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October 17 2018

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Thread Author: 1983parrothead
Thread ID: 2732
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There are 13 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 5383 times.
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Fighter's History series discussion
Back in 1993, there were many fighting games being released by numerous companies. The original Fighter's History arcade was one of them. When most people (especially the ones outside of Japan) think of this game (as well as the series), their comments are like "That game/series is SO BAD, it got sued by Capcom!" Well, think again. Read these two links:



Also, according to GAMEST Magazine Volume 134 (December 30, 1994), Data East's largest complaint against Capcom was about their 1984 Karate Champ arcade that started it all in popularizing the genre. Think Karate Champ as "The PONG of fighting games" or "The first successful fighting game".

If you ever wonder why Makoto Mizoguchi became the protagonist of Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!!, and was featured in KOF Maximum Impact, Outlaws of the Lost Dynasty and as the protagonist on the Fighter's History side in the mobile phone game, Garou Densetsu VS. Fighter's History Dynamite, despite Ray McDougal being the actual protagonist of the Fighter's History series, well compare him to Morrigan from the DarkStalkers series, Scorpion from the Mortal Kombat series, and Tessa from Red Earth/Warzard. Most gamers like playing as them more than the more plot-important protagonists. Fighter's History fans also like playing Samchay, Ryoko and even Karnov over Ray McDougal.

Always remember: if you look closely at a fighting game and try to understand the points of them, you may notice that it isn't as awful as you thought, or not awful at all.
Good links, 1983parrothead!

If I am serious, I pretty like Fighter's History: Dynamite on the NG (but I haven't played the first FH yet). It has a good overall presentation, nice stages, solid gameplay and some epic moments aswell ("UUUUUNNNLEEEASH... TIGAAH BAZOOOKAAA!) Grin

There were crappy games in this era, but the Fighter's History series surely aren't a part of them. Capcom can be very annoying by declaring itself as the ultimate fighting game developer, in the past and today aswell.
Those two games by Data East are pretty good and I like them both a lot, even though the character design is a bit bland or uninteresting. The stages are very good with great looking parallax scrolling, which seems to be quite a rarity in fighting games...especially the stages in Fighter's History are really nice looking. Fighter's History and Fighter's History Dynamite are the two games out of a whole lot of fighting games that come closest to Street Fighter II and that's a good thing.
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
being a pretty good game. Whenever I play it I always feel it's a pretty decent game imo. Quite solid infact! Truth is, I don't play it all that often, as I have so many MORE fighters that (sadly) eclipse it when it come to Vs with friends etc...

Running Wild
Fun and hilarious games. My favorite characters are Ryoko, Zazie, Lee and Yung-mie

And just because I can -
YouTube Video

YouTube Video
The last game in the series before Data East's bankruptcy was the Super Famicom exclusive titled Fighter's History: Mizoguchi Kiki Ippatsu!! ( lit. "Fighter's History: Mizoguchi's Moment of Crisis" ).

It was released exclusively in Japan, most likely because |1.| the SNES was becoming old outside of Japan, |2.| most people outside of Japan (especially Americans) focused mostly on the SFII (originality) vs. MK ("kewler" graphics) arguments, |3.| they often don't trust Data East much, and |4.| there are some crazy Makoto Mizoguchi fans.

Here is Jap-Sai's article about it, and here is a very good combo video of it.

YouTube Video

Edited by 1983parrothead on 15. December 2010 05:29
Wow, I didn't knew there's still another Fighter's History game beside the original title and Fighter's History Dynamite / Karnov's Revenge. I surely will give it a play on the emu.

What surprises me most is that Chelnov can be unlocked as playable character! He's also known as the protagonist in Atomic Runner / Chelnov (Arade, Genesis). Quite a hard game but really nice in overall aspects.

YouTube Video
While I heard some of you considering International Karate the best pre-SFII fighting game, see also this:

1983parrothead wrote:
While I heard some of you considering International Karate the best pre-SFII fighting game, see also this:


not only in relation to Data East vs Epyx (i.e. System 3) but in general. It sparked quite the discussion between myself and my GF (quite heated too!).

or should we say, System 3, blatantly copied Data Easts Karate Champ, but 'got away' with it based on the fact that the game was SPECIFICALLY designed around the sport of Karate, and thus MANY similarities would HAVE to exist. A bit daft really, but there you have it.

the best pre-game SF2 title considered best was in actual fact International Karate '+'... which contained 3 players (1x CPU) and ran flawlessly on 16-bit hardware, as opposed to it's earlier predecessors running on 'lesser' hardware (i.e. way of the exploding fist etc).

for posting this though. I really enjoyed reading it! 'Extrinsic-Intrinsic' is now on the brain!

Ive got Fighter's History DYNAMITE for the AES, i had it for the MVS for 12 years and never really got into it, but got it for AES recently for a bargain, and although its rather plain, its ok for a change of pace. I dont mind the game, and i would like to see it in the high score thread section.
NEO-GEO man wrote:
I dont mind the game, and i would like to see it in the high score thread section.

if you scan through the HSC thread that it MAY be in there somewhere? Hmm

Ill have a ganda... i didnt see it!!
Someone uploaded a playthroughs of the arcade version of the original Fighter's History. Here is one with the series' protagonist:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Edited by 1983parrothead on 13. November 2011 10:54
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