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November 13 2018

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Thread Author: NeoGeoNinja
Thread ID: 2429
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There are 7 posts in this thread, and it has been viewed 3535 times.
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that I accidentally stumbled upon a pretty neat piece of software today (PC only *cough*) that allows you to easily and professionally catalogue your entire game collection to your computer! Hell, you can even get a compatible barcode reader! Pretty neat, huh?

Here's the link...
there was a Mac version, I would most probably buy it. I have attempted properly cataloging my collection before, but it was quite stressful. This seems like a combination of a barcode reader with iTunes-esque organisation combined! Great stuff!! I have near 1000 games in my collection, so this would be ideal for me and no doubt, some of you guys too.

I found out about this by accidentally stumbling across a pretty OTT collection picture, linked to a guys site. The collection software was mentioned on there and thus... here we are!

Here is the pic and the site also:

Site: http://www.sydbol...ogames.asp

Pic below (click for SERIOUS enlargement!) Shock
Edited by NeoGeoNinja on 24. March 2010 20:39
A little bit of overkill, I bet half of those games are crap lol since he's buying shit like Chicken Little. Still a nice collection to see, but I'd be happy with all the games that I have on my wanted list now.
NeoGeoNinja: Hey, THAT´S the way to keep ones collection in order, I need to get me one of those scanners. Very coolThumbs Up
Edited by priest on 25. March 2010 07:42

Used with the kind permission from their creator "Shiny"
oh very nice Ninja, that would be great esp if you are a serious collector. That would have stopped me buying 2 copies of Fatal Fury Special, and Grabbed by the Ghoulies. lol

that guy is maybe a PS2 completist? thats a huge collection. i wonder what he will do when he moves on the next console. build another room?

it is a bit overkill, maybe its his first console or something. i know since i got my 360 i only play on the very best games from the previous generation, so thats why i sold a lot of my PS2 + xbox games off. you dont get much for them mind.
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I don't see too much of a point to having it. The backloggery can probably do the same job just as well if not better. Plus, backloggery is free.


marktheshark wrote:
I don't see too much of a point to having it. The backloggery can probably do the same job just as well if not better. Plus, backloggery is free.


appears to simply be another 'Playfire'... an online site that allows you to identify and organize your collection online. The thing about Game Collector is that it's a specially designed program for accurate cataloging on your own P.C. as opposed to being dependent on a website.

Very similar I guess, but I like the idea of having all the details etc directly on my own machine. Plus the Barcode reader would make things very handy imo.

I can't even imagine going through all the games I own and logging themShock
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