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October 18 2018

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Thread Author: Kazuya_UK
Thread ID: 27
Thread Info
There are 24 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 6263 times.
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I finally got round to infusing the chatroom into the site - I had it installed a week ago or more, but it was messing up one or two of the themes quite badly so I had to fix that first. It's working now though, and the best part is that it's an integrated IRC client, so you can choose to access it from the site itself using the java plugin, or use a program like MIRC. The choice is yours Smile

Link -->

I should be idling in there, but if I'm not at the PC I will have myself set to away. Feel free to check it out and let me know if it loads ok for you!


I want to organise a chat meet at some point very soon, as I need to talk to all mods and get them setup on the admin side of things. I'm thinking that a Saturday evening (UK time that is) will be perfect, like last time on the old chat plugin. Would this be ok with you guys, or would another day be better? Having a chat meet would be a good idea because it would save me having to talk to everyone individually, and it would be nice to get everyone into the chatroom so we can yack away for a bit! Smile

Sounds good to me ... Let me know what you come up with for a time etc Wink
Sounds good. I have to go shopping later Saturday night although by that time it'll probabaly already be sunday in the UK.
I'm pretty much around everu night from 7pm thru 10pm (sometimes more) everyday pacific standard time.
I'm still trying to get the chatroom to work on my pc (connection times out) but am definately up for meeting on there.

Busy this fri/sat night GMT but pretty much free most nights and weekend mornings. Not sure how that will work out with time differences tho but I should be quite flexible.
I've been gone for a week but i'm up for chatting any time now.
Cool, welcome back Goemon! I'm thinking of having the chat meet this Saturday evening. In UK time it'll probably be about 5-6pm or something, so check the difference for your time zones. Hope that is convenient for everyone. I'll be sending a pm to everyone to confirm this. Smile

Hope that chatroom works ok for you all, but if anyone has problems you can download MIRC and use that to connect - I'll post instructions on the chat page later.

Kazuya_UK wrote:Hope that chatroom works ok for you all,

It works fine for me; i'm going to be in it for the next hour Smile
im having trouble with adding http proxy usig mIRC... help Pfft
my artworks/doodles ->
Can't use the web based one? Unfortunately, I can't be of help seeing that I hardly use mIRC.

Anyway, had a good chat with Kaz, goemon, phry and me (me? I love my narcissm and anything that's me: MANLY!!!!) Smile But yeah anyway we should all chat regularly 'cuz it's fun.
buddha: hmmm, I've never had to add a proxy or anything in MIRC, the standard settings work ok for me. Have you looked through the help guides on Have you tried the on site chatroom plugin?

suko: oh noes, more of the manliness again! Shock

But yea, it was good fun, it would be nice to do it more often. Hopefully at least a few of us can make it on Saturday evening anyway, and plus I'll be able to get you all setup properly on the site!

The chat thing on your site doesn't work for me. I just get a big blank box with an x in the corner. Dunno what that means, maybe it's me?

You need to make sure that you have the latest version of java installed - without that it wont work. Normally it asks you if you want to install it.

Try it in both IE and Firefox and see if you have any more luck?

sukotsuto wrote:Anyway, had a good chat with Kaz, goemon, phry and me (me? I love my narcissm and anything that's me: MANLY!!!!) Smile But yeah anyway we should all chat regularly 'cuz it's fun.

I enjoyed it as well. I wish i would have had more time that day. I'll be sure to make it tomorrow.
ok, i mgot it working.. but, hehe, nobody was around.

i'll try to check it out again, see you there
my artworks/doodles ->
Yippee it's working for me now Smile

See you guys later.

I may have missed one or two of you in the chat meet if you came in a little later, but myself, emo fairy, buddha and phry went into the chat and I managed to get phry/buddha setup with proper mod powers. One thing I will mention for the mods - above your customer image ranks it says "moderator", but once I setup your mod powers properly it changes the part that says "member" to moderator. As it looks a little stupid to have it say moderator twice, feel free to let me know a custom title that you would like. I can always change it again in the future! Cool

The chat meet was a little rushed this time I know, and also it might not be convenient for some people to get in at that sort of time. I'm trying to think of a time where the most amount of people will be able to make it in, although it might better to try it after the site opens for real so we have some of the other members in there too. It's hard to know what sort of time is convenient for the maximum amount of people though really... :|

I missed it. Sorry everyone. I was down south visiting family agian.

I'll be checking the chat room when i'm online from now on.
That's cool - I'm almost always logged into the chat but usually idling because I'm out , along with the mysterious "anna_bot" who seems to be in there a lot LOL LOL LOL

If I'm around though and I'm not set to away, I probably am at the pc so give me a shout in there Smile

Trivia and other stuff added!!! So long as Anna_Bot is in the chatroom (which she will be 95% of the time), type in the following commands for various things:

!seen <nickname> (eg. !seen Kazuya_UK)

The seen command will tell you the last time someone was in the chat. Type in your own name or anna_bots name for a smartass remark! Wink


Will tell you how many lines of text you have written and a few other various stats.

!trivia <number of questions> (eg !trivia 20 for 20 questions.

Type this if you fancy a trivia quiz - once it has started it will keep track of everyones scores, so we can compete against each other. Should be fun, I might try to make my own set of SNK based questions to add to it Grin

Have a mess with it, hopefully if I can catch a few of you in the channel we can have a trivia quiz Smile

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