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December 13 2018

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Thread Author: Jak
Thread ID: 277
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There are 31 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 11124 times.  There's also files attached.
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Toughest boss
Ooh, man, there's lots of good stuff for this subject. I can't really think of any SNK bosses that are pushovers, but as for some of the more notable ones, in no particular order, here are some of my brain hemorrhages:

Young Geese (Art of Fighting 2): I cheated like crazy to reach him, and damn if I didn't do the same to beat him. He only has four moves overall, but all he needs is that goddamn buzzsaw to roast your ass! I'd even argue this incarnation of the G-Man is even worse than his Nightmare rendition in Real Bout Fatal Fury Special!

Rugal (Pretty much any game, but ESPECIALLY King of Fighters 2002): Geno-fucking-cide Cutter. Really, that's all he needed in 94 and 95, and he was terrible. But then there's his Gravity Smash in 98 and his super-fast Kaiser Wave in 2002, not to mention that the Genocide Cutter itself has that extra flip that keeps him casually out of harm's reach. I tried to beat him once even WITH the assistance of reducing his lifebar, and I still couldn't beat him in earnest! I just beat the shit out of my gaming chair, picked Rugal myself, spammed the Kaiser Wave a thousand times over, and groaned for having stooped to the AI's deplorable level.

Pretty much any Samurai Shodown boss (except for Amakusa, who despite being tough, is certainly manageable): Lemme start with Mizuki, who could be my favorite final boss ever on the premises of being a very memorable fight. I originally tried to beat her with Sieger by spamming his Fire Explosion attack repeatedly, and I just kept losing. I tried again with Hanzo, varying my moves this time, and things worked to better results. But lemme tell ya, that stupid Floating Black Hole move was the cause of much headbanging. Even worse is Zankuro, who's the boss in the SS title with the most frustrating AI ever. He can kill you in only two strikes, and he probably will too. Plus, you need to beat him three times, and he only needs to destroy you twice, maybe even only once! Thankfully, he's more manageable in SS4, but still a severe a-hole. And then, there's the bastards of Samurai Shodown V... the less I say about the nightmare of Gaoh, the better.

Original Zero and Igniz: OZ was a terror to say the least. Among lots of trickery and dickery, the worst offense was sending in Ron to break my guard and then pulling the damn screen-filling black hole. How many times has this happened to you when attempting to beat the bastard? And then... the final boss. When a desperation move only does about as much damage as a few light punches, something is seriously wrong. When you get whipped by stupid chain blades every freaking time you jump, your rage level rises to a boiling point. When you get juggled by a counterattack which combos into the most punishing super desperation move ever, you grow to hate the "lovable" Igniz. Once I realized that it would be better to just send one super-powerful character against the bastard instead of three or four easily obliteratable weenies, they became more manageable, but were still insanely tough.

Dio from World Heroes 2: I couldn't beat this guy EVEN when I cheated with savestates. I am not kidding you here. Enough said.

Those are some of the most prominent terrors in the Neo Geo circuit. I've heard and observed that Magaki from XI is a major muffeater, and the end bosses of Neo Geo Battle Coliseum are all severely tough. I once saw a video with Ryo/Mr. Karate and Robert trying to take down Neo Dio, but it was a struggle-and-a-half.
It is interesting to read your thoughts about the Samurai bosses. I have always found Mizuki to be the hardest but I think Zankuro in SS3 is the easiest boss in the series. It's true that Zankuro in SS3 can do lots of damage very quickly and he might seem hard at first but when you discover the secret to defeating him he is very easy. I just stay in the corner and airblock while jumping and when he does an upswing you will block and then counter with a heavy slash. I find SS4 Zankuro quite a bit harder.

As for Dio in WH2 he can be VERY frustrating. Like I do with any difficult boss I just used the memory card to continually practice against him with different tactics and eventually managed to complete the game with a fair few characters (without the memory card of course). He is not too difficult if you use Rasputin, Dragon or Erik. With the others it is more difficult. Dio is somewhat vulnerable to throws however and this is worth trying.

