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July 21 2019

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Thread Author: Bullet
Thread ID: 2798
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Rumor: SSF4 to add 6 new characters to Japans arcade release.
So the 4 character addition for the japanese arcade release has been raised to a guesstimated 6, here are who I think will be in this list

1. Alex (seriously eff Hakan, Alex should have been in the original release of SSF4 or Hugo, lol)

2.Yun/Yang (Game has become so combo heavy, this is an obvious choice to give Rufus players some place to go.)

3.Elena (Good mix up character and they will add at least one female, so its kinda obvious, unless the add Maki to up the Final Fight crowd.)

4.Urien/Gill (I think he's a pretty sure bet, due to his similarity to Seth visually/style wise and with Abel some of his animation is already done. lol Oh and to get people to pay 15 to 30 bucks for this DLC upgrade a new boss would make people interested, So Gill seems like a good choice.

5.Hugo/Poison ( I think of the new characters most will come from 3rd Strike and Hugo would be another great addition to the Final Fight contingent and a great reason for Capcom to push that series. It also wouldn't hurt as a reason to render Poison so she could show up in win poses and intros, lol I won't even pretend that they make her playable.)

6.Q (Go watch some high level Q play and you'll see why he should be here.)

I don't expect Oro, Sean,Twelve, Remy or Necro, but that's just me wanting the game to be good lol. I also wouldn't be surprised if it was more Final Fight focused, just to appear that Capcom/Dimps were not so reliant on 3rd strike.

Edit: I also wouldn't be surprise by R Mika and Rolento being added to the list as Rolento was rumored to be in development originally for SSF4 and R Mika would add another female to the roster, this could also allow them to have 2 girls and 4 guys as they have been wanting to add more female fighters to the overall roster.
Edited by Bullet on 10. August 2010 23:25
oh i didnt know they were adding new characters. I definitely think Alex will get in there. do you think Haggar might show up, esp since Guy and Cody are there already?
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Haggar would be cool to see, to fill out the Final fight roster and place them all more solidly in the Street Fighter universe.
I personally think he'd play too much like Zangief, thus the extra costume for Zang being Haggars gear, but hey that never stopped them from adding shotos so who can say? I'm not against it tho.
I would like to see a Mad Gear reunion, Hugo (w/Poison) and Rolento (Meeeshon Compweet) would rock but I am not holding my breath. Any of the Final Fight crowd would be fine with me. Q no doubt needs be there, there's so much they could do with him. I will only be disappointed if they have Yun and no Yang. Yeah, I know, I am already preparing to be disappointed lol
Edited by SteveDave on 11. August 2010 03:37
I want the CFAS crew in there...and NOT as cameos. LOL.

Bullet- yes Haggar could be a little similar to Zangief esp with his jumping pile drivers. i remember he was in Muscle Bomber, but not sure if he was in the other SF games or not.

i would really love if Super Joe could be in there haha. thats where my Xbox Live name comes from. Super Joe was the main dude from Commando, Speed Rumbler and Bionic Commando. he would kick ass! Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
I vote for Karin! I've yet to even try SSFIV, but the fact that Karin was left out has always bothered me. One of the other dolls should come back too. Juni and Juli would be cool, but I'd like to see one that hasn't been playable before.
eccentric cat
The next thing you know, SSF4 if going to get a home port of the arcade release, while adding more characters. Veery clever Capcom~
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
List of SSF4 Arcade Edition changes for five cast members

Eventhubs wrote:
The Japanese Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition development blog was updated with a partial change list for the five of the characters in the arcade edition, Ryu, Balrog, C. Viper, Cammy and Guy. Keep in mind that this is not a full list of changes for each character.

Also, a few users have noticed a 1.02 patch update for the console version of the game when they've jumped online. This is the new costume pack patch. The first set of extra outfits will be available on Oct. 26th.

Thanks to Marathon for translating the Arcade Edition change list, hit the link below to view it.


Far Standing Medium Punch is now Special Cancelable.

Close Standing Medium Kick damage increased. This took off 70 life in SSF4.

Close Standing Hard Kick has more frame advantage on hit and block. You can Link into a Shoryuken now with it.

Decreased Crouching Medium Kick's active frames.

