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September 21 2019

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Thread Author: priest
Thread ID: 2509
Thread Info
There are 16 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 8349 times.  There's also files attached.
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Waku Waku 7: NGFL High Score Challenge
Its time for this week HSC game which is WAKU WAKU 7 a sequel to sunsofts GALAXY FIGHT but with a completely different story and a different set of characters. I haven't played this much myself but I know the game has it fair share of fans among you beuatifull members of NGFL. Please join the GOTW discussion thread which already covered the game and good luck with your highscores...

GAME OF THE WEEK discussion thread:


image credit: The Arcade Flyer Archive

The rules:

* Play whichever version you like: NEO GEO MVS / NEO GEO AES /EMULATOR

* Difficulty: MVS - level 4 / AES - MVS setting

* Lives: Default setting

* Credits: 1

* Multiple runs as training is of course allowed. Also if you manage to surpass your previous score then just post it and I'll update the first post.

* No cheating with any kind of UNI-BIOS is allowed.

* No cheating in Emulators such as autofire, Pausing or infinite lives are allowed
(or any other effect you can use in emulators to make the game easier, score higher etc)

* Photographic proof is not needed as I believe that we are all honorable people. If you like though you can attach a photo or a mini-clip with your highscore.

* State which platform you played this game on.

* The goal: Highest score possible.

* How to present your highscore to make my work a lot easier, EXAMPLE:

User nickname: Score: , Character: , End level: , Difficulty level: ...and other facts

There will be no closing dates for the different HSC threads. They will always be there ready to accept new challengers. But I will start to award the winner a medal as soon as scores are posted. And as I said the challenge will always be there.



1. freebie, Score: 16,570,300. , Character: Arina, Played on: Finalburn Alpha, Difficulty level: MVS/4

2. Merlin: 2,150,100. , Character: Rai, game completed, played on Mame32++

3. reelmojo, 323,100. , Rai, lost to Politank-Z, NeoRageX

4. ?

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
The Stray: 420,200. , Char: Rai, Status: Game Complete, On: Kawaks 1.59, Diff: Level-4.
NeoStrayCat attached the following file:
You are not allowed to see attachments in this thread.

Edited by NeoStrayCat on 19. April 2010 04:40
Hi Stray and welcome.

Scoreboard, hall of fame and medals are updated.
Edited by priest on 19. April 2010 18:30

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I was browsing the HSC forum looking for a new game or two to compete in when I noticed Waku Waku 7 only had one entry! This cannot stand!

...but Stray's gold medal can stand. For now!

reelmojo, 323100, Rai, lost to Politank-Z, NeoRageX

I lost an opportunity for a lot of points by losing the fight to Bonus-Kun. D'oh!
Yea, damn shame from what Ive heard WW7 is the favorite game of quite a lot of people around here. So I was expecting a few more entries...


Welcome, Reelmojo. You are #1

Scoreboard, hall of fame and medals are updated.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Just wanted to point out that you must have accidentally copied my score over Stray's. I'm supposed to be in second place.
Reelmojo: Nope! You are #1. Since "The stray" have been removed from NGFL HSC, after getting caught cheating.

The subject was discussed in another thread and after thinking long and hard about it, this was my desicion.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
I'm not very good at this game but decided to give this challenge a try anyway. I used quite simple tactics to win. This is not a very high score for this game and it wouldn't be that difficult to beat it.


In recent years I've come to realize just how good this game is. Love the artwork and characters.

I do have a very small complaint though. Twice during my high score attempts I had a double KO in the third round. Unlike in other fighting games there isn't an extra round and it just goes straight to the continue screen. That seems a bit unfair.

Merlin: 2,150,100. , Character: Rai, game completed, played on Mame32++
Merlin:...Or would you prefer to be called #1, from here after...?GrinWink

Scoreboard is updated.

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
Yay it's really fun game Smile. I tried it at last a few months ago, and wanted to invest much more time for a long time before then, but never had the chance. The overall presentation is very nice and "cute", it has great animation and strange in a good way characters. I played with Arina :$, and finished the game, which was quite hard (far from 1 credit Grin).

Nice score merlin Smile.
Haha Priest. I think I have quite a few first places because either hardly anyone entered or maybe they only tried a few times to get a good score. I hope you will take part again in a few challenges yourself in the future.

