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February 16 2019

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Thread Author: NeoStrayCat
Thread ID: 2479
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Kaillera - Online Gaming
Earlier in the evening I co-op'd D&D/TOD (Tower of Doom) at WWL, and I can now say I like it over SOM. In two words, cleaner gameplay: the actual stages are straightforward, the item/equipping system is simple, the enemies aren't too repetitive and (most of) the bosses aren't chores to defeat, and the overall game just feels more streamlined (odd, considering it is the predecessor to SOM). By making the sequel more in-depth, I believe Capcom alienated those who like games that one can easily get into. I'm not saying depth is bad, just not for everyone. I had a funny feeling I would enjoy the approach Capcom took with TOD over SOM, and it proved true; I look forward to the day we can do a 4P game here some time. Smile

P.S. It hasn't been mentioned here, but in December of last year West Wonderland changed its Kaillera server IP address to: The server is located in Washington D.C., fairly close to the previous host (Virginia).
Edited by shion on 20. February 2012 04:51
I played on God Weapons server several years ago. Last year had some pretty nice Samurai Shodown matches on the West Wonderland server. Been a good while since I've been there. I may just have to visit Grin
What ver. of Mame do you use?
Seems like we haven't played much lately Tobalman. I hope to catch you at West Wonderland more often. Lavabeast I'm always on that server every Friday night if you ever feel like playing something.

I was testing out the latest release of Demul (0.5.7) yesterday on Kaillera with a friend in the US and had quite an exciting breakthrough. In the past every time I've tried to play any Naomi and Atomiswave games online there was always an immediate desynch. Yesterday night we couldn't get Ikaruga and Giga Wing 2 to work properly but the Atomiswave game Demolish Fist worked perfectly. We played through the whole of the first three stages and it ran very smoothly with no sync problems. The prospect of Dolphin Blue, The Rumble Fish 2, Hokuto no Ken and Metal Slug 6 netplay is exciting.


Also played a 3 player game of Shadow Over Mystara last night with Life_in_2D and another friend which was great as always. We're starting to do SOM fairly regularly again these days.
I'd like that Merlin. Friday is my night on the town, so I have minimal or no presence on Kaillera then. Also, West Wonderland is acting up (for me, at least), and I am getting ridiculous ping there. This has happened before, although I'm not sure why it does. I'm having a great experience at the Galaxy, however, with pings under 100 ms and no spiking! In fact, I stayed up all night doing a full playthrough of Warriors of Fate with Iri (using 0.64) there. Boy, that is a long game. He has good and consistent ping for someone located in Japan, which makes me wonder why the Australians have trouble logging into the same servers (like Galaxy and WWL)... If you like, we could arrange a time to netplay. Just PM if interested, otherwise, I'll see you around. Smile
so what does it need somebody to make a server in kailera money or?
if its simple or dont cost a thing why dont we make a server for ourselves named
Simple: you need a computer, preferably non-Windows to avoid it from crashing/freezing every other day. Of course, you also need dependable Wifi/Internet. Ideally, the computer should be dedicated to keeping the server "online." The easiest way is to use online server services. I forgot which brand Rudy Chavez uses, but it's pretty affordable: $20/month? Location of the server plays a big part in the users pings; those in Europe and the U.S. can play with each other if the server is in either of those locations. Kaillera is honestly too dead to have "yet another" server IMO. There are many servers on Kaillera, but no one in them. I'd hate to just see ours looking deserted (like others do). If we're talking competing, Galaxy and West Wonderland have too many loyal followers. If we're talking a secret hangout club just for regulars of NGFL, then that could possibly work...
yes for NGFL and for we can post the server ID there too
Just thought I would try and revive this thread. I still play regularly on Kaillera and I know 1st Super Tobalman does too.

There used to be a lot of interest in Kaillera here at NGFL but unfortunately it seems to have died off. We used to play 4 player games every Sunday and did countless playthroughs (especially Shadow over Mystara). I've always thought it was a nice idea to play games online with other NGFL members.

Would anyone here be interested in doing some playthroughs (preferably on weekends)? There are a vast number of games you can play using Kaillera which will never be available on PSN/XBL. So many entertaining 3 and 4 player games we could play e.g. Cadillacs and Dinosaurs, Warriors of Fate, Shadow Over Mystara, Revenge of Death Adder, Dungeon Magic, Violent Storm, Metamorphic Force, Sunset Riders, Thunder Zone, Exvania, Gauntlet 2 etc.

