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November 21 2018

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 272
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There are 13 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 2555 times.
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New stuff - members arcade (now online!)
I have added a couple of new mods to the site:

Arcade: This is currently being tested, but it will be online for all users VERY soon. It will be a collection of flash games where you can compete with other members for high scores. There's a handful of games on there right now, and a lot more will be added! This should be a pretty damn good fun add-on! Smile

New User Profiles: I got an advanced version of the profile, which I think looks better and is a lot more helpful than the standard one. Have a look at my profile for an example and tell me what you think:


Adding some other stuff at the moment too, check back tomorrow for more.

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 03. April 2007 21:11
I think the profiles look really nice. Smile
Thanks Grin

Added a few games to the arcade, it has been tested by a few people, and everything seems to be working hunky dory. I'll get a few more games on there and then make it public - hopefully tomorrow. So far we have games like the following, which all have high score tables that are saved every time you get a top ten score:

Donkey Kong
Alien Hominid

And more... I could go crazy and add a boat load of games but I want to get rid of all the crappy ones from the packs I downloaded and only have decent/fun games.

Edited by Kazuya_UK on 29. March 2007 21:13
Where did the arcade go? sniff:(
Did you not get the pm about the arcade? It's offline te,porarily due to a serious security breach - apparently some Iranian hackers have been targeting sites with the arcade installed and completely massacaring their MySQL databases, so I've removed it for now just in case. It'll be back soon, I know the authors are urgently working on a fix for it which I'll install as soon as they make it available. Thumbs Up

Hmm, I don't recall getting one. Anyhow, that's too bad. Thanks for the heads up.
I didn't get one either, no arcade... that sucks man.

I think it's really down 'cos Kaz can't keep up with the high scores! Pfft
LMAO Pfft We shall see once it comes back online!!

Anyway, good news and bad news:

Good: A fix has been released and I have it

Bad: Dreamhost suffered a major easter DNS attack so everything was down, even their own site - the site is finally back up, but ftp is not working so I can't upload the fix right now.

Even more bad: I was forced to defuse the addon, which means all high scores have been reset, and I will also have to manually re-add all the games back in. I'm really sorry about this guys, but as the DNS attack on dreamhost proves, you can never be to careful and I didn't want to risk the site getting destroyed, which is what happened with a few other sites I saw. Thankfully I keep daily backups, but it would still be a MAJOR pain.

Good news: To soften the blow I will try and get some other games added so that there is a bit more to do when the arcade comes back online. I'm still gutted though that we lost the high scores we had - especially my l337 helicopter score! Shock

I had almost a perfect game in hexagon!!!!!

I need some alone time. sniff
Shock Paper toss...:( Don't know if I have the patience to score that high again.

Wow, good job you saw that coming Kaz. And boogiepop, that score on Hexxagon man... 56!! How? That's as near to perfect as makes no difference in my book. Think you can do it again?
I dunno. The computer makes stupid mistakes at times and other times is downright dirty. Paper toss... that's gotta hurt. I feel for you man.
Good news: To soften the blow I will try and get some other games added so that there is a bit more to do when the arcade comes back online. I'm still gutted though that we lost the high scores we had - especially my l337 helicopter score! smiley

Yay! I look forward to not being able to get close to Shiny's awesome paper toss score again! (i could only do about 12 in a row lol)

I can't wait to see whhat over games you find Kaz. That drunk walk home one was fun!
thanks for the updates! Cant wait till the arcade is back up! (damn Iranian hackers!)
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