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December 16 2018

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Rumor: SSF4 to add 6 new characters to Japans arcade release.

SSFIV Development Blog wrote:


Unique Attacks

Rock Crusher (Toward + Medium Punch) has less recovery. Rock Crusher, into Far Standing Light Punch into Beast Roll is possible now.

Beast Slide (Down-Toward + Hard Punch) has less active frames, as a result the whole animation time is shorter. Also, his hittable box during the recovery of this move has been increased.

His Forward Hop (Toward + 3x Kick) has more grounded frames of animation during start up, making him easier to grab out of it.

Special Moves

The hittable box of his Beast Roll has been widened in size while rolling around, and the distance traveled after having it blocked has been altered. Distance on recovery from a blocked Beast Roll for the Light Punch and EX versions is the same in SSFIV as it is in Arcade Edition. Medium Punch punch and Hard Punch distances were reduced, with Medium Punch taking Blanka away a longer distance than Hard Punch. So it is necessary to plan which one to use at which distance more so than it is now.

EX Backstep Rolling's (Rainbow Ball) forward distance has been reduced a little, so it's harder to escape from the corner. It is still possible to move forward and back based on joystick movement, though.

EX Electricity has much faster start up now, so it's easier to use.


2nd hit of Abel's Crouching Hard Punch has a smaller hitbox, both upward and downward.

Tornado Throw damage reduced.

Roll lost some of its hit invincibility at the end of it, making it easier to punish. There was no change to the recovery frames.

Ultra 1 had a 10% damage reduction. Ultra 1's new damage would range from 309-450. In SSF4 it was 343-500.

Ultra 2 10% damage reduction, slower startup, super armor gets removed when Abel starts to run forward and there's a longer recovery time when you cancel out of it. New damage totals for Ultra 2 should range from 295-440. In SSF4 these were 328-480.


Mantis Style

Two Target Combos have been added in. 1st: Crouching Light Kick into Crouching Medium Kick. 2nd: First hit of Standing Hard Punch into Standing Medium Kick.

Both Medium Kicks can be Canceled now, so go for more damage by Canceling into his Specials.

Standing Light Punch's hittable box from his elbow and onward has been deleted, so it's harder to get hit out of now.

Crouching Medium Punch's start up is faster, so it's possible to Link from Standing Light Punch and Crouching Light Punch.

Crouching Medium Punch can now be Canceled, providing good setups into his Hands special on hit or block.

Standing Hard Kick's range slightly increased. There is no hittable box from his ankle, so it might be useful as a footsie tool.

Ultra 2 downward hitbox improved, so it has less chance to whiff.

Other Stuff

Traveling speed for Crane Style's Ultra 2 is faster, making it easier to connect with now.

During backdash, he's airborne right after invincibility wears out.

Gen received no nerfs.

That1Niga also recorded some thoughts on the changes and how they should impact Gen players.


Normal Moves

Crouching Light Kick has more range.

Standing Light Kick is Kara Cancelable during its start up animation. The Kara Karakusa is possible again.

Crouching Hard Kick hit box extended out in front of Makoto, and the hittable box has been lowered slightly, making it easier to use as an anti air.

Crouching Hard Punch has slightly more active frames.

Toward + Light Punch has a 3 frame startup (formerly 4 frames).

Special Moves

EX Hayate (Dash Punch) now breaks armor and has a slightly faster start up.

Opponent can no longer do a quick get up after Makoto connects with a Hard Punch or EX Oroshi (Overhead Chop). It's more useful now in resets and wake up situations.

Fukiage (Upwards Punch) when Makoto's arm is fully extended, the hittable box from her chest up has been almost completely removed. Downward attack box has been extended as well, so there are now almost no situations where it trades or is stuffed. It still can't hit grounded opponents, though. The start up for all versions has been improved so it's more useful than it is now.

EX Tsurugi (Axe Kick) is now like Cammy's EX Cannon Strike, in that it can be done very low to the ground, i.e. an Instant Axe Kick. It takes practice, but since it is a 2-hit special that makes grabs whiff and hits as an overhead, it'll be more interesting to use in offensive/defensive situations.

Ultra 1 damage distribution has been changed. It still does the same total damage, but you will see the difference during combo damage and damage scaling based on life left. Apparently, this should result in it doing more damage.

Ultra 2 has a faster startup time making it easier to counter Fireballs with.

Other Stuff

Makoto's stamina is now 1,000, which is the average stamina rating in the game.

