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December 18 2018

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Thread Author: bojan4o
Thread ID: 2398
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your top 10 neo-geo game characters ever
ok after seeing the top 10 videogame characters and the worst i decided to make top 10 neo-geo game characters so i am waiting for the first reply and after that i will say my list ok i am waiting for replies
Nice idea Bojan. I have done my list i sometimes get the names wrong though.

1. Ralf
2. B Jennet
3. Terry
4. Sho
5. Mai
6. Marco (main Metal Slug guy) + from MOTW *cheats*
7. Akira? (Last Blade)
8. Big Bear (i love it when he goes YEAHHHHHH, or whatever noise he makes when he wins.
9. Kaede
10. Bub from Puzzle Bobble
Mini-Reviews of films I have just watched :
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Ok Bojan here's my list in no particular order after giving it some thought. They are mainly from fighting games.

Shin Shishioh
Dio/Neo Dio
Alsion III
Karin (VFG)
YanYan (TSS)

One character that I've come to appreciate a lot more in recent times is Hayate. I'll admit the idea of mixing karate with boomerang throwing makes for a rather strange fighting style but I just love his overall design and he's got cool special moves. Including him in a KOF game was a good move and he doesn't seem out of place.

Although he didn't quite make it into my top 10 I think the legendary Satan Goat from Crossed Swords deserves a special mention too. Grin
1. Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown/Spirits)
2. Makoto Mizoguchi (Karnov's Revenge/Fighters History)
3. Load Ran/Sprites (Twinkle Star Sprites)
4. Marco Rossi (Metal Slug)
5. Ryo Sakazaki (Art of Fighting)
6. Hanzou (World Heroes)
7. Sho Hayate (Savage Reign/Kizuna Encounter)
8. Sasuke (Ninja Masters)
9. Prim Amor (Pochi and Nyaa)
10. Rugal Bernstein (King of Fighters)
Edited by NeoStrayCat on 14. March 2010 02:01
Black Shroud
Edited by Black Shroud on 14. March 2010 09:34
well here are my top 10 neo-geo characters

10.captain tomaday (captain tomaday)

9. pepe (rage of the dragons)

8. Tarma Roving (metal slug)

7. hi-en Fs-x(his plain) (aero fighters or sonic wings)

6. Ukyo Tachibana(Samurai showdown or known like Samurai Spirits )

5. Ralf Jones (Ikari warriors and The king of fighters)

4.Geese Howard (Fatal fury Art of fighting and The king of fighters)

3. Rugal Bernstein (The king of fighters)

2. Byakki (Sengoku 3)

(NOTE:the second place was for iori but in the last moment i remembered at Byakki and the time i was/am having fun while i was/am playing as him so i put him here instead of iori)

1,5. Iori Yagami (The king of fighters)

1. TERRY BOGARD (Fatal Fury and The king of fighters)
Edited by bojan4o on 20. March 2010 21:51
My Faves (inc. version)

Andy (FF2/FFSp & KOFXII)
Kim (RBseries)
Iori (All except XII)
Haohmaru (SS3 & > )
Robert (All really... AOF1 is his weakest though)
Sho Hayate (All)

may add at some point. BUT these guys for sure!!
K, Yoshitora, Rock & Ukyo are also badass!

Cannot ignore SS3 (onward) Hanzo or Galford either. Uber cool ninja death dealers!

1. Makaitaitei Fernandeath (Waku Waku 7).
2. Terry Bogard (especially in Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2).
3. Genjuro (any Samurai Spirits).
4. Jubei (any Samurai Spirits).
5. Geese Howard (especially in Real Bout Garou Densetsu 2).
6. Rosa (Fu'un Super Tag Battle...Kizuna Encounter).
7. Mevious (Twinkle Star Sprites).
8. Bonus Kun (Waku Waku 7).
9. Setsuna (Last Blade 2).
10. Kaede (Last Blade).
My arcade stuff

"ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn! Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fhtagn!"
well here are my top 10 neo-geo characters

10.captain tomaday (captain tomaday)

9. pepe (rage of the dragons)

8. Tarma Roving (metal slug)

7. hi-en Fs-x(his plain) (aero fighters or sonic wings)

6. Ukyo Tachibana(Samurai showdown or known like Samurai Spirits )

5. Ralf Jones (Ikari warriors and The king of fighters)

4.Geese Howard (Fatal fury Art of fighting and The king of fighters)

