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December 15 2018

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Thread Author: Keita-Kata
Thread ID: 2689
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There are 13 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3951 times.
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2010 E3
As you that E3 is coming tomorrow. What games are you looking forward to?

As for me I'm looking forward to Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and Gran Turismo 5.

PSN: KeitaKata and BlackWings83
when is e3 starting?
bojan - tommorrow i guess from what angel says. im looking forward to marvel v Capcom too, not so much Gran Turismo though i am interested in it. i hope they make it a bit less clinical than recent installments. that japnese game with the robot guy in the suit looked good, sorry i forgot the name. he can powerslide about the place. so that as well. and also Dreamcast 2 and Shenmue 3 Smile
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RiKo wrote:
... also Dreamcast 2 and Shenmue 3 Smile

but quite honestly, I have no idea what I should be expecting to be honest. All I know is that this year the only games I'm bothered about playing are KOFXIII & Metroid M.

End of.

Well, Micro$oft had pretty much the worst press conference of the day. A good portion of it was a 9 year old playing with an imaginary tiger onscreen. I'm not joking.
i just want to know when is kof XIII coming out and does the game will be released for PC
KOF XIII coming in Arcades this Summer and later for PS3/360, but KOF never (I think) came out for the PC and probably never will. (Although emulation is another story.)
well they did said that they are going to try release kof XII for the pc but because they felt the game is going to fail they didnt published it for the pc
lol mortal kombat in 2d well from that vid well it looks like a 2d but its not lol
YouTube Video

Edited by bojan4o on 15. June 2010 21:40
Portal 2 looks so awesome, and it's good that is coming to Playstation 3.
Killzone 3 looks good too, God of War: Ghost of Sparta looks good on the PSP.

The Playstation Move looks good.

Sony announced that it will have 70 titles on the PSP in the holidays.

PSN: KeitaKata and BlackWings83
bojan4o wrote:
lol mortal kombat in 2d well from that vid well it looks like a 2d but its not lol

another tragic 3D MK iteration. Surely we'd seen the last of these turds after the positively (negatively?) abysmal MK vs DC??! The only HALF decent attempt at the series WAS Armageddon, as it had a great little quest mode AND a great a character mode! Surely Armageddon was the perfect swan song for MK's 3D outings? Everything since is just a step back, so what TRULY is the point, as it is clearly very obvious from the video that gameplay has not evolved whatsoever - aside what looks to be 'Strikers'! Oh deary me...

now would be the perfect time to pull the MK universe into SF's 3D universe and FINALLY do the whole vs thing! MK characters in the SF-style universe etc? I think it could REALLY work! Just don't let Capcom choose the MK roster - or we'll have NO Scorpion with Sindel or Sheeva in his place instead LOL

Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 15. June 2010 22:53
well ninja i have a different opinion i still think that this game would be better way better than any fighter that will come out this year (well if we count out kof XIII that game will be badass)
My two cents on E3:

Fave things so far imo: 3DS, Portal 2, Gears of War 3, Marvel vs Capcom 3

I hope that the add-ons don't end up like the Mega Drive ones lol

Kinect - Hate the name, sounds like corporate motivational buzz-words. The stand-alone Kinect games look kinda lame and the tech would've been best used to complement a standard controller rather than replace it. After all, you need the tactile sense of actually holding something to be any good. Just think of the lack-of-steering-wheel thing. Arms will ache. As for motion controls, I think that Move may be better for gaming. At least Kinect's branding looks like it's kept seperate (with purple boxes etc), so I doubt it'll take over or get in the way of the games we're used to seeing on the 360.

As for a different angle on Kinect, I'm researching augmented reality and motion capture at university and the hardware sounds cool. The stuff you can do with a PS3 Eye is impressive but Kinect has even more gadgetry. Can't wait till it gets hacked like Sony's camera. 3D cameras, IR and multi-user full-body tracking sounds like it deserves better use than virtual baby tigers.

As for 3D - Sony like to ram it down our throats but I'm no sure many are going to buy a 3D TV for several grand that still needs glasses. It'd feel uncomfortable wearing glasses at home all the time. Nice job Nintendo with the Glasses-less 3D, with adjustable effect level. Give it the best part of a decade and I think most new full-sized TVs will use similar technology (hence why I find their approach so interesting).

As for everyone though - There's a massive void in new titles, with so many sequels and remakes now. Not that it's a bad thing (take my choices above) but it'd be nice to see some really new stuff.

Downloadable titles on XBLA and PSN such as Shank, Scott Pilgrim, Monday Night Combat, Limbo and Captain Smiley have grabbed my interest for completely new franchises, though as for completely new full-retail game series - Vanquish and Child of Eden seem pretty cool.

As with all the above though and everything we see on game sites etc - we're still yet to play them and most of it isn't finished. So who knows - even if something looks rubbish now it might end up really good, or vice versa.
Edited by phry on 18. June 2010 20:08
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