Thanks Freebie. Fernandeath caused me quite a few problems. Three times I got to him on one credit and failed. I bet if you put some more time into the game it wouldn't take you long to get a higher score than me.
merlin wrote:

Haha Priest. I think I have quite a few first places because either hardly anyone entered or maybe they only tried a few times to get a good score.

Merlin:...No need to mention this, Number one is still number oneGrin

Yea if time allows me I hope to take part in one or two HSC...

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
merlin, I finally beat your result Smile (a few times actually Pfft, but I'll go in order).

The last couple of days I dedicated a lot to the game. When I beat it for the first time I was expecting a good score - as I thought I did well and didn't take much time, I kept my life at ok levels (maybe lost round or two - ofc. one was on Ferni).

Here's what was my result:

1 810 000

As you can see it was lower than yours (sadly:(), and most of all I didn't knew/understood what was the reason behind that rather low achievement Smile.

Naturally (for todays times), I looked/searched for a run that other players might have done on internet. After a few videos on youtube, I got even more confused. What I've seen didn't looked why better than my run - slower fights, more lost rounds etc. Most surprisingly of all the scores I watched were better than mine:(.

I didn't lose courage and continued with my tries. At some point I did succeed beating your time. Just a little bit though. I wasn't content with what I got. I checked here and did see the link you put (with scores). There were results exceeding 10 mil. It sure have to had some trick to get such high score I thought. I looked more videos and finally started to get the hang of it Smile.

So what's that 10 mil? It is a bonus called - no miss bonus. First I thought that you get it if you don't skip the short story moments that unfold before and after fights. It sure was foolish of me but at the time I couldn't explain it to myself any better. It turned out to be a bonus you get when finish the game without losing any rounds. I do believe that this is rather harsh thing, or unfair maybe, because it makes too much of difference.

The other thing I find out is that to get high points you had to use or more so finish the rounds with your super moves - doki doki and hara hara (Grin). That gets you rather high ranks (the system that uses it is rather strange as well, appointing - !!, !, S, V, T and other crazy symbols Grin).

Ofcourse the obvious - finish the rounds as fast as you can and don't lose your health count as well, but not as much as the the ones above.

So, heres my last result (after a few 2,3,5,6 million ones I finally did it without losing rounds to anyone):

Player: freebie, Score: 16 570 300, Character: Arina, Played on: Finalburn Alpha, Difficulty level: MVS/4

I have to say it wasn't easy Smile (I got even agnry a few times hm...). Ferni is one hell of boss. A lot of times I had gotten to him but he always seemed to get frenzy the second round. Fights can went so fast that in a blink of an eye you lose almost all your health Grin. One of the reasons for that is of course the game mechanics. The option to activate your super (which can act as a counter and short invulnerability) when pressing a-b-c buttons is the main source of troubles (or goodies depending on which side you are on). It stops you from atacking and you can even do it after a few blocked hits for a lot more headache:(. The other thing is your meter that fills constanly when you do nothing. It is limited at start at one and it goes to seven (maximum) as you face opponent after opponent. I'm sure that creates really different and fun experience versus other humans (if they are close in terms of exp.), but on a balance level and even vs AI it can be very ridiculous.

On the positive side of things, blocking is too good of an option Pfft (but throws do almost no damage, or can be evaded:().

Here's one amazing run that I watched (I won't spoil the score but it is crazy Grin, the other characters are done as well):


p.s. Slash's music is gonna burn in my brain for a while haha:( (he is right after Ferni at creating hard matches)!
Great score Freebie. Thumbs Up As I said in my previous post I thought it probably wouldn't take you long to get a higher score than me if you tried. You beat the highest scores at the French forum too! Thanks for the scoring info. I won't post any more scores for this game. I just wanted to finish the game on one credit.

Hope to see you taking part in more challenges. Maybe the Breakers/Breaker's Revenge challenges would interest you? My scores are not very high in those and you can score millions of bonus points if you don't lose any rounds.
Sorry for the late response merlin, for now I don't intend to try some of the Breakers games. Myabe some day I will Smile.
Hi Freebie Smile Its always fun to read all about your HSC entries.

Scoreboard is updated (sorry about the delay)

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
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