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January 22 2019

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Thread Author: NeoStrayCat
Thread ID: 2479
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Kaillera - Online Gaming
Id like to join you for some gaming on there too at some point if i can be around when you are playing, its abit tricky when im in Australia though, im not sure how the lag will go with the higher ping ill inevitably have.

Id like to have some Sonic 2 comps, that would be great. I used to play alot of Daytona USA on the Nebula emulator against a few guys in Singapore and Malaysia, it was smooth enough on that game, but not sure how the others would be...
I had a great session last night: Ninja Gaiden (ARC), Ninja Warriors, a bit of mahjong and fourty levels of 3P Gauntlet action. I hadn't had such a lengthy session in months!
Played a bit of Golden Axe: RoDA with Angie. We got to the end but it froze... and guess what, I forgot to save it. Sorry Angie, I did have fun.

Merlin you didn't show up to chat day... I thought I meant something special to you Pfft .

Note to self and to other people I play kaillera with:

Never let me host, I'll always forget to save the game properly.
Edited by LIFE_IN_2D on 01. August 2011 02:27

shot in the eye
shot in the brain
shot in the ass...
Another good session was had on Sat. night: more 4P Gauntlet, Two Crude & Double Dynamite (2P Dynamite Duke ver.). Everyone is welcomed to join in on the Kaillera fun every Fri. & Sat. nights 7 PM EST on the West Wonderland server. Smile

Trivia: does anybody know any other games besides Bad Dudes, Two Crude & Dynamite Duke where a Duke Nukem-esque character appeared? The clean cut but tough, "early 90s" style white guy seemed to be a reaccuring theme, although may just be satire of the day (typical American soldier of the Gulf War)...
NEO-GEO man wrote:
Id like to join you for some gaming on there too at some point if i can be around when you are playing, its abit tricky when im in Australia though, im not sure how the lag will go with the higher ping ill inevitably have.

Id like to have some Sonic 2 comps, that would be great. I used to play alot of Daytona USA on the Nebula emulator against a few guys in Singapore and Malaysia, it was smooth enough on that game, but not sure how the others would be...

Sorry for the very late reply Neo Geo Man. Great to see someone else take an interest in Kaillera here. Unfortunately because of the distances involved I think it wouldn't work properly if myself or NGFL members in the US played with you on Kaillera. Even if you were able to log onto a server in the US your ping would most probably be very high. You could always try and log onto some servers in the US, central or south America and see what ping you get. Anything over 200 and I think the lag will be intolerable.

2D yes of course you are very special. Grin I was actually planning to come to last week's chat session but accidentally fell asleep! I love RODA so hopefully we can do it again soon making sure to save regularly of course!
Ive tried with other games and got around 400ms pings, which is quite high. That was on Black Hawk Down, and i was still unstoppable as a sniper... If anyone remembers getting shot by the redSKORPION.50, that was my bullet you caught Wink
Another interesting session was had last night with some of the regulars: Gauntlet (level 60). Hopefully tonight will go well too. My handle: Tobalman.
How would games like Puzzle Bobble go online with a higher ping?
We had another SNK themed session tonight: Merlin and I did Mechanized Attack & Spinmaster/Miracle Adventure (Data East). MA, unfortunately, didn't go so well (controls weren't being detected this could be a MAME 0.119 issue), but we did a playthrough of SM. It was good fun; SM is one of those games that is great co-op, but rather uninspiring solo. Also, it would've been quite an economical option in the arcades back in the day since it is short and we didn't need as many credits as I though we would.

Finally, we ended the night with a 3P game of Warriors of Fate, one of the few Capcom games I hold in high regard. Unfortunately, we had to put the playthrough on hold since one member had to leave suddenly. Oh well, next time.

P.S. N-G Man, it is just not a good idea to play with a high ping. The amount of action on the screen doesn't affect ping as much as location of the user does. From my experience, in fact, no matter the amount of action on the screen, the lag will be determined by one's location...
Edited by shion on 20. August 2011 04:16
Yep, i know all about lag. And ping is the time in milliseconds from the end user to the host and back. Amount of action has nothing at all to do with it, that is correct.

However, some games suffer the effects of high ping ALOT WORSE than others. Black hawk Down on the PC is one of those games that plays perfectly fine even with a ping of 800ms, i know, cause i did this with a ping around 700 plus:
Edited by NEO-GEO man on 20. August 2011 07:19
It was a good session last night. Miracle Adventure is great fun in two player mode. I also played through The King of Dragons with another friend. Pity we couldn't finish Warriors of Fate last night but hopefully we can do it again soon.

