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October 21 2018

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 2775
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3955 times.
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Your Preference??
Old School 'WTF?!' Style Cases Old School 'WTF?!' Style Cases 0%[0 Votes]
SnapLock Cases SnapLock Cases 60%[3 Votes]
Heh... not really arsed Heh... not really arsed 40%[2 Votes]
Total Votes : 5
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AES CASES: Snaplock VS WTF?! Style...
as some of you know, I'm NOT new to SNK and NEO•GEO games, however, I have never before owned an ACTUAL NEO•GEO...

Anyway, my Neo came with it's own complimentary game in the form of Samurai Shodown 2. I have to say that I was pretty damn surprised by the case it came (comes?) in - kinda like an old school VHS tape case gone sick! If I was honest, can't say that I'm overly keen on them if I was honest Roll Eyes

I'm assuming that (without any experience here!) this is what you guys have always meant when using the terminology 'Snaplock Case'? If these SnapLock cases are anything like my NGPocket cases, then I can honestly say, I think I prefer them already!!

So here are my (perhaps unanswerable?) questions - for those of you who know me, you'll know how I love to throw these beauties out every once in a while in my search for ULTIMATE perfection...

1) Is there a list anywhere that I could look at that could help me determine which releases come in which style cases (i.e. I know that KOF 95 comes in a SnapLock - I think - but I'm guessing a year earlier, in 94, that KOF 94 was in the WTF?! Style case?). Which brings me nicely onto...

2) Can a WTF?! Style case insert FIT into a SnapLock case? And, how difficult are SnapLock cases to come across? If possible (impossible maybe?!) I'd like to house my AES collection SOLELY in SnapLock cases... is this realistic, or am I just being overly perfectionist??!

Yep, sometimes it's actually painful being me...

A good topic, Ninja!

Personally, I definitely prefer the newer snapcases. The classic shockboxes (or WTF cases Grin) are just too fragile, it easily can happen that the plastic frame inside the shockbox breaks. When I open the box of Art of Fighting 2 for example, I always find some small plastic splitters in it.

I assume that all games that were released in '95 and later were all sold in snapcases (I own the AES versions of KoF '94 and '95 so I can confirm your guess). I think SNK realized wisely, that the shockbox wasn't the best way to give shelter to an expensive game.

I made some research by myself and found out, that the shockbox/WTF-inserts actually have a bigger size than the snapcase ones (unfortunately). The differences of the sizes just concern the length and not the height, so the actual measures of both inserts are:

Shockbox: 37.5x21 cm
Snapcase: 33x21 cm

And I can't tell how much you usually pay for snapcases, on Ebay for example I don't find any offers. I only found some bids from guys who want to get rid of their shockboxes...
I believe the first batch of AES games came in cardboard cases but I have never seen one or even a picture to back it up, Retrogamer mentioned this in that NG issue.
Edited by STE C on 01. August 2010 08:13
OCD much, Ninja? Pfft

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Basashi King
hey ninja! i voted 'not really arsed' but actually i like both.

there are actually problems with both cases. regarding the (WTF) soft cases, the plastic can warp over time, especially if they havent been stored correctly. as for the snaplock, there is the possibility for the insert to get pushed/pressed out of shape as there is some kind of horizontal space running along the top and bottom of the plastic behind the insert.

obviously i have the advantage of being able to closely examine every game i buy (so I only get mint ones), but some releases are pretty hard to find in such condition. i have never seen an aof truly mint, for example. of course. as soon as i do, ill bag it! i dont know how particular you are (im guessing pretty outrageous!), but it would be nigh on impossible for any seller to have a continuous large stock of mint games. i write this as i note you returned a ff2 on a different thread.

back to the cases. i really like the older ones. a big part of this is undoubtedly nostalgia. when i first got my neo and opened up that huge box for the first time, wow! the boxes also have that weird smell to them. the ones i get in japan still have that same smell as the samurai shodown case i opened up many years ago, back in blighty. for me, 'ultimate perfection' as you put it is not rewriting history and transferring carts into snaplock cases, but having mint originals, exactly as they came out.
I voted that I prefer the snaplocks. They definitely do look better in my opinion in fact probably my favourite game packaging for any system. I've never come across anyone saying they prefer the original style cases.

However like Basashi I actually also like the original cases too. I don't think personally they look bad in any way and really I'm too busy admiring the insert artwork and cart to really notice them all that much. I think if you get them in good condition and are careful then cracking in the tray shouldn't be a major issue. I have quite a few Neo Geo games in old style cases and only around 2 or 3 have a few cracks.

As for replacing them with snaplock cases I don't think that's really an option. Firstly the inserts are the wrong size. Also I've never seen loose snaplock cases for sale ever only occasionally the soft cases so you would need to buy cheaper snaplock case games and switch the carts round to get more snaplocks. Everyone's entitled to their opinion of course but for me personally it would feel 'wrong' to put games like Magician Lord, Fatal Fury etc. in snaplock cases. Although I'm a gamer first and foremost the collector in me prefers to keep games and consoles 100% in their original 'state'. I think you might get used to the old style cases Ninja over time.

Like Murikov said before it's from 1995 onwards that they started to use the snaplock cases but some games like Double Dragon, Super Sidekicks 3 etc. from that year are in old style cases. If you look at the Neo Geo Master List the games with a green background are the ones that came out in new style cases.


Yes you're quite right STE the earliest ones did come in carton boxes. Here's an example:

Edited by merlin on 01. August 2010 18:44
I know where you are coming from Ninja, i have been a bit anal myself in the past with my videogames. like when i was ill my best friend bought me a N64 with goldeneye and perfect dark. i was happy but i couldnt help thinking 'but its not a US N64...'

I definitely prefer snaplock cases, they do look really better. i dont mind the old cases though, i think they look ok. i do agree about them looking like those old VHS rental cases though lol. they stink a bit too! has anyone noticed? quite a strong smell of plastic when you open them up.

i agree with the other guys it would prob cost you a fortune to buy lots of snaplock cases. you could probably cut the inserts down to fit so i dont think thats a huge problem - or get new ones printed.

ive seen a few of those cardboard case games too, esp Alpha Mission. i prefer the Shockboxes to those of course Smile
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