thread ID: 2812
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Fast Striker MVS - First Impressions
i finally got the plug adpator i needed to get my consolized MVS up and running. heres my impressions so far - playing on the default difficulty

at first it feels strange, the background seems a bit disorientating (this feeling soon goes) and the style of play different from what i have been used to. (i have been playing a lot of Viewpoint recently!) The first level is actually quite easy but it gets you into how the game plays. the control feels very good and despite the videos where it looks impossible at times, your ship actually has a vey small hitbox and i found it quite easy to guide it through most bullet patterns. the control of the ship is good too. i just read in the manual (which looks nice - its in colour but isnt much use as a manual really) that you can hold a button for precision movement, but so far i havent needed to use that.

i do really like the look of the game, it looks good in a chunky bright way and after a while the music and the the almost psycadelic (at times) visuals and bullet patterns, you get into a certain mind state which makes u feel good.

so far i have been surprised - this is better than i was expecting. it reminds me quite a lot of Mars Matrix (DC/Arcade) and really plays totally different to any shooter on the neo. its def not the worth the price (no game is!), but so far impressions are good.

i have played the first 3 levels, the 3rd level has some laser gates you negotiate which remind me of Super Aleste on the SNES. There are also times when you get circled by enemies like in Axelay and you have to employ your rear lasers.

one of my criticisms is the lack of visual feedback when you shoot the larger enemies which need more than one hit to destroy, and that includes the bosses. im not sure (because of the lack of feedback) but it seems like you can shoot the bosses pretty much anywhere - no weak points as such. on the plus side it does look better - not having them flash white (or some other colour) when you shoot them

something that is good, is the bullets - they must be the easiest to spot bullets in shooter ever! Neoteam have really responded after criticisms of Last Hope in this respect. Dodging bullet storms/patterns is obviously a huge part of the game so it was important this was got right, and you will find it surprising easy to dodge your way through.

im not an expert on bullet-hell shooters (or any shoot-em-ups in fact), having only really played Mars Matrix from that genre before but this seems good so far. i havent really taken much notice of the scoring system yet either, but it basically works as a chain multiplier - every bonus you pick up increases the score multiplier by 1. Also i havent used the multiple-use shield much . but when i have spent more time with this game i will write a review. Watching the video i was worried the levels would all be a bit samey so i will have to explore that with more playing time. i havent spent much time on this game yet so it will be interesting to see how i feel over time about this game. i wish this game was a little cheaper so more people can enjoy it, maybe after some time a lower price version will be put out.

i know some people from Neo Geo .com are occassionally here, so please post your opinions too if you have this game.

ps its nice to play a vertical shooter that fills the screen horizontally Pfft

EDIT : the big enemies do actually flash slightly when you shoot them , just on some of them its hardly noticable. i forgot to say before but the bosses have energy bars so you can see when you are reducing their energy.

Edited by RiKo on 17. August 2010 17:34
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Thanks for your impressions, Riko!

When I first saw Fast Striker it reminded me of Mars Matrix too (especially graphically). I think the German guys from NG.DEV.TEAM learned well that their last creation was hard like hell (I recently played Last Hope and I really can confirm the rumors about it's difficulty).

As far as I read of your report and as fan made game it might be really good, but the price is still just shocking (well at least for me).

By the way, does anyone know if the developers are planning a NGCD/DC version? That would be a good alternative for gamers with smaller wallets... Smile

Edited by Murikov on 17. August 2010 17:32
thanks Murikov. the way the bonuses come out of all the enemies you shoot is very similar to Mars Matrix too. MM is one of my fav ever shooter though so comparisons are a good thing.

its very impressive how smooth it all is - given how much is on screen . i played Metal Slug after - just trying my MVS system out and i really noticed the slowdown in that. coming to it from this game.

so far my favourite boss is the one at end of third level. i really like the bullet swirls, is a bit hypnotic.

i havent heard anything about other versions but i think it would be best for them to keep them quiet so they can maximise sales on the MVS game first. i think i read (from NGdevteam) that its not possible to make this game on NGCD. althought the NGCD has a lot of onboard memory (for a console) its not enough for the huge amount of data that each level requires. and they said the cd drive is not able to spool level data on the fly. unfortunately this is one of the most graphically intensive games on Neo Geo. its a huge cart at 1560 megs. i would guess a Dreamcast one could be possible, since level data can be spooled off the GD-ROM drive on that one. i will try and find where they said that.

