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July 15 2018

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Thread Author: dhowerter
Thread ID: 2704
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Do ALL Neo CD games let you choose between the original Cart music & Cd music?
Just wanted to know.

Do ALL Neo Geo CD games let you choose between the original cart / chip music & the arranged cd music?

If not ALL, what percentage would you say of Neo CD games offer ONLY the arranged cd music (and NOT the original cart music)

And of course, what percentage would you say of Neo CD games offer ONLY the original cart / chip music and NOT the arranged cd music)?

Also, where is the option to change the music exactly usually and what does it look like? (do you just pick "arranged" or "original" or Soundtrack "A" or "B"?)

The above is to help me figure out which option changes the music in a Japanese options menu, which of course I can't read; not fun!

Any tips for figuring out which option it is are appreciated! ^_^

I do not play much of my NGCD now I have a MVS but from what I recall not many let you change the music options, of coarse I could be completely wrong as I never really mess about with music settings much.
I have a fair few Neo Geo CDs and none of them have an option to switch between the original and the arranged versions of the soundtrack. I've not heard of any Neo CD games having that option.

As for what percentage of them have only the arranged music well it's kind of hard for me to answer. Most Neo CD games I've never played and in the ones I do have the music doesn't always sound much different to me. I would need to hear the CD and cart music back to back to properly compare them. I did come across this site which is a nice idea but not sure if they are going to update it or not because there's very little info there right now.


I was initially put off buying a NGCD because I always liked the idea of the music being identical to the arcade original but when I heard how great the arranged music sounds in games like Twinkle Star Sprites and Voltage Fighter Gowcaizer I soon changed my mind. A definite improvement over the original music I feel.
in general, USUALLY the AST is better imo anyway (like the NGCD versions) BUT this isn't always the case! I have pretty much all the SNK/P compilations and standalone releases on the PS2 (PAL & JAP) and 95% of these carry BOTH the option of AST & OST - like you were hoping for on NGCD.

I must say, having both at the same time makes distinguishing the better 'version' much easier, as you can listen to a track in OST in the music menu, then switch to AST, press play again, and listen to the same track in AST after! Yes. I'm that sad, but for me it is important to know the difference!

Back to which is better (OST vs AST) per game, a good example is the Real Bout series. Personally, I think that the AST used in RB1 is much better than the OST, however, the OST used in RBS is much better than the AST - as the AST is clearly just a carbon-copy of RB1's AST (lazy b*stards!). As for RB2... I think the OST edges the AST too... but only by a fraction, as all the RB series AST was revised for RB2, unlike RBS's AST (confused yet??)...

If not ALL, what percentage would you say of Neo CD games offer ONLY the arranged cd music (and NOT the original cart music)

And of course, what percentage would you say of Neo CD games offer ONLY the original cart / chip music and NOT the arranged cd music)?

As far as I know, most of the early release (90 to 93) only use the original soundtrack. It seems most of the non-fighters don't get an arranged ost either, save for Top Hunter, Pulstar and Last Resort.
Edited by Glowsquid on 18. June 2010 12:24
Thanks for the impressions! ^_^

BTW, when the Neo CD game music *IS* "Arranged", is it just the same music / melody as the original / cart music, for example, but in higher sound quality and sounding less "chippy" (hope that made sense Wink

Or is the CD / Arranged music usually remixed? (has a slightly or massively different melody / feel to it, for example)

Or does it depend on the individual game?

(to be clear, I'm NOT talking about the cases where a Neo CD game literally has the exact same soundtrack as the cart version, I'm talking about if the music on a Neo CD game **IS** "Arranged"Wink

"Arranged" tracks usually sounds very different and much fancier than the AES version. Compare the original soundtrack of Last Reort with the CD release.

Musics that are *not* arranged will sound a tinny little bit better because CD music is of inherently better quality.
the Yamaha sound chip available on the aes is the same on the neo CD front loading and the other module but with less channel on the cd system. so i prefer the original soundtrack because the CD music is remix and not as good like the cartMusic
Edited by neogeoeno on 08. October 2010 23:03
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