Towards + Hard Punch (Dash Punch) damage decreased. This took off 120 life in SSF4.

Jump arc nerfed on his Air Hurricane Kick. It's more difficult to run away with this, but crossups with it will be more ambiguous.

EX Air Hurricane Kick will no longer miss last few hits.


Damage for Close Standing Medium Punch was decreased slightly. It now forces opponent to stand on hit, and is Special Cancelable. This move took off 80 life in SSF4.

Far Standing Light Punch will now miss crouching opponents.

Damage on Headbutt was decreased and it now has more recovery frames. This took off 100/120/140/150 for the Light, Medium, Hard and EX versions in SSF4.

Ultra 2 (Dirty Bull) motion changed from a 720 to two half-circle backs + 3x Punch.

C. Viper

Ultra 2's hitbox size increased.


Close and Far Standing Light Punch recovery time decreased.

Close Standing Medium and Hard Punch recovery time decreased.

Crouching Light and Medium Punch and recovery time decreased.

These changes give Cammy more frame advantage with her Normals.

Cannon Spike flies less distance away after connecting, making it easier to punish, this is on block and hit.

Regular version of Cammy's Cannon Strike (Dive Kick) cannot be done as low to the ground as before. The EX version was unaffected.


Crouching Light Kick damage decreased. Has a 3 frame startup now, it was 4 before and took off 30 damage.

Far Standing Medium Kick has faster startup time and less recovery.

Far Standing Medium Punch hitbox improved.

Towards + Medium Punch (Overhead) is two hits now and no longer leaves you at a frame disadvantage on hit.

EX Run timing for followups is the same as the regular version now.

EX Run Stop follow up has Super Armor.

EX Run Slide follow up has projectile invincibility.

Super does more damage, and fixed some problems with it not connecting after a combo.

It's worth comparing this to the previous list of changes gathered by players from the location tests held a ways back, as some of the things were previously reported look like they'll be making their way into the final game.

Also, next week's post from the development team will cover Ken, Vega (Claw), Rufus, Fei Long and Juri.

PSN: KeitaKata and BlackWings83
Ono posted this picture showing Dhalsim burning up a new character. He or she is almost completely obscured by the flames so it's anybody's guess who this is:
reelmojo wrote:
Ono posted this picture showing Dhalsim burning up a new character. He or she is almost completely obscured by the flames so it's anybody's guess who this is:

Alex in shorts getting a tanning...
Murikov wrote:
reelmojo wrote:
Ono posted this picture showing Dhalsim burning up a new character. He or she is almost completely obscured by the flames so it's anybody's guess who this is:

Alex in shorts getting a tanning...

but one hopes (I, in particular!) that it is none other than the awesome Urien from 3rd Strike!(?)

A LOT of people over at Shoryuken are thinking it's Urien. He'd have to be crouching though unless he somehow grew three feet taller in the time between SSFIV and SFIII.

I'm sure we'll find out soon enough. I'm just happy that this means Yun and Yang aren't the only new additions!

EDIT: In reply to "Capcom neglected Hugo, Alex, Elena, Karin, Poison and Rolento in SSF4! Plz put them in SFxTK", Ono said "Don't act so hastily. ;P"

In other words, one or more of them is probably still on their way to SSFIV!
Edited by reelmojo on 03. November 2010 01:28
SSF4 Arcade Edition changes for Ken, Vega, Rufus, Fei, Juri

Eventhubs wrote:
USD provided a translation of the most recent Japanese SSF4 blog detailing changes made to Ken, Vega, Rufus, Fei Long, Juri on the NeoGAF forums.

Keep in mind that it's very unlikely that this is a complete list of changes for these characters, as additional things will probably turn up when the game is released in mid-December.

Here's the run down.

Eventhubs wrote:

Normal Moves
Less recovery time on Crouching Medium Punch. He can now combo Crouching Medium Punch into Crouching Medium Kick.
Improved the hit box for Crouching Light Punch.
Target Combo hit box (Medium Punch into Hard Punch) also had its hitbox improved.

Special Moves
Light Punch Shoryuken has 2 extra frames of recovery, but now does 120 damage. It did 100 damage in SSF4.
EX Fireball can juggle twice in the air, so now you can get full juggle off a Light Punch Shoryuken into EX Fireball.
EX Air Hurricane Kick can now be blocked high or low. Used to be that it had to be blocked high.

Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end.

Vega (claw)

Normal Moves
Crouching Medium Kick start up is now 6 frames, which is 2 frames faster.
Crouching Medium Punch and Crouching Medium Kick do less damage.

Unique Attacks
More recovery time for Cosmic Heel (Down-Toward + Hard Kick, Launcher) on block.

Special Moves
Less recovery time on EX Rolling Crystal Flash.
You can now combo Crouching Medium Punch from an EX Rolling Crystal Flash.

His Ultra 2 has slightly more startup time.

Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end.


Special Moves
EX Messiah does less damage. It took off 100 damage in SSF4.

When Ultra 2 (Big Bang Typhoon) is used as an anti-air, it won't fully connect, so it does less damage in these scenarios now.

Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end.

Fei Long

Normal Moves Close and Far Standing Light Punch have an extra frame of advantage, making it +6 now.
Close Standing Medium Kick has a 4 frame startup.
Additional frame advantage on many moves.

Less recovery on EX Rekka on hit and on guard.
No invincibility on his Hard Flying Kick (Chicken Wing).

Is considered to be mid-air right after the invincibility frames of his backdash end.
Crouching Medium Kick still cannot be Canceled, earlier reports said this might happen.


Special Moves
Her Fireball Kick (projectile) knocks the opponent higher up into the air. Now you can combo it into a Pinwheel Kick, for example.
Less stun and damage on the kick part of the Fireball Kick.

No changes to Ultra 1, but because of the changes to the kick part of the Fireball Kick, it's easier to score knockdowns.

Faster foot speed, while walking towards and backwards.
EX Focus Attack hitbox improved (this could be incorrect, translation was a little fuzzy).

Chun-Li, El Fuerte, Cody and Sakura will be the focus of next week Arcade Edition changes entry.

Thanks to Actrmx and Gemakai for contributing to this story.

PSN: KeitaKata and BlackWings83
So it's been proven that the image Ono posted is of Chun-Li. Now the question remains... why did Ono post the image in the first place?
eccentric cat
Ono sure likes to trick people and have fun...
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
SSF4 AE changes for Chun-Li, El Fuerte, Sakura & Cody

Eventhubs wrote:
The Japanese SSF4 blog was updated with a list of changes for the Arcade Edition of the game.

This week's posting covers Chun-Li, El Fuerte, Sakura and Cody.

There's also a Q&A session which follows up on some of the other changes that were made to the characters previously discussed.

Eventhubs wrote:

Stun damage reduced on Crouching Hard Kick. Damage reduced on Standing Medium Punch. Both moves have the same hit properties.

Her Focus Attack is now easier for opponents to hit. Assumption on what this means: Chun-Li would step back when she started her Focus Attack animation, some moves would miss her because of this. It sounds like this will no longer be the case in Arcade Edition.

Down-Toward + Light Kick comes out slower, more vulnerability. Can still combo after it if it hits an airborne opponent.

No changes to her Special Moves.

El Fuerte

Far Light Punch and Crouching Light Punch now have a 4 frame start up (these moves had a 5 frame start up in SSFIV), but also have additional active frames, making them easier to connect.

Crouching Light Punch can now be Chain Canceled.

More recovery on Quacamole Slew (Air GraCool on landing, which includes the EX version, making this easier to punish.

Tortilla Propeller (Run away, press Hard Punch) lost invincibility, can be countered more easily.

More startup frames on El Fuerte's Ultra 2 and the damage was also reduced. The size of the hitbox changes with movement (?), making it harder to hit overall.


Close Medium Punch has less recovery.

Crouching Medium Punch and Kick can combo from a hit confirm.

Far Standing Medium Punch can be Canceled, just like Ryu.

Vulnerable hitbox on far Standing Medium Kick reduced, making it harder to hit her out of it.

Air Arcing Hurricane Kick can get more airborne hits.

Recovery time on her Fireball reduced.

Other various adjustments on making hitboxes bigger, damage, and recovery done to make her stronger.


Crouching Light Kick now has a 3 frame start up, it was 4 frames in SSFIV. Frame advantage on hit is still the same. Should be a better low poke, with reach, now.

