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August 18 2019

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Thread Author: RiKo
Thread ID: 2682
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There are 13 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 6110 times.
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Spectrum Love :)
i have been having nostalgia pangs recently for my ZX Spectrum - not that i am dumb enough to actually get it out to play it (although i have to do that on my Dreamcast now since i just sold my actual spectrum to some guy n Russia. i have a speccy emulator on my dreamcast which runs a bit fast. it works out good cos i have the DC keyboard )

anyway Spectrum games are kind of crap but yet good at the same time. i thought anyone who likes the spectrum and its games could post memories here. i i really like this video since it reminds me of playing copied games and not knowing what to do. the guy is not bored as he sounds, hes just from the midlands in England. though he is prob a little bored to be fair Smile this is for Zub, a game i have never played but i have heard of it. from watching this video it looks crap but i heard its ok. it was by the same people who later did Plok! on SNES.

YouTube Video

my favourite spectrum games are Jet Set Willy, Jet Set Willy 2, Manic Miner, Spy Hunter, Dizzy, BMX Simualtor (lol), Renegade (better than the arcade!), Knight Tyme, Jetpac (now on xbox live), Head Over Heels. Happy days Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
to check, but I know for a fact that this video is by 'PaulIsTheBest'. He's from Cannock don't ya know? Me and a group of friends have sat down numerous times to watch his videos - as a source of amusing entertainment! Unintentionally VERY funny guy!

My fave video is definitely (if it's still in his channel) of him leaving a multi-storey carpark and driving home, with the video on his face the whole time. He even explains the journey (roundabouts, junctions etc). That voice is unmistakable! I also like in his review of Catalypse for the C64, he refers to it as "Catalipsee". Priceless.

Looks f*ckin' shocking mate! But then again, there was never a place in my heart for the 8 to 16bit era of Computer Consoles (Speccy, C64, Amiga, ST etc). I just could never, and still can't, be doing with them.

Paul owns though! Grin

Somehow this Zub guy (with his helmet on) reminds me of Psy-Crow from the Earthworm Jim series... Maybe I have too much fantasy.

And for the game itself: There are a lot of other - more entertaining - games from this era...

NeoGeoNinja wrote:
to check, but I know for a fact that this video is by 'PaulIsTheBest'. He's from Cannock don't ya know? Me and a group of friends have sat down numerous times to watch his videos - as a source of amusing entertainment! Unintentionally VERY funny guy!

I have to watch more from this guy, looks very promising indeed.
8bit machines spawned tons of quality games. Ah the good old spectrum, my first computer i agree with the list of games in the op, Target renegade too Thumbs Up
Im afraid i was a C64 boy back then. some of my friends had speccys and swore by them. still the old 8bit computers were great. Target Renegade rocks
I think to myself, I'd love to play it again. Then i think hmm, it's probably aged badly and will be shite lol
Great thread RiKo. I have a lot of fond memories of playing Spectrum games. My earliest gaming experiences in fact. It was quite an exciting time when the Spectrum came out. It was only many years later though that I got one myself so for a long time I just played at friends houses. There's no doubt that there were quite a few crappy Spectrum games but I still think that some of them hold up pretty well today. It's amazing what programmers were able to achieve, they really pushed the machine to it's limits. I still have three spectrums: ZX Spectrum+, ZX Spectrum 128 and ZX Spectrum +2.

Out of the games you mentioned RiKo I've only played Spy Hunter and the Miner Willy games. I was really hooked on them especially Spy Hunter. I remember often playing it after school with two friends. I was a bit crap to be honest and was often killed by the helicopter or trying to get into the river to turn into a boat.

My favourite Spectrum game of all time has got to be Journey's End an rpg. You have to negotiate a series of dungeons, guide your party of adventurers through a hostile wilderness and then face the final battle against a huge dragon. Took me quite a while to beat this game. It's quite funny on the cover of the game it proudly boasted that it was 'a three program cassette utilising over 100k of memory'. I guess that must have been quite impressive in those days!


Here are some of my other favourites I spent countless hours playing. I can't find videos of all of them though.

Atic Atac

The Curse of Sherwood

The Hobbit

Ninja Master
Annals of Rome
Kobyashi Naru
Sinbad and the Golden Ship

Here's a very cool Spectrum site people should check out. It lets you play Spectrum games in your browser.