I remember posting earlier in this thread that I could never defeat King Leo in Savage Reign but I finally managed it with Hayate and Eagle after a lot of practice. I thought I would never complete this game so I am very happy.
Magaki from KOF XI.
oh man, I hate this guy he just keep spamming you with a crazy projectile all day.
Even with option 1/3 life, I still can't beat him Angry.
I can't get past Gaoh in Samurai Shodown VI, so for me he's the toughest boss out of all the games I have played.

Honorable mentions also go to Samurai Shodown II, KOF '95,KOF 96 and KOF XI. Can barely beat those on the level 1 difficulty.
Edited by slangman on 04. February 2011 15:36
Loris Biaggi
slangman wrote:
I can't get past Gaoh in Samurai Shodown VI, so for me he's the toughest boss out of all the games I have played.

I agree with you... they made him really too tough!!!
Black Shroud
Wasnt Golba in Sen tougher? I mean they just pumped up his attack and defense so his 3 hits feel like your 13

i could never beat him!
^Hmmm what difficulty to you play at? Kain is one of the few bosses I can beat about 90% of the time, on MVS difficulty. Just stay close and try to corner the bastard, then he's nothing.

Hardest to me is Igniz, I've never beat him. Second is Magaki, but I've beat him once or twice.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 25. February 2011 12:46

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
LIFE_IN_2D wrote:
^Hmmm what difficulty to you play at? Kain is one of the few bosses I can beat about 90% of the time, on MVS difficulty. Just stay close and try to corner the bastard, then he's nothing.

Hardest to me is Igniz, I've never beat him. Second is Magaki, but I've beat him once or twice.

on the bandwagon, but yeah, I'd say Kain (R Heinlein... hur hur) is quite reasonable by SNK Boss standards - as much as he doesn't read your key inputs and doesn't have invincible frames for ALL of his special attacks!

a word of advice for beating Igniz (and Zero... the cool as f*ck Zero that is!), and I know it sounds 'defeatist' but you need to play through the game and when you need to continue at Zero/Igniz JUST pick the ONE solitary character. This in turn makes your one character 4x as powerful as the 4 individuals (or 3 + 1x Striker). I remember struggling like hell against 'em 'both' and then I just thought 'F*ck it! I'm just gonna use someone on 1 + 3x Striker and blitz SDM's all over the place'... yeah, I totally pissed all over them as I was then able to do adequate and balanced damage. 4 on 1 sounds great, but the sad truth is that '01 SCALES your damage right down per character - similar to CVS1 on DC I guess... except Capcom put more than 1 minutes thought into the then unnamed 'ratio system'...

Give it a shot! Thumbs Up

(p.s. you can always 1CC it by playing through with just the ONE character, but it's not as fun as team play. I always save myself the pain and just continue as the one character after having my face removed by Ignis...

Sorry... IGNIZ

^ Yeah ninja I heard of that "final solution" to beat Igniz, but that's a cop-out IMO. I want to beat him "properly". I don't touch '01 ever anyways, last time I played it was probably 3-4 years ago.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 26. February 2011 02:55

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
It's pretty easy to beat him now, but when I first played Fatal Fury in the early 90s (arcade), beating Geese Howard was damn near impossible. Especially with the contrast of playing SF at the time. Bison was a piece of cake, but Geese had the ability to grab you even when you did a burn knuckle or one of Joe's special kicks on top of regular attacks. Wanna throw a power wave? Good luck, Reppuken is way faster and Geese will throw a second one after canceling out the powerwave. The entire cast of AOF 2 is ridiculously hard even on easy. Goenitz and Chizuru were hard originally, but became easier. Same for Orochi and the other KOF bosses. In the right hands though, Orochi could probably be unstoppable as Goenitz I suppose. For my money, I'd say the AOF2 and SS2 bosses are the hardest, only because I haven't played the later SS games (stopped at 4).
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