3. Rugal Bernstein (The king of fighters)

2. Byakki (Sengoku 3)

(NOTE:the second place was for iori but in the last moment i remembered at Byakki and the time i was/am having fun while i was/am playing as him so i put him here instead of iori)

1,5. Iori Yagami (The king of fighters)

1. TERRY BOGARD (Fatal Fury and The king of fighters)
1. B.Jenet: The best looking SNK babe ever. She's super hot!
2. Mai Shiranui
3. Kyo kusanagi
4. Iori Yagami
5. Rugal Bernstein: I like this guy, because his Genocide Cutter.
6. Blue Mary
7. Rock Howard
8. Athena Asamiya
9. Terry Bogard
10. Angel

PSN: KeitaKata and BlackWings83
Here goes with another one, will try to do one character per franchise just like last time, but chances are you will see some really creative rule bending below. But keep in mind that I did my best to make a list that was also an entertaining - and hopefully informational - read!

10. The guy from Riding Hero
How many other characters do you know that...
- Were so badass that they had a special move named after them?
- Starred in a motorcycle racing role playing game?
- Starred in a Neo Geo game that actually used the link feature?
Not many, I assure you ;D

9. Elta: certified Magician Lord - featuring his nemesis: Gal!
I've said it before but just for you I'll say it again: in my eyes he's SNKs very own blue bomber. Both his badass title as the Magician Lord and his super-hero magician costume makes Elta a winner in my book! Plus his game has some of the most hilarious monologues ever by a villain.

8. Moriya Minakata, as that guy from Last Blade.
Not quite Genjuro, not quite Iori with a sword, all badass. In fact, aside from the cute Akari, Moriya is just about the only character I truly like in Last Blade. His gameplay is extremely fluid, his animations have tons of oomph in them and his anti-hero personality actually works really well for me. I used his last name for several of my original creations, including custom characters in other games.

7. Clark Steel as the Metal Slug guest star.
I used to play Eri but then this guy came along. He's the most well balanced character in MS6 and MS7 but on top of that he can use is Super Argentine Backbreaker for a cool pose, plenty of invincibility and most importantly instant death to everything it touches! Tricky to play but a real score whore when you get down to it.

6. Shishioh, aka King Lion, as Rugal's stand-in.
This guy somehow manages to scream both ultimate final boss and 80s cartoon villain at the same time. He has no qualms about bringing his sword to a fight yet he still wears boxing gloves for some reason. On top of that he wears a medieval armor and sports a mohawk too. Yet Shishioh somehow manages to get away with all that and still compete with Rugal for the title of most badass boss ever in a fighting game. That's got to count for something!

5. Mina Majikina and Charlotte Colde, as the tie that f***ed up the entire list!
Argh! How can I choose? They're both part of the same series and neither of them did any real crossover work that I could use to bend the rules! To put it simply, Mina is my main from 5 up while Charlotte is the same from 4 down. And even though this would mean that Mina should win by default I still felt I hade to mention them both.
Mina - best character in the series, hands down.
Charlotte - best interpretation of Jeane D'Arc ever, hands down.
So there.

4. Leona Heidern, as the KOF original.
She takes all the Guile clones, cuts them up and probably eats them too when no one is watching. Leona mixes cute with pop-culture antics from Kamen Rider. She's cool and reserved yet manages to come off as very human. She's sexy but not overdone and has a dark side without becoming excessively emo. Being able to chop wood with her bare hands probably pushed her up a few spots too.

3. Blue Mary Ryan, as my first love. Fatal Fury.
Yeah I am huge Cammy fan but as much as I like the blonde britt she's just not very good to use as a character, at least not for me. So in comes Fatal Fury 3 and the debut of Blue Mary, and what do we have here? Another blonde sambo commando fighters, who eats shotos for breakfast??? Needles to say, along with Ryo she's been one of my absolute favorite characters throughout both her own series and KOF.

2. Ryo I used to be a main character you know Sakazaki, representing SNKs crossovers. - Uh, didn't I use to be number one on this list?