Forward and back dash are faster, total animation frames were decreased.

Now a combo such as a Level 1 Hard Punch Hayate (Dash Punch), Focus Attacl Dash Cancel, Crouching Light Kick (and other stuff) into Light Punch Hayate is possible, because of the changes to her Dash speed. Mixing this in with her Grab and Choke (Karakusa) makes this a powerful grab or hit tool.

Q&A Character Notes

Diagonal Jumping Medium Punch can be Canceled into a Hurricane Kick after the first hit now. This wasn't mentioned in the previous blog entry.
There were no changes to his Ultra 1 or Ultra 2.

Due to her Ultra 2 (Orbs) losing invincibility, if you take hit right after activating it, the orbs will not appear. It's useless as an invincible move, but works well as a mix up when your opponent is getting up off the ground.

As previously mentioned, the trajectory after throwing her Kunai has been altered, but there has been no change to recovery time. Also there's no change to her backdash.

PSN: KeitaKata and BlackWings83
Evil Ryu and Oni footage

Looks like they dropped "Akuma" or "Gouki" from Oni's name. I wonder if that means he'll be a canon character or not. Also, if you follow that link you'll find rumors that Hugo is hidden in the game. There definitely is a player icon of him, but I think it might be a bit of a stretch to say that means he'll be playable. Still, having a few completely unannounced time release characters would be awesome. That's definitely something that doesn't happen in this day and age.
that Oni is more of a Gouken hybrid as opposed to an all out 'Shoto'.

Mid-air Shungokusatsu FTL though:(

Dunno why Capcom have introduced these two douchebags? Lets face it... online, douchebags only breeds douchebags! Roll Eyes

Doubt they'll be tournament legal either, thus, pointless... surely?

I think that they ARE cool additions for the 1P though. But like Gouki, Gouken & Seth before them, I think they should be eliminated form being selectable online. the type of PPL who use these characters usually rage quite upon being beaten. Just speaking from my original SF4 experiences YEARS ago! Also, I'm assuming this game WILL be a physical release?

Basashi King
i saw the footage yesterday and i think that the two new characters look great! i cant wait until they become unlocked in the arcade!

it really has been a big change with ae over here - weve gone from having the bog standard vanilla to so many extra characters to fight. im absolutely loving it.

i disagree with ninja that oni and evil ryu are pointless, though - its great to have them there as they are great for the story and will be great to play as/against. i dont imagine many people who buy the game actually play at tournaments so the question of whether theyre tournament legal isnt really an issue. as this (super ae) is apparently the last release, its great to have them in.

i find what you said about online play amusing, though. once again i was back at xmas, this time playing super on xbox live. yet again the odd cack message was sent through by some f*cking weirdo, and the children who quit, unable to take their beatings were also still festering about. making characters unselectable online due to these freaks would be punishing everyone for their character defects, though - which is simply not reasonable.

wonder who the next two are going to be?

looking forwards to another bash today!
Ninja, your comments about rage quitters reminds me of my time with HDRemix. I rarely encountered rage quitters, but whenever I saw my opponent pick Akuma I was very happy. Akuma is considered top tier so noobs pick him constantly assuming that playing as the best character assures them a win. I think I lost to Akuma online like twice. Fuck tier lists... Cammy FTW!

Also, preliminary reports suggest that Evil Ryu and Oni are not at all overpowered and therefore shouldn't end up being banned in tournaments. We'll see how that plays out once more people get their hands on them though.

And yeah, Raging Demon in mid-air looks cool as all hell, but it seems like it'd belong in a VS series game rather than an actual SF game.

Now that you mention it, Basashi, the character select screen does look like it has room for two more characters. And with Hugo already rumored my predictions are Hugo and Elena.
Karin please!
If she's in, I'd have all my mains in (Cammy in 2, Guy in A2, Karin in A3, Ibuki in SFIII).
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 26. January 2011 10:05
GeeseTheDuck wrote:
Karin please!
If she's in, I'd have all my mains in (Guy in A2, Karin in A3, Ibuki in SFIII).

they're 100x better in their own respective games? Especially Guy in A1 - at least for me. Alpha/Zero combo's ftw! Headbang

on a note was at atei show yesterday & they had a sf4 arcade machine but only 1 player controls but 2 players game only Roll Eyes stupid i picked yun/yang to see them & there was no evil ryu/oni i could see ! oh the best game at show was four player pacman battle ! everything else was souless !
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