Toward + Hard Kick has more ability to juggle after connecting it. Until now, on a grounded opponent, the first hits of EX Criminal Upper didn't connect, but now they will.

The range at which Cody can pick up the knife has been increased.

Eventhubs wrote:
Fan Question and Answer Session


Q: Is it possible to do a Light Punch Shoryuken into EX Shoryuken when the opponent is cornered?
A: This is still possible in SSF4 Arcade Edition.

Q: Close Standing Light Punch's hitbox was improved, does it mean that it hits all crouching characters?
A: This will have less tendency to miss.

Q: EX Air Hurricane Kick was changed to an attack that can be blocked high or low, previously it was an overhead. Was there any change to the hitbox? I feel it was hard to hit crouching opponents in the first place...
A: There are no changes to hitbox.


Q: Is it possible to do a Cosmic Heel (Down-Toward + Hard Kick, Launcher) into Scarlet Terror now in AE? Makes me wonder seeing how its recovery on block was increased.
A: We increased the recovery frames of Cosmic Heel on block, but it is still possible to do current combos on hit. We changed it so that if the opponent blocks at the tip of the Cosmic Heel, it's even.


Q: What were the changes to Rufus' EX Messiah?
A: You can use EX Messiah as it is right now since there are no changes to invincibility or frame data, only the damage was reduced.

Fei Long

Q: [A bunch of people commented on changes to Fei Long.]
A: Not only Fei Long, but we changed stuff in all of the characters, etc.


Q: When the Pinwheel Kick hits the opponent, does it put opponent in juggle and unrecoverable knockdown like jumping Medium Punch? In that case, does a Fireball Kick connect fully?
A: About Pinhweel Kick, it does put the opponent in juggle state and would be an untechable knockdown.

Q: Are there any changes to Juri's normals?
A: We couldn't say everything about the changes, but we altered some of her normals as well.

PSN: KeitaKata and BlackWings83
I highly doubt it, but the newest rumor is that Shin Akuma and Evil Ryu are going to be playable once the Arcade Edition becomes DLC. This is based off of a few screenshots of new achievements, which are way too easy to fake for this to be regarded as anything more than a rumor at this point. I wouldn't be surprised if it were true though. That's a very easy (and lazy) way for Capcom to expand the character roster.
YouTube Video

Shin Akuma and Evil Ryu are definitely there, but that still doesn't mean they're playable. I kinda hope they're not because there's enough Shotos as it is.
Doing some catching up on the character changes on SSFIV.

SSF4 dev blog: AE changes to Zangief, Sagat, Dan & Dudley

SSFIV Development Blog wrote:


Normal Moves

We increased his range on Far Standing Hard Punch.

Special Moves

We buffed his damage on Light Punch and Hard Punch Spinning Piledrivers, and increased range on Light Punch Spinning Piledriver.

EX Banishing Flat, when it hits a grounded opponent, will no longer knock down.

As a result, it is impossible to go onto wake-up offense after EX banishing flat, but it's within Light Punch Spinning Piledriver's range so please utilize it wisely.

There are no changes to either Lariat.

Ultra 2

It is possible to alter Siberian Blizzard's traveling distance by putting in a forward/backward input between Ultra freeze and start-up.

For forward direction, it can travel much further than before, so it's easier to grab backdashing opponents.

While the ground recovery on whiff has increased, we see it as a buff considering its possibility on controlling the distance.


The major changes are the EX Banishing Flat (Green Glove) and Light Punch Spinning Piledriver range. It became necessary, not just for Zangief players, but for the opponents as well to alter their spacing, so please research thoroughly in SSF4 Arcade Edition.


Normal Moves

The total damage is increased on Standing Light Kick when both hits get connected.

As before, only 1st hit is Special Cancelable.

Special Moves

Tiger Uppercut's damage is increased when connected at the 1st or 2nd active frames.

There has been many complaints about Angry Scar that it comes out when unintended, so we changed its command to Kick buttons instead.


As there were huge changes in transition from vanilla Street Fighter 4 to SSF4, there are no changes in Arcade Edition to anything besides damage and command adjustments.

Being appropriate for his name as the King, he retains the potential to be a top class in SSF4 Arcade Edition.


Normal Moves

Close Standing Light Punch's startup is changed to 3 frames. This was 4 frames in SSFIV.