Shut up! At least you got the HD treatment and a spot in KOF12 unlike certain other people on this list. Anywaaay...
Make it AOF, KOF, SvC, CvS, Buriki One or even Fatal Fury - this guy is always around to represent. Ryo has been in more games than 98% of the characters on the planet and for a good reason too! Ryo brings a little slice of life and a doze of humor to the otherwise stale shoto archetype, and it's a perfect combination.

1. Lee Pai Long, as the Art of Fighting avatar.
Yeah I guess he had to be on there, being my avatar and all. So what makes Lee so cool? Well for starters he originates from AOF which is near instant star power in my book. More? Well, he's also clearly inspired by Sun Wukong - the star of Journey to the West - which is also near instant star power in my book. More? Seriously? Well okay then, I also like his fighting style in that he's one of those striker character who works fine without a fireball and gets around them when needed as well. His personality is very human too, despite his mask, because for me it represents the feeling that we're all a little insane, that no one is perfect but also that anyone can shine in the right light. Poethic huh?
Edited by HexElf on 21. March 2010 18:35
Asuka does not wait until after school, she will kick your ass right now!
nice top list hexelf
white angel your top list seems like the only game you have been playing from snk is kof and garou mark of the wolves but good top list
I'm appreciating many underdogs:

5. & 4. (Iori and Leona in all their forms, respectively)

Edited by shion on 22. March 2010 06:10
1. Iori Yagami (King of Fighters '95)

2. Kyo Kusanagi (King of Fighters '94)

3. Billy Kane (Fatal Fury)

4. Genjuro Kibagami (Samurai Shodown II)

5. Haohmaru (Samurai Shodown)

6. Chizuru Kagura (King of Fighters '96)

7. Terry Bogard (Fatal Fury)

8. Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury 2)

9. Geese Howard (Fatal Fury)

10. Ryuji Yamazaki (Fatal Fury 3)
Edited by joedec on 26. March 2010 22:03
Master Tasuke
1. Nakoruru

2. Mai Shiranui

3. Akari Ichijo

4. Hotaru Futaba

5. Rimiruru

6. Fiolina Germi

7. Ai

8. Athena Asamiya

9. Terry Bogard

10. Tarmacle Roving
10. Elta (Magician Lord)
9. Laurence Blood (Garou Densetsu)
8. Yagyuu Jubei (Samurai Spirits)
7. King Lion (Fu-Un series)
6. Shiranui Gen-An (Samurai Spirits)
5. Cheng Sinzan (Garou Densetsu)
4. Senryo Kyoshiro (Samurai Spirits)
3. Ichijou Akari (Bakumatsu Roman)
2. Rimururu (Samurai Spirits III/IV)
1. Chris (KOF 1997)

Pics will be posted later.
Edited by marktheshark on 04. May 2010 05:57
10. Maxima
9. Genjuro Kibagami
8. Iori Yagami
7. Nakoruru:
6. Whip
5. Ryo Sakazaki
4. Kula Diamond
3. Yuri Sakazaki
2. K'
1. Kyo Kusanagi
Edited by GeeseTheDuck on 04. May 2010 09:56
1. Terry Bogard:

2. Elta (NOT the old man, Lung) :

3. Marco Rossi:


5. Tarma Roving:

6. Ryo Sakazaki:

7. Kotaro Fuuma:

8. Nakoruru:

9. Mai Shiranui:

10. Hotaru Futaba:
10) Haohmaru from SS Series, my favorite samurai in fighting game (along with Mitsurugi from Soul Calibur)

9) Hien from Aero Fighters series, A ninja driving a plane ? that's what I call badass.

8) Robert Garcia from AOF and KOF Series.

7) Kushnood Butt from MOTW series.

6) Hibiki Takane from Last Blade series, I've never played LB series either but I love her fighting style.

5) Terry Bogard from FF and KOF series.

4) Ryo Sakazaki from AOF and KOF series.

3) Leona Heidern from KOF series, see my avatar Pfft.

2) Ralf Jones/Clark Steele from Ikari and KOF series, It's a hard choice.

1) Tarma Roving from Metal Slug series.
Edited by M-Kof on 18. March 2011 09:21
1. Terry Bogard
2. Ukyo Tachibana
3. Kyo Kusanagi
4. Iori Yagami
5. King
6. Genjuro Kibagami
7. Kim Kaphwan
8. Ryuji Yamazaki
9. K'
10. Moriya Minakata
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