Neo Geo Man unfortunately playing arcade games (including puzzle games) on Kaillera at a high ping is going to be a bad experience. A lot of Kaillera servers won't even allow you to log on with a ping of 200+ and also most people are unwilling to play under those conditions. There seems to be a lot of Kaillera activity in Asia so maybe you could find some busy servers to play on there.

I remember talking about Neo Geo games with someone called Red Skorpion on Youtube a few times. I guess that must have been you!
Damn good chance Merlin, i am on there with that name, that was my name i used starting with Black Hawk Down.

Biggest issue in Australia with high ping in not the other country youre going to, its the connections to and from Australia that limit our ping here.

Back in my Daytona on the model 2 emulator days i had a ping of about 350-400ms to Malaysia, and about the same to the USA, simular to anywhere else, but within Australia my ping could be as low as 20ms. Racing on that game wasnt a major issue, the cars buck and jolt about the same even on 20ms. We used Hamachi for connection, and it was always so much better with that.

We used to have awesome fun on that game some nights, we would race that Advanced track for hours and hours, with the occational beginner or expert round in there, but we were all so evenly matched the racing was just brilliant fun.

We used to get the odd one or two players come along and join us that would want to cheat by pressing the scroll lock and turning off the frame limiter, but when it is a token ring network it is very easy to take them out of the game if they dont want to play fair.

Its a real shame that the connection in and out of Australia is so slow to the rest of the world, cause i would love to play some of these games against some of the people on here.

Would be awesome to have an online competition of sorts!!
I never realised you could use the Model 2 emulator online. That's pretty cool. Maybe I'll give that a try in the future. Yes it would have been good to have played some Neo Geo games with you and I also love the idea of a tournament. I mentioned the tournament idea on the previous page but there was almost no reaction so doesn't look like there's enough interest unfortunately. We had a MOTW tournament once but people lost interest and didn't finish all their matches.
That seems to be something ive noticed on this forum, too few people show enough interest!!

You sure can play it online, it requires an extra connection program, which i have here, and then using Hamachi takes care of the rest.

It is very tricky to get it all working when there is more players, but we managed ok with up to 5, we did 7 one night and it would kick someone off every 3rd race. Was no big deal, just had to close program and all reopen at the same time.

Everyone needs to open up at almost the same time, within about 10 seconds of each other, and then youre away. As soon as a player inserts coins, everyone else in the ring gets the notice to join, same as the arcade machine.

here is a couple vids for ya, looks jolty, but it is only the other cars that jolt, the player's car is smooth and so is control. Awesome fun.
Nice vids N-G Man. I was aware that Model 2 supported netplay (this fact is conveniently placed in the Read Me file included with the software Grin). As far as I understood, the user had to build a server from scratch to host the gaming (and I know this isn't too much of a demanding task, if one is a programmer). There are actually instructions on how to do this in the Read Me even! Still, though, I am not a programmer, so that sort of stuff thwarts me from getting into it. Are the servers alive and well (just curious)?

And, I am certain we will have another Kaillera session in a few hours. Everyone in the chat is welcomed to join. This would be your chance to see if it works N-G Man...(?) Merlin, if it ends up coming down to just you and I, I was thinking Smash T.V.?
Edited by shion on 21. August 2011 17:20
Thanks for the info and video links Neo Geo Man. Thumbs Up I may give that a try at some point.

I'll be around later for sure Tobal. Would love to do a 4 player game if possible but I know that's not always possible these days. If we can't get a 4p going I'd like to do Smash TV with you. I might suck though. I always found the controls a bit awkward since I'm used to the NES version.
Edited by merlin on 21. August 2011 17:21
It's on!! Grin
Tobalman, its reasonably easy to set it all up, cause it is just a simple file where all you have to do is edit the text with the IP address of the next person in the ring, then the next person puts the IP of the 3rd person, etc, til the last person puts in the IP of the first person, and the ring is formed.

That is why the more players the worse the lag can get, cause everyone is in a series circuit, you have to add each delay on to the total.

I did a tutorial type thing on a forum i made a couple years ago, but due to lack of interest very few people seemed to go there, and i didnt have the internet for about 12 months at one point, so i couldnt get on there to try to keep interest up.

We all used MSN messenger to help configure races, cause you can have every person all in the same window on the messenger, and it is a big help when everyone can read the same info Wink

Ill dig up a link to my forum if it is still there.
Here it is: http://modeltwoon...s-t34.html
Thanks for the info and link N-G M, I'll have to check it out when I get a chance.

Last night, we did Warriors of Fate. We didn't get to finish though. We even tried Smash T.V., but I now remember hearing it doesn't work on .119. We did, however, play through Sol Divide & Progear. All in all, a great night!
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