Man, attic attack was quality. That takes me back about 25 years Shock
im just on quick tonight so i write a proper response tommorrow. its nice to see lots of people like the Spectrum. i have heard that Zub game is ok. i posted that vid cos it was funny cos he didnt know how to play the game - which happens a lot with me when playing spectrum games you dont have instructions for. apparently you can move platforms if you stand on them and press down and then left and right. he was trying to move it by walking on it in the video which looked torturous.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
The speccy was my first computer ( apart from a late 70s pong console) and its the reason why games become such a big part of my life. The 80s British home computer scene was very much like the Japanese mentality in terms of originality and quirky games. This is maybe something to do with bedroom coders and small studios with low overheads hence risk taking.
This unfortunately had ceased by the late 80s as the 8 bit computers had became invaded by a dirge of budget software and poor arcade conversations that the humble speccy had no chance of replicating.

Looking back it was a golden time for me but playing a lot of them now on emu shows just how superior the 8 bit Jap consoles were as unlike the master system and nes many of the speccy games are simply to difficult or unplayable, but I guess some things are left in the past.

Regardless of this the like of Manic Miner/JSW and the Hewson games are still very playable and polished as are the Ultimate ( now Rare ) games.

I can see Ninjas point and sort of agree but as somebody who cut is gaming teeth on the speccy I will always cherish the memories and as I said a small minority of the games deserve attention even today.
Good to see you're a fan of Atic Atac too IDChappy. I was always hooked on that one and I still think it's very playable even today.

I agree STE while there are a lot of crappy Spectrum games that some of them are still well worth playing today especially games like Manic Miner. Compared to the 8 bit consoles the Spectrum had very limited capabilities as a gaming machine but I still it's impressive what programmers managed to achieve. This is a good example, a Doom style game from Russian programmers:

YouTube Video

I remember there were a huge number of text adventures on the Spectrum. Some like the Hobbit were very good but a lot of them were very boring with little in the way of graphics and some very obscure and frustrating puzzles to solve. You'd end up typing in expletives out of frustration!

One thing I always remember too was that the packaging for Spectrum games was a bit misleading sometimes. The cassette insert or box always had loads of screenshots of other versions of the game like Atari ST, Amiga etc. and sometimes none or only one from the Spectrum version itself.

I find all the eastern European Spectrum clones like the Scorpion and Pentagon quite interesting. There were loads of different ones and I heard that some were even better than the original Spectrums with full size keyboards, increased memory and faster processors. Some could even be used with an IBM PC compatible hard drive. I read that the Scorpion ZS-256 is still being manufactured in Russia.



Bizarrely there were loads of adult type games on the Spectrum too ranging from actual Spectrum soft porn to adult themed text adventures. LOL Not that I ever bought any of them but I did check them out on an emulator out of curiosity.
Merlin wrote -Not that I ever bought any of them but I did check them out on an emulator out of curiosity.

um...... of course Merlin Smile

haha only joking. i love that Doom conversion!, they are doing something with the display chip i think to get that, its very impressive. The spectrum had no sprites and everything had to be done with the single processor. and it was a nightmare cos it had color restrictions so u could only have 2 colour per 8 pixel square. something like that anyway. it was very flexible though, and had a relatively fast processor for an 8 bit machine. i was same as you on spyhunter - used to play round my friends house and was always obssesed with turning into the motorboat but used to die a lot in the process down the narrow rocky road that leads up to the river.

i think Ninja is right too in many ways, but i would argue that the spectrum and its brothers (C64 etc) saw much more creative games being made for them, and some very charming ones too like Bak 2 Skool and Skool Daze, based on Birtish culture so we could relate to them more. they werent as slick as the console ones but they had something different and were also appealing.

consoles are designed for one thing and they do it very well. they are deisgned for scrolling a tiled background and displaying sprites over this and thats what they do. you can do other stuff but its not easy. the NES version of Elite is amazing but it was incredibly hard to do. a lot of console games are quite samey in this way.

i remember my fav time ever was when i had an Amiga and a SNES, it was the best combination ever. the SNES kicked the Amiga's ass for arcade games like Final Fight and Street Fighter II, but Kick off 2, Sensi Soccer, Player Manager, Populous, Lemmings etc ruled on the Amiga.
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
i was thinking that a couple of PS2 games remind me of spectrum games (in a good way) they have that kind of feel to them. Ico does alot, its like an old arcade adventure underneath all that atmosphere where u explore and solve puzzles. i really get that feeling when i play it. there was another one too but i forgot, i will try to rememeber Smile
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
Mini-Reviews of ZX Spectrum games :
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