If you haven't used Kaillera before and need any advice I'd be happy to help.

The emulator we normally use: (first link)


Server details:

West Wonderland (USA)

merlin wrote:
Would anyone here be interested in doing some playthroughs (preferably on weekends)?


Looks like there isn't much interest. I was expecting that but it was worth a try. I've played with at least 20 NGFL members on Kaillera in the past and we even had a MOTW tournament once which quite a few people entered. Bojan was even suggesting we have our own NGFL server. If anyone does feel like a game I'm always at the West Wonderland server on Friday nights for around 5 hours from 7 PM EST onwards.

Had some great sessions on Kaillera the last 3 Fridays. Last Friday I played the Mercs/Smash TV hybrid by Data East 'Nitro Ball' with Tobalman and another friend. I also played Demon Front (using FBA), Oni The Ninja Master and a 4 player game of Konami's Mystic Warriors. The previous two Fridays we did playthroughs of The King of Dragons, Knights of the Round, Battle Circuit, Alien vs Predator, Captain Commando and also had some very fun 4 player matches of Punk Shot by Konami.

Some videos of NGFL members playing on Kaillera:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video
@Lavabeast: in reply to your question in the other thread, yes!

I've actually been keeping the server alive with regular donations. We get about a dozen MAME players on Weekend nights. Be sure to connect with v. 64 or 119 (Preferred).

The IP is: (West Wonderland)
Your best bet is to log on in the evenings, around 6 PST. Hit me up to schedule a session. Smile
Tobalman wrote:

@Lavabeast: in reply to your question in the other thread, yes!

I've actually been keeping the server alive with regular donations. We get about a dozen MAME players on Weekend nights. Be sure to connect with v. 64 or 119 (Preferred).

The IP is: (West Wonderland)
Your best bet is to log on in the evenings, around 6 PST. Hit me up to schedule a session. Smile

So would Mame32k.64 work?
Mame32k.64 is the choice of many on Kaillera.

I just want to update: West Wonderland has been down much of the summer. I talked to Rudy on Wednesday and he said the provider won't honor his request to put the server back online?!

The regulars have been going to The Black Hole:

Who will be there tonight, midnight Greenwich time?
eccentric cat
Is anyone interested in Sunset Riders? I'd love to get some 4-player action going on.
Without love, the truth cannot be seen.
The eccentric cat wrote:

Is anyone interested in Sunset Riders? I'd love to get some 4-player action going on.

Sorry for the very late reply Cat! Are you still interested? I actually took part in a 4 player game of Sunset Riders last night on kaillera. I doubt there will be enough interest but I would still be keen to play a 4 player game on weekends with other forum members like we used to do regularly in the past.

Aside from myself there are two other NGFL members who still regularly play on kaillera on Friday nights: Tobalman and NinjaKid1990. These days we use the 'Smash Fu' server in New York (IP: The emulator we normally use: (first download link)

Common then how do I join the party ?

I recently like as in "still in process" of updating a fresh win7 64x had 32 on it for years decided to finally jump to 64 , but I also updated downloaded a new set of mame 0.151 full romset used clmrpro to update it to 0.153 as now cave games are back in and I love my vert bullet hell.

Is there a certain version of mame I need.
Well scrap that , I lost my cd key realised I only updated to 64 not a full format so when I did full format I lost my cd key , I wrote down the product Id instead and not the cd key. i never had a disc with the pc so I downloaded it from digital river the official iso . So I am up the Swanee unless anyone knows how to restore after a format :(
I hope you can sort out your Windows problem Vas.

vas wrote:
Common then how do I join the party ?

Have you used kaillera before? If not and you need any help I'd be happy to help.

vas wrote:Is there a certain version of mame I need.

NGFL members who play on kaillera normally use Mame 32++ 0.119 (from 2007). This emu works fine with Windows 7 64-bit version. The kaillera site is down at the moment but you can download it using the wayback machine.


Since the kaillera website is down you don't see a list of servers when launching kaillera netplay in your emulator. Instead you have to enter the IP manually. I still play at the Smash Fu server which is quite busy. (IP:

I had a good kaillera session last night playing through Golden Axe 5 times and also doing playthroughs of TRODA, Blood Bros, Pirates and Thunder Zone (4 players).
Well I have temp fixed my windows issue for now , should be on this weekend unless some one pm me in meantime for a game
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