EDIT - i read that on Merlins post on the earlier Fast Striker thread, its from the Fast Striker FAQ

1/ Many guys are asking if Fast Striker will be released on other machines like a NEO GEO CD version or mabe a Dreamcast version like you did for Last Hope, can we imagine to see Fast Stricker on many different hardware?

Answer: A NEOGEO CD version is impossible. Some stages of Fast Striker have up to 180 MEGS alone of GFX data. The NGCD can only hold 32 MEGS of GFX data at a time, streaming is not possible either. I'm pretty sure that we will do ports one day, maybe next year. But we will see. Developing a new game is always more exciting than doing a port.

Edited by RiKo on 17. August 2010 17:45
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This game sounds great, from what Riko says, and I'd love to give it a go.

You know what would be a good idea? For somebody to start an MVS rental business, for titles like Fast Striker and Last Hope. You know so that people have a chance at playing these high priced MVS games without going broke. I know it probably wouldn't be feasible, but meh.

Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 17. August 2010 18:38

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Glad you finally have the chance to enjoy it Riko and I was very happy to hear the games is good as I knew it was costing you a small fortune and N-dev other 2 games were just ok.

As for the a rental service as discussed by 2D that would be a pretty good idea , I would pay£20 to rent it for a weekend just to actually play it. I am hopeful for a DC version so will buy that if it comes out.

yes rental would be good Smile you should suggest it to NGdevteam. people woul prob steal the carts though i suppose. maybe they will do a cheap unboxed version eventually if it proves popular.

i havent looked at any reviews because i didnt want to be influenced by them, so it will be interesting to find out what people are saying about this game. i think theres the problem of people paying a lot to own this game - does it make them want to like it more cos they played so much for it? or will they be unfavourable to it because of the price.

when i review it i will be price agnostic and try to rate it just as any other game.

Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
RiKo: Good to hear that you finally got to play Fast striker. What´s the difficulty level like, can you manage it far on MVS setting? Maybe the there are no MVS setting anymore?

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
i got about halfway through the 2nd level on my first go, it seems about right so far, sometimes i lose a life on the first level. theres no MVS setting as far as i could see. its gives you a choice of Novice, Original, or Maniac. i did Original which is the default. im going to play some more today Smile

EDIT i havent tried any of the other modes yet, but each mode alters the scoring system and your weapon. presumably Maniac give better chance for a high score but is much more risky, since you can get higher points for being closer to an enemy when you destroy it

Scoring System :


Edited by RiKo on 18. August 2010 14:38
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It must be great to finally get the chance to play the game RiKo and also exciting to be playing a brand new Neo Geo game. Thanks for posting your impressions of the game. It does sound very good and I'm really wanting to play this. The scoring system sounds interesting too. Lets hope it does get a home port. I was reading the thread about this game at the forum and people's opinions there were generally quite favourable.

After watching a complete playthrough of the game one negative aspect did occur to me though. The backgrounds look a bit repetitive, dark and lacking in colour. I can understand after the criticisms of the early version of Last Hope that they were wanting to make the shots as visible as possible but I think the backgrounds could have done with some more colour and variety. Shooters like Mushihime sama, Espgaluda, Guwange etc. have a lot of colour in the backgrounds and you can still see the shots coming towards you very clearly.

Hi Merlin, yes i guess they are a bit monochrome, when you are playing you dont really notice things like that though. i still really like this game, i am still enjoying playing it. it some ways its more fun to play than some other shooters on the Neo. because you dont necessarily need prior-experience to dodge the bullets, unlike some shoot em up where you have no chance if you havent played a level before. i really like Orignal mode. Novice is too easy and not so fun. Maniac is good and plays differently with the grind beam so its good to have a choice.

the final boss is a very tough- the 2nd part. (i played on continues)

the only thing i dont like so far is some of the enemy and boss deisgns are a bit uninspired. at least when you dont see them animating. the bosses do look good when they move and they are all diffeerent.

Edited by RiKo on 21. August 2010 21:54
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
RiKo: Keep on playing and let us know how you´re getting along with FS in the long runThumbs Up

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Hi Priest, I still really like Fast Striker, i find it more fun than many other Neo shooters because its more skill based than memory. so u can play levels without prior knowledge (most) of the time.

i can get to the 2nd stage of level 3 boss on one credit (original mode) now. i am an average skilled player so that gives you an idea of difficulty. whenever you get a high score you get given a (long!) code to enter on the website, (presumably encodes your highscore). i cant find that section of the site, so maybe its not working yet. it gave me an address but i didnt get time to write that down, i will look next time Smile

i can probably almost write a review, just need to play Maniac mode a bit more first Smile

Edited by RiKo on 26. August 2010 17:43
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