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September 17 2019

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Thread Author: bojan4o
Thread ID: 2506
Thread Info
There are 4 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 6860 times.  There's also files attached.
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your vote for the first place second place and third place for this 3 games
samurai shodown 64 samurai shodown 64 0%[0 Votes]
samurai shodown asura zanmaden (64 2/warrior's rage) samurai shodown asura zanmaden (64 2/warrior's rage) 75%[3 Votes]
samurai shodown warrior's rage (PSone) samurai shodown warrior's rage (PSone) 25%[1 Vote]
samurai shodown sen samurai shodown sen 0%[0 Votes]
Total Votes : 4
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samsho 64 / samsho asura zanmaden (64 2 or warrior's rage)/samsho warrior's rage/samsho sen
well we all know about these games as the first attempt from snk to adapt their 2d fighting games in 3d they totally succeeded from mine point of view and i am willing to play this 4 games but i dont have that luck to play them so what do you think of these 4 games?

here are the info's for these 3 games Although i think they are not really necessary on this forum
http://snk.wikia....Shodown_64 [/url]



and here are the game-play videos for the 3 games

samurai shodown 64

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

samurai shodown asura zanmaden

YouTube Video

(the sound is extremely bad in this vid so if you know better vids with better sound do post them)

samurai shodown warrior's rage

YouTube Video

samurai showdown sen(online play)

YouTube Video

a small thread for all asura lovers
YouTube Video

you can post some random videos pics and other stuff related to this 3 games on here(i didnt said 4 games cuz sen has a thread for it self)
bojan4o attached the following image:

Edited by bojan4o on 17. April 2010 21:21
Black Shroud
Get modern PC and MAME, then play those games.

Tourney vids

pages from my site

Storyline and presentation-wise probably the best arc of Samsho, SSAZ is the most polished out of three games. Too bad SNK wont use the new characters of this 3D arc much

One of cool things about SSAZ is that it combines 3D movesets (big amount of normals) with overall 2.5D gameplay; not many games do that. Shinsho (PSX) game shortened the number of normals to default one used in 2D games (it has roughly same amount of normals per char as LB games)
Edited by Black Shroud on 17. April 2010 19:33
I voted for Asura Zanmaden although I've never actually tried the PS1 game. I think both the Hyper 64 Samurai games are very good but SSAZ is a big improvement IMO. Although I do own both games I haven't really put all that much time into them to be honest but the gameplay is much more enjoyable for me in SSAZ and graphically it's a big improvement too.

In the first game I do like the way the stages have different areas like multiple floors or adjoining areas. That's a very cool idea. Also the intro looks very impressive in the first game with some beautiful artwork. When they eventually emulate the sound in the Hyper games I'm definitely keen to try and improve at the games and play them online.
Black Shroud
I actually played the PSX game online alot (ePSXe + kaillera), the good thing there is that after match only losing player can operate the rematch/return to select screen menu, so in case of desynch (both are winners) no one can pass that menu and we know about desynch instantly.

PSX game is basically a 2D game in everything except character models. The most interesting thing about it the counterhit system, like certain counterhits against certain hits lead to certain effects; and you also need to punish stuff with kick counterhits (they stagger) instead of strong slashes.

PSX game is not quite beginner-friendly as it has some difficult motions and unforgiving controls (if you mess up your input, move wont come out; you also cannot mash out the move)
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