Crouching Medium Punch's startup was changed to 5 frames, was 7 frames in SSFIV.

Close Standing Light Kick, Close Standing Medium Punch, Close Standing Hard Kick, Far Standing Light Punch, Crouching Light Punch, and Crouching Medium Kick's recovery time was reduced, so there are new combos available.

For example, Far Standing Light Punch into Crouching Medium Kick will combo along with Crouching Medium Punch 2x.

Neutral Jumping Hard Punch has pursuit property, and will slam opponents down to the ground when hit.

Special Moves

Medium and Hard Dan Kicks damage distribution got adjusted.

Hard Dan Kick's total damage was decreased.

Koryuken (Dragon Punch) will give air reset on trade, this is likely on Dan, not the opponent.

Ultra 2

Haoh Gadoken's invincibility was decreased to 8 frames after Ultra freeze. As a result, if it can be stuffed, and projectile will not come out when that happens.


Normals are enormously buffed, so it became interesting in a close range brawl. This character is for pros, but this could be the one step forward for Saikyo!


Normal Moves

Crouching Medium Kick's active frame window was increased to 5 frames, was 3 frames in SSFIV.

Standing Hard Kick's recovery time was reduced. While it hasn't changed on hit, the frame advantage is 0 on block, so the risk is reduced and therefore it's easier to utilize. Previously, this was -3 on block.

Jumping Hard Kick will slam down opponents to the ground if they're hit in airborne state, so it's better as an anti air option.

Unique Attacks

We changed Toward + Medium Punch's startup to 7 frames, and increased hitbox as well, so it is possible to hit some characters out of their low attacks. The startup on this was 9 frames in SSFIV.

Toward + Hard Kick's hitbox was buffed, so it is possible to connect from further away than now.

Special Moves

A new special, EX Duck, is added in, it's different from regular versions. EX Duck has upper body invincibility during movement, and canceling into follow-ups is possible from the 3rd frame.

Light Punch or Light Kick into EX Duck into Ducking Straight/Upper is possible now.


Jet Upper Focus Attack Dash Cancel on block has frame advantage of -2.

Also, we fixed cases where a throw wouldn't connect on some dizzied opponents.


We made situations on where he had difficulty to be less severe, and made the changes for Dudley to have more variety of chances.

We think the brand new EX Duck will become an important tool with new combo possibilities, so you can look forward to him.

Question and Answer Session

Q: About Blanka's hitback distance on block, you said Light Punch & EX>Medium Punch>Hard Punch, compared to the current version how is it changed?
A: Light Punch & EX's hitback distance on block stay the same as they are now, Medium Punch & Hard Punch's distances got shorter. Risk on a long distance Hard Punch Roll got higher, but it retains its distance on hit.

Q: Will his throw invincibility on Tornado Throw get removed?
A: Tornado Throw is one of Abel's major tools, and we tried adjusting here and there during development. We decided to nerf its damage, but its throw invincibility will stay.

Q: Are there no changes to Crane normals?
A: For crane normals, we did small adjustments to increase their usefulness, such as hurtbox reduce on some of them.
Q: Are there no changes to frame advantage to his roll on block?
A: There are no changes to frame advantage to his Roll.
Q:Is Mantis Ultra 2 change hitbox only?
A: Mantis U2's change is the hitbox increased upward/downward only.

Q: About Makoto's changes, you said Hard Punch Overhead Chop couldn't be fast recovered, but this already couldn't happen, what gives?
A: Hard Punch Oroshi could be fast recovered on counter hit, so it's changed to be same as EX.
Q: Can you explain in more detail what the deal is with Makoto's Kara moves and Kara-Karakusa in Arcade Edition?
Q: The ones existing will stay there, Standing Light Kick was given the ability to be Cancellable into her Karakusa, and Toward + Light Kick has 6 frames to be Cancellable into not only the Karakusa, but Hayate, Oroshi, Fukiage, and EX Focus as well.

SSF4 AE's Standing Light Kick and Toward + Light Kick have different frame data from those of 3rd Strike, so they will feel different. We believe that Standing Light Kick's Kara will be more simple if your objective is to get out a Karakusa only.

PSN: KeitaKata and BlackWings83
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